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2 square brass tube

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A city,A dream millennium。

(2 square brass tube)Life in the ancient capital,Often, people feel regret to catch up with it.。

However, there is such an exhibition,Concentrated the city for thousands of years of autumn,Let you make a millennium,Read Nanjing。

This is the annual exhibition of Nanjing Museum——《“source·flow” 99Nanjing in the artifact》,Drop the history of this great city with cultural relics。

99Artifact,If they speak,Will you speak what kind of story??

It's better to let us follow these“class president”,Learn this lesson in Nanjing。

Have such a water pipe,used600No missed year,If its after-sales customer service is still,It must be the most lonely service department in history.。

(2 square brass tube)What is so god??Come《“source·flow” 99Nanjing in the artifact》See the copper cherish in the Ming Dynasty.!

(2 square brass tube)2 square brass tube

Martial arts temple brake

Gray-lost a cast copper tube,Part of the part is still green——Where is this copper cherry??What is the use??

This must have to say the most familiar Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing.。

2 square brass tube

It is an old mulberry,Since now1500Many years of history,Sixth Disease“Week 40 miles。To Zhongshan,Xilong Lan,Northern Bird”,The area is now four times,If there is no dredging and water conservancy engineering,I am afraid I have no longer exist.。

In Xuanwu Lake Ring,There is also an ancient water gate that is still in use.——Martial art

(2 square brass tube)2 square brass tube

The martial arts gate is actually part of the ancient Tang Duan。

(2 square brass tube)TideAlso known as the North、Chengbei Ditch,It is the East Wu Dali Sun Quan to do in Nanjing CityArtificial river

It Beitong Xuanwu Lake,Introducing Jiang Chao into Nanjing City,San Fanggou;Also because of the north of Jiaokang City,Therefore, it is also known as the city.、Chengbei Ditch。

(2 square brass tube)Today's Xuanwu Lake Wutong Tag、Nanjing CPPCC(Martial art)Duan pool, etc. at the door belongs to the remains of the ancient trend。

A.D.239year,Sun Quanqi makes the trend,The North and South Water System Through this。

A.D.267year,The last master Sun Hao Jian Zhaoming Palace,Kaiji North Canal,Pharma Water Temple,And set it here.The predecessor of the martial art——Beishui

“Golden Temple is divided into jade flow,Black Dragon Lake。”Xuanwu Lake and Jiankang Miya's water system integrated into one。

2 square brass tube

▲Ming Dynasty cast copper tube

Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang is embedded in the wall of the wall.,引 西 武 水 入 城,And build a fence gate to control the water level of the pearl river,At that time, the macaroni dam was called。

The protagonist of our story today Bronze In this way。

pass Say

The martial temple tunnel of the year is basically consisting of these cast copper pipes.,Total length140Meter。until1971year,In order to dredge Wuzimiao,Demolition of these Ming Dynasty cast copper pipes,Replacement as cement culvert。

Clear treatment,In the existing government site in the province of Nanjing City, the martial art,Wuzimiara is named by martial art。

(2 square brass tube)This ancient water gate is still working,2003Year is included in the national cultural relics protection unit。

2 square brass tube(2 square brass tube)

This gate is long and deep,Aspect7.5Meter,Fangjing deep85Meter,Wear city pipeline name“Lingfu Cave”,1954Merry of the total length of time1439Meter,Copper tube103Festival(Percentage0.85Meter),Cast iron pipe37Festival(Each section0.82Meter),Tube0.92Meter,You can see the huge project of the year.。

This gate has two into the water,In order to slow down the water shock,Both brick walls and even waterways“Of”Glyph,Especially ingenious is that they have a pattern in the gate.,Knife turn with water flow;Lake grass used to chicken with lake,Prevent the gate from being blocked,Can also prevent the enemy dive into the city。

what is interesting is,About the tunnel of the year,There is also a legend。Passing the secrets of the four years of June,Yan Wang Zhu Xi rate“Jingman”Nanjing,Jian Wenmili Zhu Yun is from this tunnel to escape from Nanjing,Since then,Become a large question in the history。

(2 square brass tube)There is an iron Buddha next to the ancient gate.,Also attightening,Name“Iron Buddha”

(2 square brass tube)2 square brass tube

according to《Continued Jiang Ning》load:Biography,Earlier,There is a water strange body Xuanwu Lake,Often floating on the water in the early morning,Harmful people,A Jinling City is not peaceful。So the people went to Chicken Temple to burn incense,Pray for Buddha rescue。Is the night bodhisattva,Lock water is in the lake,The agreement will release it five more,The people will lead God,Since this Jinling City, I only hit five more than three o'clock.。

In order to prevent the sky from breaking the chain again to harm the people again,Officials have also cast a northerous iron and still placed in the gate,Yongzhen water monster。It is said that the original iron Buddha's back,Glossy is darkly dark,Before Qing Guangxu。

After more than 170 years of running,The ancient gate is still still the sound of the waves.。Now in Nanjing City, Zikinshan、Rich mountain、Jiuhua mountain、Chicken cage mountain、Arctic Pavilion First Tie Mountain,Southern is the Qinhuai River System,North is Jinchuanhe,Xuanwu Lake belongs to the northern water system,而连通南北水系的节点就是武庙闸。

(2 square brass tube)2 square brass tube

玄武湖湖水通过武庙闸后,years old、抵达珠江路浮桥后,The after-sales service of this water pipe has not been used yet.,经过南唐时期的竺桥后一路向南,Xuanwu Lake after passing through the Wumiao Gate,汇入十里秦淮。

▲through the Pearl River,如有侵权请联系删除

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