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big mouth brass cc tuba

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existS6previous versions,Big mouth has always dominatedADCwinning percentage。And its powerful one-second five-spray and explosionAOEInjury is terrifying。And the consistent style of the fist company is also vividly displayed,Continuous nerfs make Big Mouth's win rate plummet,And a few versions ago,big mouthedWSkills are directly recalled,This also makes the big mouth five sprays a second into history。

and today,Ye Yan brings you an alternative gameplay about Big Mouth,Teach you how to achieve bombing effect without passive output。

(big mouth brass cc tuba)Changed from version to version,a lot ofADCThey all slowly moved towards the three positions of Naka and Ueno.,as quine、male gun、Verus、Ezreal、Urgot.

SoADCIs it really Dazui's only home??The answer is of course no,Big Mouth's status in the current bot lane is already in jeopardy,The win rate also dropped to near freezing point.。

big mouth brass cc tuba

(big mouth brass cc tuba)big mouth brass cc tuba

(big mouth brass cc tuba)big mouth brass cc tuba

In the last version, Big Mouth has made the following changes:

【R】Living Cannon

mana cost:full grade50+per floor50 ⇒ 40+per floor40

Duration of mana cost increase:10 ⇒ 8

base damage: 70/110/150 ⇒ 100/140/180

new effect:Now deals bonus damage based on the target's missing health,at most150%。40%Targets with the following health still take double base damage。

So now the big mouth whether it isPOKEOr the beheading effect is even better,This is undoubtedly more suitable for development in other locations。

Skill analysis

big mouth brass cc tuba


For passive skills4A word summary is that the fish is dead and the net is broken。And this passive is not well knownCan trigger skill effects(Luden、ghost book、ice stick, etc.)

big mouth brass cc tuba

(big mouth brass cc tuba)Parse:

QThe skill is the only skill in the alliance with a percentage of double wear。The high amount of double wear allows you not only to play high output in the later stage,is equivalent to helpingADCWhisper。

big mouth brass cc tuba


Wskills asADMouth's Soul Skill,while inAPIt's not very practical to have a big mouth。

(big mouth brass cc tuba)big mouth brass cc tuba

(big mouth brass cc tuba)Parse:

EThe skill comes with a powerful slowing effect,and is aAOEdamage skill.。online useEClearing lanes quickly gives you more time to do other things。

big mouth brass cc tuba


The mana cost of the ultimate move and the mana cost of subsequent stacks have been reduced10point,This can be said to be a relatively big enhancement for the big mouth who needs to fight continuously.,Because the follow-up big move will continue this mana costbuff,The duration of this continuous attack is also shortened,The big mouth that can play will not keep making big moves,That's too expensive,Use other skills sparingly to connect output,lower this2Stime can be used,The most important thing is to increase the base damage.,Greatly improved mouthpokeability,Just this terrible base panel damage,A great threat to those crispy skins,Execute passive with the ultimate move,APBig mouth three big trick secondsADCis entirely possible。

skill point

(big mouth brass cc tuba)skill point:R>E>Q>W first-level pointQconsume。

becauseESkill has a very strong clearing ability,main point here,andELarge skill range and long distance,It is a very useful skill whether it is consumption or retention.。

WSkills can choose not to point or only point to point,becauseAPbig mouthedWThe skill basically doesn't deal any damage,Learning is not recommended hereWSkill。

Equipment Analysis

big mouth brass cc tuba

(big mouth brass cc tuba)Very well understood build method,Time is a good help for heroes who develop flow,Ghost book depends on personal preference,If you don't like ghost books, you can replace it with an ice stick,Netherfire and Ice Staff Mask do a lot of damage。

Later individuals do not need Central Asia,Because your more than 3,000 points of blood will not be instantly killed。So even if you are cut in a teamfight,You can also play a set of skills and then a large bomb that slows down the group。

I don't choose the magic stick because of the big mouthQskills carried28%double wear,Just guaranteeQSkills can hit you“Heart target”,Can deal tons of damage。APThe damage of the big mouth is very considerable,If your skills are accurate,Skill to target opponentCbit,EWith three big moves, you can completely kill the crispy skin in seconds。If your development is good enough,Even just need two big moves combined with the killing effect to kill instantlyADCspan。

Talent rune recommendation

(big mouth brass cc tuba)big mouth brass cc tuba

(big mouth brass cc tuba)Point out the ghost fire and focus on the output in the middle and late stages,Because Big Mouth can't play much output when the power is low,And the Thunder is not easy to play。The deceitful department points out two points of meditation to increase the amount of online mana recovery,Avoid the embarrassing situation of always lacking blue in the early stage。

big mouth brass cc tuba

red dress*9 yellow armor*9blue magic resist*9Great Essence*3

A very conventional setAPrune,If you are sure to survive the early laning phase, you can change the blue to fixed and growthCDTo ensure that you have enough skills in the middle and late stages to output。

online play

Stable patching in the early stage,exist6can be used laterEREasily take down the rear platoons,ThenQERThe long-range consumption and harassment of the opponent's attack。

Try not to let the jungler catch you in the early stage,after allYou are a brush in the early stage,The lack of stable control and the explosive damage make it difficult for the junglerGankto your opponent。

Because using skills to fill the knife will push the line of troops over,So remember when the line of troops is over,don't follow the line。Eat your own four birds,Or go home and resupply

Have a good vision to prevent getting caught,The big mouth has no displacement or is quite afraid of beinggankof。

team fight

Big Mouth is a bit like Xerath and Varus when playing in groups,Before starting a group, use the advantage of your own hand length to consume,Be careful not to be forced to move。Competition trigger,Come to helpQuseADC减少前排抗性,使用E来限制敌方突进保护自己和ADC。

(big mouth brass cc tuba)Reduce precondition,再利用Ruse。值得一提的是,To limit enemy to the protected yourself andCD让APWhen the group battle has a resilive,当然首先你得保证自己的大招命中率。


最奇葩的八卦、Come to clean the battlefield、最诡异的改版、It is worth mentioning that,你想得到的这里都有,Strong residual blood and short——不妨Superhen。

big mouth brass cc tuba

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