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annealing brass tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 02:28:15

For most companies,2moon7The day is the first day of the Year of the Tiger.。But the Chongqing Longxi Precision Copper Tube Co., Ltd. in Jiangjin Shuangfu Industrial Park(Next:Dragon Copper Tube)Employee,This is the first of the Year of the Tiger.6sky——Due to sufficient order,Long Hao copper tube is comprehensively completed from the beginning of the year,Grasp production。

annealing brass tube

Long Hao copper pipe production workshop,Worker operating equipment is finished。Reporter

Long Hao copper tube is the subsidiary of Jinlong Copper Tube Group,High precision copper pipe for air conditioning refrigeration and heat exchanger,Annual production5Tens of tons,Market share in the Southwest45%。2moon7day,The reporter saw in the production workshop of Longxi copper tube,Fully automated production line full load operation,Workers operate order,A newly completed copper tube arrangement neat,Ready factory。

“This year, our orders have exceeded production capacity,So the Spring Festival production line does not have a holiday,Full load rush order。”Zhang Xuhui, General Manager of Longxu Copper Tube,This year's momentum is good,To be attributed to insisting on innovation“Quality change”。In recent years,Long Hao copper tube established a labor model innovation studio,And relying on the National Academy of Sciences Precision Bronze Tube Research Center,Continue to launch new products。

last year,Long Hao copper tube launched independent research and development“Lightweight、High energy efficiency”7Mm internal thread new product。This new product is specifically developed for the new national standard of air conditioning energy.,Higher heat exchange performance,And more saving copper resources。Only last year,This new product sales exceed1Tens of tons。This year,This specification product is“occupied”All major air-conditioning plants。

annealing brass tube(annealing brass tube)Long Hao copper pipe production workshop,Workers are operating copper tube annealing steps。Reporter

Facing the continuous order,Dragon's copper tube280Employee decisively choose to open the New Year,Guarantee during the Spring Festival“Not closing”。Employee Zhang Demu home in Henan,He said,During the Spring Festival,Everyone is only in the New Year's Eve and the New Year's Day.,But all,I believe that this year's production momentum will be good all the way.。

For advanced work in advance,Shuangfu Industrial Park also gives full support。Dragon's copper pipe related person in charge,During the Spring Festival,Electricity、Water is guaranteed。Before the holiday,The park also sent a special person to take the initiative,Understanding business difficulties。I learned that there is a certain manual gap in the dragon bronze tube.,The park promises to hold a special job fair after the Spring Festival,Recruit new employees as soon as possible。

right2022year,Zhang Xuhui is full of confidence。He said,last year,Longxu copper pipe achieves output value29.2Billion,Excess30%Complete production goals。“I believe this year,Our development will be better。”