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Immerses9Glory is time after a year,2020The global finals will also kick off。

After the spring competition and the summer season。No. 1 Seeds, Iron Forum, III, No. 4, No. 4, No. 4,JDGJingdong Competitive Club,Suning Electronic Athletics andLGDElectronic Athletic Club Team will representLPLDivisions10,In Shanghai and other competitions competition world finals champion。

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at the same time,There are also many people.,s9s8Champion's bubble game。inFPXE-sports club ass9world champion,exist19End of a zero-sealing achievementG2Team,gets9world champion。That year,FPXWhile enjoying praise,Also controversial。Say they are version team,SayFPXThe team will only use a mixer hero,Mixed champion。They didn't see that yearFPXExtremely dominated,If you are not strong,How to get a champion?

brass tube phoenix az

This year,The Spring Festival is unfavorable and the squid,FPXSpring season army,Season honor。But a series of problems also appeared。Version does not match,Personnel rotation andBPThe problem,LetFPXMore bumpy in the summer。Rotation of a round of tour in the final playoff,Question and ridicule。FPXPlay wildtianI have said in a live broadcast.“Win well,I have no rhythm of winning.。”But people who deliberately send a harsh snoring will never see the players' efforts and the desire to win.。More unfortunately,In the bubbling competition in the promotion of the World World,FPXby2Compare3Grade,Be defeatedIG,Ultimate2020Global Finals。

brass tube phoenix az(brass tube phoenix az)

The next break,Also filled with the silence and various comforts of the team。After a silence,FPXAssistantCrispWeibo issued,Thank you teammates and fans,Especially thank you for your team's on-units and units.。

China unitDOINBI also opened a joke in the live broadcast and said that Liu Qingsong's words made his parents thought he had to retreat.。Nothing this year,Other than the next year。For the rumors since the Spring season, the unitGimgoonRetired after this year,He also responded to a rumor in a live broadcast, indicating that he would not retire.。

brass tube phoenix az

Despite some ridicule and cast discreat,But this year is unfavorable does not mean anything.,Only don't stop,Questioning will not stabbed。The enthusiasm of teenagers is dare to fight,althoughFPXIs a small team,Team universal team,But they fight,Not Asa's young team。Phoenix,Phoenix。Looking forward to your next Nirvana。

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