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3-hollow-brass-tubes held on stand

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copperTube type busbarSecurity:
1、Insulation safety coefficient
The main insulation material for the flow full shield insulated copper pipe bus is polytetrafluoroethylene,Excellent electrical properties and chemical stability。
3-hollow-brass-tubes held on stand2. Electrical insulation
The insulation performance of the electrical equipment directly affects the safe and reliable operation of the power system.。To ensure long-term safety and stable operation of the output,,Three-relative flow full shield insulated copper pipe bus is used as a shielded and sealing method,Shielded ground,The tube bus housing potential is zero。
3. Low skin effect and low power consumption
Flow full shield insulation copper(aluminum)Tubular busbarCopper tube as a dominant body。Using hollow conductors in high frequency circuit instead of rectangular solid conductor can weaken skin effect。Low tubular skin effect,Kf≤1,AC resistance is small,So the power loss of the mother,Thereby increasing unnecessary power loss。
4、Copper pipe bus carrier flow
The copper bus is used as a leading body with a high-purity cold pull copper tube.。It has a large cross-sectional area,Low resistivity,High conductivity。Copper conductor surface current distribution intensive。therefore,copper(aluminum)Tube bus Significant effect。
3-hollow-brass-tubes held on stand5.High mechanical strength
Copper single relative short circuit and two opposite short circuit currents,High mechanical strength,Dynamic stability,Make the bus bar support span。Tube bus machine mechanical strength、Spindle,Reduce in the actual engineering。Bus support point、Busbar accessories and soil structure framework。
6、Copper row is strong on the streaming heat,Cooling,Low temperature
Flow full shield insulation copper(aluminum)The tube bus is used as a leading copper tube as a leading body,Bus inner diameter can naturally form hot air convection(Indoor and outdoor gas pressure can naturally form hot air)convection),Well heat dissipation conditions,Low temperature。
7、Unscrupulous interference,Safe and reliable
Flow full shield insulation copper(aluminum)Tube bus three phase sealing insulation,Internal no condensation,Elite external moisture、Grounding and phase short circuit failures caused by dust, etc.。foreign body,This is safe for electrical operation.。reliability。
3-hollow-brass-tubes held on stand8、Copper pipe bus is strong
The seismic design of electrical facilities should be copper(aluminum)The tube bus is directly fixed on the steel frame or on the concrete bracket,The walker and pillar insulator used in the past。
Copper row appearance novel,Structure is concise,Layout,Convenient installation,Small maintenance work。Full shield insulation copper(aluminum)The external structure of the bus is simple,Tube bus exterior protective layer potential is zero。construction、Install、It is easy to make reasonable、Simple、Convenience。

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