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The world's largest copper producer, Chile slightly“Trouble”,International copper prices will be around the corner。Previously,To curbP.1The spread of new variants of the virus crown,Chile announced from4moon5Date to close borders30sky。The news came out,International copper prices rallied,Breakthrough ton9000Dollar mark。Subsequently,Reckless“Dr. Copper”Ferocious offensive,Worth rising all the way non-stop。

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brass tube suppliers australia

Copper prices hit10Year high,Chinese copper import costs or increase1300100 million!

Back to the capital market,As of Beijing time4moon26day11Time,Copper rose9650Dollar/Ton,for2011Since the highest。But for now,Copper prices do not seem to road“ceiling”。

China's largest copper smelters——Chen Yu, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Copper representation,Per ton of copper is about to break10000Dollar mark;Goldman Sachs also predicted the team,Next, copper prices will easily reach tonne10500Dollar,And the copper call“New Oil”;Citigroup forecast,future6~12Month,Copper is expected to challenge1US $ million mark;The world's largest copper trader Trafigura forecast,future10year,Per ton of copper will touch15000Dollar。

(brass tube suppliers australia)Then the current round of reasons for a sharp rise in the price of copper lie?First, the supply side,Chile closed the opening mentioned30sky,This accounts for about a quarter of global copper supply national export pause,To some extent, pushing copper prices。The second is to speed up the pace of global vaccine promotion,Prospects for economic recovery uncertain,Weaker dollar,Boost copper prices。The third is to accelerate global carbon emissions,States to launch a more aggressive emission reduction targets,While copper plays an integral role in the green energy transition,This makes the market that are long-term copper prices。

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Needs mentioning that,China is the world's largest copper consumer market,Global consumption of about50%Copper Resources,3Month China's imports of unwrought copper and manufactured goods for552317Ton,Growth of34.7%,Year-on-year growth25%。but,3China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association said in January,Copper prices could lead to an additional increase in Chinese import bills this year200One hundred million U.S. dollars(Bind1300Billion yuan)。

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Australia“Move stone hit the foot”,Zero copper concentrate exports to China!

Prior to last another data report,According to the US Bureau of Resources Survey data show,The world's copper reserves total about7One hundred million tons,One of the most abundant copper reserves three countries were sort is Chile(2.09One hundred million tons)、Australia(0.93One hundred million tons)、Peru(0.68One hundred million tons),3Total reserves of the country's share of global reserves53%。at the same time,Australia's BHP Billiton、United States Freeport、Chile's state copper company and a few other controls about global70%Of copper production,Thus holding a market pricing。

Then sealed off in Chile,Chinese demand、In the case of international copper prices rose,If Australia took the opportunity to host,Earn pours?But in fact the opposite。

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Due to the large cooling Australian Trade,2020year12May copper concentrate exports to China is Australia's number“zero”,2019year12May the figure was11.093Ten thousand tons。According to the International Copper Study Group(International Copper Study Group)record of,This is the2004year4Since January,China's first zero monthly import volume of copper concentrate from Australia。In other words,,In Australia, a series of wrong actions,The country thus missed a good opportunity to make money。

although,2020Australia is the first in China6Large copper concentrate supplier,But China is only the supply of the country783476Ton,More2019In fall25%,for2016The lowest annual total since;And in the front row as well as Chile, Australia、Peru、Mexico、Mongolia and other countries,Even if the temporary absence Chile,Australia also fail to fill the seats。

in addition,Australia also recently unilaterally tore up the agreement with China,According to Australian mining giant BHP Billiton is expected to,“Along the way”The birth160Tons of copper、1.5One hundred million tons of steel demand growth。It can be said,Australia This is simply shooting itself in the foot。

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