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brass tube chsndelier

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Home of the most essential highlights of lighting design,You can use light to shape and interpret our unique taste。I personally like is the shadow home bronze lamp,It really is a grass for a long time,After the new house to get the key to start renovation,Decisively start of his most popular all-copper chandeliers。

(brass tube chsndelier)brass tube chsndelier

If you are like me and Yen value control,Then the shadow of copper lamps can not miss oh!I started to pay attention to his house,Because the star goddess officials push Tong Liya lighting shadow。And his family also made a number of bronze lamps experience than20Year old master,Lights of copper produced very good。

(brass tube chsndelier)brass tube chsndelier

Moon Shadow Moon Shadow home's lighting brands as Alibaba Group's strategic Partner,All copper lighting products cover American、Continental、Light luxury、Chinese style、Six modern and mainstream Nordic style,There are more than a thousand styles,Everyone can enjoy the selection。

(brass tube chsndelier)brass tube chsndelier

I selected all-copper chandelier in the shape of full interpretation of the classic European gorgeous visuals,Arm superposition phase error,Harmony and order from the base open to expansion,Lamp holder、Arm and eleven symmetrical alignment light Singles,To ensure that the balance of light and shadow also brings a visual patchwork,Smart aesthetically pleasing design curve and the base with Roman dignified chic,Let the whole chandelier with both a solemn and facial beauty。

(brass tube chsndelier)brass tube chsndelier(brass tube chsndelier)

When the light switch is opened,Uniform soft light unraveled,As if through a time tunnel long,Will be a wonderful story meanders。And shadow lighting has opened up channels of online and offline,Provide customized solutions for home lighting,A station can order high-end lighting,For someone like me who decorated the white community,Really very convenient。#Moon Shadow Home#

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