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brass foot actuated tub closure disassembly

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Install the correct approach inventory bathtub,It turned out well5Point enough!

More and more people are now valued quality of life,Improve the quality of life of course, needs renovation to assist!In the renovation process,Many details need to pay attention。I want to stay there decoration happiness,Details of the deal is particularly important,Take for instance the bathroom。To make the bathroom practical and value Yen,Many people prefer to install a bathtub in the bathroom,But you know the correct installation methods bath it?Here take a look。

brass foot actuated tub closure disassembly

First is that the merits of installing a bathtub bar!

Bath install a lot of benefits,First bathroom has a bath can enhance the well-being of their families,The family had a bath usually go home tired, you can Mei Mei lying in the bathtub bubble bath,Bath time to read a book chase chase drama,Day fatigue are gone。Bath can relieve fatigue can also increase as a decorative color values bathroom,But the drawback is a lot of Judging bathtub,First, install the bathtub takes a small fortune on decorating,Secondly bathtub after each use very troublesome installation,We need to turn on the water and adjust the water temperature,Also clean the bath tub,This is a time consuming thing。So we had better according to their actual needs to choose。

brass foot actuated tub closure disassembly

Installation practices bathtub?

(brass foot actuated tub closure disassembly)1Dian when installing apron bathtub,The bottom of the skirt must be close to the ground,And at the floor drainage should reserve250~300mmThe threatened hole,Facilitate drainage installation,Secondly, in the wall portion of the tub to the discharge side is provided manhole,Facilitate normal service and repair。

2Cold water and hot water tap or a high degree of mixing faucet Dian various bath should be above the plane of the bath150mm。

brass foot actuated tub closure disassembly

3Dian fixed shower,Height shower hoses, etc. must be in accordance with the relevant standards,And to install the actual needs of users。

4Dian bathtub installed,Horizontal plane must use flat foot correction,Not tilt,And the side of the bath and the wall but also at the junction chamber filled with sealant。

brass foot actuated tub closure disassembly

5Drainage pipes and drainage Dian bathtub to secure the Chamber of Secrets,And must be easy to disassemble,Can not open the connection portion!

These are the relevant knowledge about the installation of the bathtub,Hoping to help you!