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brass tub spigot with screw

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Home decoration faucet is essential,It is the most frequently used household goods,Kitchen vegetables dishes,Wash basin,Wash up and so should be used,So be sure to buy good faucet!

brass tub spigot with screw

And today we talk about how to get a good faucet!

1、Faucet Material

Stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel faucet does not contain lead,And acid、Alkali、From corrosion、Does not release harmful substances,It does not pollute the water source。Plated stainless steel surface does not need faucet,Just polished stainless steel qualities can be revealed。

(brass tub spigot with screw)All copper faucet

Copper taps purified all-copper,Chrome plated,High gloss,A higher corrosion resistance wear。The main copper content and its own process to distinguish the quality of the pros and cons。

Plastic faucet

Rich color plastic faucet、Mold for mass production,And relative to other materials,Greater security The use of,UsesABSPlastics production and processing。But not strong,Short life。

(brass tub spigot with screw)Alloy Faucet

Leading alloy compared to the full price of copper faucet,To many low price,This is easier and leading large-scale production。Wherein the zinc alloy is widely used,Zinc alloy faucet harmful,And very durable。

Ceramic Faucet

Ceramic faucet has no rust,No oxidation、Easy to wear advantages。Ceramic faucet elegant appearance,Since the housing is ceramic products。

brass tub spigot with screw

2、Faucet purchase points


Now the leading home improvement use,Mainly the bathroom faucet、Basin mixer、Kitchen Faucet。According basin style、Use space to select faucet;


In a bright, no bubbles、No defect、No scratches to the eligibility criteria。Imported faucets have10Micron or more coating,The purpose is to rust、Beautiful、Lifetime guarantee;

(brass tub spigot with screw)3、price

The price of imported products in general500To $3000Between Yuan,Joint venture in1000Up and down,Relatively inexpensive domestic,Basically200Dollars to500Yuan;

4、With zero

General basin faucet accessories mainly to the water、Lift rod and fixed to the faucet mounting bolts and copper、Gasket;Bathtub faucet also have showers、Water hose、Stents;


Solid and durable steel ball valve、Good pressure resistance,Rubber ring for sealing purposes Consumable,Easy to aging。Ceramic valve having good sealing properties,Better reflect the comfortable feel、Smooth;


Leading to copper for the top grade,Copper has antiseptic、Disinfection。The quality of the copper, but is difficult to identify the consumer,Best to buy a certain well-known brand products。

3、Faucet optional note

1、Look at the surface : Note glossy surface,Hand touch no glitches、Nonporous、No oxidation spots。The smoother the surface, the better the quality of;

2、Turn handle : Good leading during rotation of the handle,Without excessive clearance between the tap and switch,Off relaxed and unrestricted non-skid;

3、Listen : Good leader is integrally molded copper,Beat up sound boring;If the sound is very crisp,That must be stainless steel;

4、Identification mark : Product identification mark。General formal goods are manufacturers of brand identity,To identify and prevent counterfeiting;

5、Charles Parts : Good faucet valve body、Handle in all grades of brass purified,Weight than the sink,There is a sense of dignified。

4、Faucet purchase Mistakes

(brass tub spigot with screw)1、The most water-saving faucet

Not only less water faucet,High price,And higher maintenance costs,Home use Faucet,Practicality is not high。

2、The smaller the flow of water conservation

Faucet flow water-saving standards,Excessive traffic too small is not conducive to water conservation。Sometimes the faucet flow rate is too small,There may be a problem with the faucet valve,Clogging or residue quality,Should be cleaned or replaced。

3、Bubbler water-saving faucets any circumstances

Starting blocks main role is to increase the number of bubbles in water,Reducing the amount of water;However, the starting blocks water flow impact force is weakened,Have to use a lot of water,It is not conducive to water conservation。

4、Tap has hot and cold temperature adjustment

(brass tub spigot with screw)Cold faucet cold temperature adjustment function must have two water hoses can be achieved and Taocifaxin。

(brass tub spigot with screw)5、Leading the election regardless of the basin

After a lot of consumers to install Counter Basin,I did not notice basin is high,You need to install the faucet on the basin,The actual situation must be considered when buying basin。

(brass tub spigot with screw)6、Tap and angle valve without water connection

Those who must take advantage of the hot and cold faucet angle valve connected to a water pipe,Each needs two hot and cold faucet angle valve with matching。

brass tub spigot with screw

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brass tub spigot with screw