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brass tub drain install

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 02:56:41

1.Health sanitary ware is clean and not damaged,Supporting tube non-convex and concave curved flat and other defects。

2.Continuous bathtub,Wall brick installation;Ordinary bathtub,Wall brick Position to a tape to the bathtub height,After the bathtub is installed, the level is completed.。

3.Masonry support by installation location(At least masonry three brick support)、Peripheral wall reserved inspection hole or mounting bath bracket,Acrylic bathtub should be matched yellow sand、Steel bath should be matched yellow sand,Cast iron bath should be brickled。On the bathtub, there should be an overhaul side.。

4.On-site inspection of appearance quality and accessories,According to the design requirements, check the bathtub size and mounting position size,Check if the position of the water outlet and the bathtub is consistent,Connect the sufficient position of the water supply in the right position to the bathtub drain,Then connect the drainage tube to the bathtub drainage hole,Surrounding silica gel fixation。

5.The power supply of the massage bathtub must be connected with the socket,Direct power supply is strictly prohibited,Motor test machine must be put on,No leakage。

6.Shower room base should be filled,Base installation flat no water,Glass of shower room should be used for safe glass,Shower room and wall binding should have no leakage phenomenon。

7.After installation, do water test,live2/3water,through2HAfter no leakage;Equipment test test,Check if there is or leakage。After the test is qualified, it must be sealed.,The upper mouth is covered with a plate material with a plate material to cause surface injury.。No need to close before the check acceptance。


brass tub drain install

Indicate:Process standards should meet the following requirements

①Bathtub bottom water pipe and basic treatment:The bathtub drain must be connected with a hard tube(Except for the original pipe),Insert the depth of the water hole>50mm;Shower room drain should also be used in hard tube connection。

②Installation firm,Handless,Silicone bonding strict free leakage。

(brass tub drain install)③The wall tiles around the installation bath must be installed in the bathtub and then the sticker is checked.,Make the wall tiles on the periphery of the bathtub,To prevent water from penetrating into the bottom of the bath。The bathtub should be left around the wall1—2mmThe gap is to prevent expansion properties from calendering the wall tiles and the porcelain surface of the bathtub.,Waterproof treatment with glass glue。