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brass foot actuated tub assembly

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 23:49:47

brass foot actuated tub assembly

Many people have a bathtub dream,Often imaginary:End a day of work back home,Bulk the whole people into the comfortable big bathtub,Schye petals、Ignite aromatherapy、Listen to melodious music,Enjoy a rare physical and mental relaxation。

So how to circle a bathtub dream,Can also make the bathtub design without a chicken rib。

(brass foot actuated tub assembly)Bathtub,Can:

Two toilets,You can choose one:

(brass foot actuated tub assembly)The current big family is basically equipped with the main deficiency,The best arrangement is:A bathtub,Take a bath;Another shower。

brass foot actuated tub assembly

A toilet,There must be a shower area

If there is only one bathroom,Be sure to reserve the location of the shower area。

brass foot actuated tub assembly(brass foot actuated tub assembly)Embedded bathorPrivate bathtub

The bathtub can be divided into two kinds of embedded and independent types.。

Separate bathtub has this direct landing:

brass foot actuated tub assembly

Embedded bathtub has skirts and no skirts:

brass foot actuated tub assembly

The skirt is mainly to keep warm,Itself has a certain support,Simple installation。

There is only one cylinder without a bathtub.:

brass foot actuated tub assembly

These two embedded bathtubes need a blockbuster,So just build when renovation。

Bathtub installation consideration

(brass foot actuated tub assembly)Bathtub installation:

brass foot actuated tub assembly

① I want to take a bathtub is a thing that can't hesitate.,Before the waterway renovation,Because the position of the hot and cold water export and the lower water is reserved in advance。

② There must be a bathtub cover with a bathtub.,Water temperature can be given during bath,Can smoke when you don't need,Can even put a book or putipadLook at it。

③Installing the bath is a personal effort,Cast iron tub,Need5、6Individual can move,So the installation cost is not cheap。