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brass clawfoot tub feet

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Chinese medicine,Foot is the body part most points。It is related with six dirty six internal organs,Transparent from the inside out。In fact,Feet are often relax the mind、To stimulate acupuncture points、Meridians、The easiest blood circulation、the most effective way,To relax and comprehensive protection on the body。

brass clawfoot tub feet

What are the benefits of regular feet?


Because the heart is too far away from the soles of the feet,So very little blood supply to the foot。But if the salt water foot bath is often used,It will promote circulation color,Have effects on the kidney,Effective anti-aging。Especially when using a foot bath with massage effect,Promote better blood circulation。It also relaxes the body,Eased the pressure,Deeper sleep。

(brass clawfoot tub feet)In short,Feet are often very suitable for insomnia、Poor blood circulation、Neurasthenia、Immunocompromised、Frequent joint pain、Numbness in hands and feet、headache、Indigestion crowd。

brass clawfoot tub feet

2、Beneficial in the treatment of chronic diseases

Often with hot feet can alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases,Especially when combined with reflexology,This traditional method is also applicable to the treatment of many different diseases,From diabetes to endometriosis, and fibromyalgia。

For cancer patients,Regular foot soak and massage will help to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy。

brass clawfoot tub feet

3、Improve brain and spirit

Bedtime feet soaked in hot water,It can promote blood circulation,Let people have a deep sense of relaxation and comfort,Make it easier to get deeper、Better sleep。When the sleep quality improving,The body will produce hormones make people feel satisfied,So we can energetic start to the day,Increased attention,Good night's sleep will help people relieve stress and balance and control everyone's thoughts and emotions。

brass clawfoot tub feet

How to effectively feet?

first,We need to prepare for a bowl before going to bed40-50About Celsius hot foot bath,It can be boiled with water or herbal water。but,The use of herbs should be selected appropriate,According to their own health。Before selecting added to the foot of herbs,Best to consult a doctor,Never use a strong irritant and corrosive water。

Secondly,Tools can be brass feet、Wood or pots,You can also use the integrated ultrasonic stimulation electric kettle,It's been a very popular machine,In store、Medical supply stores、Online shopping sites are sold。This basin has superior effect of the ultrasonic stimulation of blood circulation,And the water temperature accurately,Because the machine temperature display,This temperature is maintained throughout the process,As with conventional equipment。

brass clawfoot tub feet

Again,The position of the feet comfortably sitting in a chair,Best recliner,soft,To create the most comfortable feeling。To regularly do every day before going to bed,Foot bath is the most effective time10-15minute。If you use a traditional foot bath tools,Front feet need to test the water temperature adjusted accordingly,Do not soak your feet in the water is too hot,Because in addition to cause skin burns,Sleeping predecessor appreciate a lot of sweat,This is not good。

brass clawfoot tub feet

Feet is an effective way to prevent disease and improve health,However, we must ensure that the following principles:

1、Note soaked in water temperature can only be40℃~50℃between,Because too hot blisters on the heart and brain of harmful,And too hot,It is easy to burn foot,Cause skin cracking leg。

2、Feet should be noted that the only time15~30minute,Feet when,Blood rushes toward the two limbs,If the time is too long,It may lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain,Never feet and meal30minute。Because at this time,The body needs the blood concentration of the digestive system,To help most effectively absorb food。If at this time feet,It can cause blood flow to the foot,Affect the body's absorption capacity,Long-term cause nutritional deficiencies,It may lead to malnutrition。

3、One hour before meals and after meals do not feet,Select pm 4 arrive 5 Point or 9 Left and right feet of the point in time,You can choose feet10arrive15minute。

4、Gradually increasing the temperature from the moment of immersion,Until the body feel warm。Paowan foot,Need dry,To ensure that water does not stay between the legs caused by moisture。

5、Water should be poured into the pot,The water level above the ankle about 10 to 15 centimeter。If you want to increase blood circulation and prevent varicose veins,You can also soak your legs。


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