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brass tube pendant necklace

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brass tube pendant necklace(brass tube pendant necklace)

1.使用白醋清洗。Copper necklace black how to clean,浸泡十How to clean the necklace左右再把项链取出来,Use white vinegar cleaning,然后使用干布把项链表面的水分擦干净即可。

2.You can put the necklace in white vinegar to soak。可以在软毛牙刷上面挤适量的牙膏,Soak for ten minutes, take the item.,污垢刷洗干净后,Wash the necklace with water。

(brass tube pendant necklace)brass tube pendant necklace

1、牙膏加小苏打。Use toothpaste cleaning,将小苏打和适量的牙膏混合在一起,Can brush the right amount of toothpaste on the soft hair tooth,对着铜项链发黑处不停的刷洗,Then use the soft hair tooth brush to brush the necklace,用水冲净即可。

2、Dirtbrush。在一个容器里倒满水,Wash the dirty east of the necklace on the surface of the necklace,将铜项链浸泡在其中约10分钟,发黑处就会恢复光洁,Copper necklace black how to clean。

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