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brass tube small bore

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brass tube small bore

(brass tube small bore)Devoted to light weapons authoritative military publication!

(brass tube small bore)Core Summary

brass tube small bore

Modern warfare,Infantry need to equip high reliability、High mobility、Firepower、Very powerful、Good accuracy、Long range、Light quality of light weapons。However, limited by the current technical conditions and other objective factors,A kind of light weapons can not satisfy all the above requirements。to this end,There were two theories on the issues of the day light weapons research and development,That is the theory of light and small-caliber large-caliber heavy theory。Talk about their own understanding and views on these two theories——

brass tube small bore

Modern warfare,Infantry need to equip high reliability、High mobility、Firepower、Very powerful、Good accuracy、Long range、Light quality of light weapons

Infantry squad with a small-caliber weapon has become the mainstream of the development of the world light infantry weapons,Modern combat soldier is to reduce the load,Effective way to improve their mobility

Currently,To meet the needs of modern warfare,Improve the mobility of light weapons,Most countries realize the light weapons of small caliber、Guns and ammunition universal family。Squad of small caliber light weapons,Infantry can have the following advantages in combat:

Lighten the load of soldiers。Under the premise of the use of small-caliber weapons at the soldiers can not increase the load,Greatly improve the soldier's ammunition carrying capacity,Continued ability to increase its firepower on the battlefield,Of great significance to guarantee victory in war。

brass tube small bore(brass tube small bore)match50Round magazine in South AfricaR4 5.56mmAssault Rifle

Improve shooting accuracy。Small-caliber ammunition, one of the most prominent advantage is small recoil impulse,So it is easy to operate and use weapons,Improve the precision weapon single shot and burst shooting。

Increased lethality。Small-caliber arms high velocity bullet,Warhead into the muscle tissue roll、Deform,So the penetration force and lethality also large。No wonder some people exclaim:Rather letAK47of7.62mmPiercing bomb,Do not letM16of5.56mmBomb hit。

Expand the area killing。Ballistic of small arms and low elongation、Direct distance,Therefore, small-caliber step/Machine gun300mKilling in the area is much larger than comparable large-caliber weapons;at the same time,Soldiers in the last war,Without changing the rear sight to shoot,Increase the intensity of fire。

In favor of wartime logistics。Small-caliber bullet because of the small volume、light in mass,When using the same means of transport,Doubling the amount of logistical,So in wartime,The use of small-caliber weapons can save a lot of manpower、Material and financial resources,Conducive to logistics。

Infantry equipped with a large-caliber weapons has become an urgent need in the modern combat tactics to meet,It is an essential weapon against soldiers of various long-range goals and lightly armored targets

review20The history of century infantry light weapons,We can see,In various wars,We have a large-caliber weapon shadow,It has been the implementation of firepower against the enemy infantry important weapon。As US combat troops only a mountain,First10Lightly armed Mountain Division still quite equipped with hundreds of service of more than half a centuryM2 12.7mmHeavy machine gun。Large-caliber weapons still in modern combat crew-served weapons indispensable main。

brass tube small bore

Russia RPK-74M 5.45mmLight machine gun

From several recent high-tech local wars of view,Who can dominate on the weapons range,Who will be able to get the initiative on the battlefield,Who will be able to destroy the other side opened fire first。And large-caliber weapons have an advantage in this regard is the,Its effective range is generally in1 000mabove,This is particularly valuable for the lightly armed infantry squad for,Because when facing the enemy heavy artillery、Armored vehicles and helicopter,Small-caliber light weapons, often appeared to be inadequate,The use of large-caliber sniper rifle capable of firing the implementation of those operators and equipment,If not eliminate them immediately,At least temporarily can compel him no time to continue to attack。

In modern warfare,Infantry presentation equipment“Armor of”trend,Fewer and fewer soldiers exposed;at the same time,Soldiers exposed their increasingly high level of protection,Bulletproof helmet、Protective performance bulletproof vests growing。Therefore, in this situation under,Large Diameter、Big powerful weapon to its full operational effectiveness。Large-caliber weapons can attack the enemy in long-range precision strike or fire suppression,Also the enemy helicopter、Light Armored Vehicle、communication device、radar、Missile sites、Tanks and towers and other targets devastating blow,Also effectively blocked roads、Bridges and ferries。As the Austrian Steyr company launchedIWS 2000Anti-materiel rifle,Unprecedented use of its caliber15.2mm,Long-range fire support weapons。The weapon can be in1 000mInternal breakdown40mmThick armor,Can against a variety of targets may appear on the modern battlefield, low-intensity conflict,Including bunker、Fortifications、Light Armored Vehicle,evenT-55or59Tanks, etc.。This shows,Large Diameter、Step great power/Machine gun in many cases can hit multiple targets by the original deal with anti-tank weapons,The type of weapon compared with anti-tank weapons,Not only has advantages in terms of cost,And the quality is much lighter。

Infantry equipped with a large-caliber weapons has become a trend,The world's military powers are accelerating to assess the practical application of。

(brass tube small bore)Infantry light weapons in modern warfare should support along with the class of large-caliber weapons go hand in hand with the fight of two small-caliber weapons development path,To meet the various needs of the infantry in modern warfare tactical

Infantry squad has many advantages of using small caliber weapons fighting,For small-caliber weapons at close range killing the enemy's effective strength is enough for,But long-range capability and the ability to suppress the killer seems inadequate。Modern warfare,In most cases more infantry need embodiment enemy fire suppression,Hysteresis enemy action,Prevent it from reaching operational intent,So small-caliber weapons to complete the task can be said that such tactics“Powerless”。

brass tube small bore

BarrettM95 12.7mmSniper rifle

This is from energy weapons and ammunition can be evident,5.56mmAmmunition300mEnergy on the distance834J,7.62mmAmmunition1 988J,and12.7mmEnergy is as high as ammunition9 476J。therefore,Small-caliber weapons have the ability to protect soldiers on the battlefield against、When the armored vehicles,Operational Effectiveness which will greatly shrink。

South AfricaNTWAnti-materiel rifle、CroatiaRT20Anti-materiel rifle,Its diameter reached20mm。Infantry support weapons of large caliber is a trend in the development of contemporary infantry light weapons,Such weapons have a range far、Highlight the advantages of large power,Idearate the needs of modern operations。But it also has“Three major”(Big size、Large quality、After the power is big)Unfavorable factor,So in actual operations,Causes soldiers negatively,Walking machine is not flexible enough,Negative impact on weapons is not easy to operate。With new technology、Application of new materials,Large caliber support weapons widely used composite materials and light allures,Its quality will continue to alleviate,Further improve the motorization capability of soldiers on the battlefield。

brass tube small bore

Hungary Zapepad( Gepard) M1Large caliber sniper rifle

It can be seen through the above analysis.,Support the large diameterization of weapons to make up for small diameter weapons、Poor striking strong target、Insufficient defects,Meet the long distance(1 000~2 000m)Effective killing infantry、Destroy the needs of various valuable goals。And the class combat weapon small diameter is easy to carry,Improve maneuver in battlefield,at the same time,Make full play effects of small-diameter weapons,Use small diameter weapons to sit behind、High characteristics of hit rate,Improve the shooting accuracy and strike strength of infantry,Meet the tactical requirements when the infantry melee。

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