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brass pro shop boat tube

The new crown epidemic causes the cost of seafarers to change the cost.,Shipping company:This money!

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Shuede marine network Ma Lin

World's largest ship management company——Mid-British ship(Anglo-eastern)Headquarters in Hong Kong,Total550Employee。Due to the fourth wave of epidemic in Hong Kong,Therefore, the company's staff state has become half in the office.,The other half is staying at home。In fact, in March,Anglo-easternIt is said that there is a problem in the crew.。Anglo-easternofCEO,Bjørn HøjgaardExpress,This year, due to the new crown virus, the total cost of the crew is high.2000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Boats have been difficult to change

Crew needs a lot of paperwork,This is a problem that is very headache.。Epidemic this uncontrollable random interference,Let things handle difficulties。

Anglo-easternExpress,Estimated seafarers who have been postponed300-400,000Many。

“In most instances,If you want a crew to change,So let the ship deviate from the route、Nucleic acid detection abroad、Two weeks of isolation of these extractions are inevitable。And any of these work requires a lot of time and energy。”

Covid-19Useful lessons learned during the period

“first,This year's epidemic tells us a fact:The shipping industry has amazing flexibility。When many other industries in the world have suffered heavy blow,I have little effect on the shipping industry。The transportation industry is better than ever.。This makes us have a resentment of the shipping industry.。”

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“Secondly,Remote work is very effective。It is very troublesome to hold a remote conference before.,And now the online conference is convenient and cheap,We all like this work method very much.。”

Although the crew is changed, although there is also progress,But the whole process is still very complicated

“Two examples。Now Hong Kong allows crew to change,But the premise is that the ship must have a cargo loading and unloading here.。That is, if a vessel is here to refuel or test,Is it possible to change the crew?。”

“South Korea also allows crew to change,However, the premise is that the ship must observe in the semi-separated area of South Korea before boarding the ship.14sky。”

(brass pro shop boat tube)Not only the constraint of the node of the port。

During the seafarers from home to the boat,There must be a lot of nucleic acid detection。Frontier21Day first time, forward10Day second time,forward48Third time in the hour,Then I have to isolate for a period of time。

“If any of these three detection is positive,Then we have to find the next person who replaces him to rein this long testing process.。”

All steps add time and consume money。that's whyAnglo-Easternhave12The famous sea stays over the boat11Monthly reason。Period during the epidemic,Anglo-Easternhave7,000People leave their jobs due to postponeten work,This number is almost half of the total number of sea seafarers.。

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These will be spent

Although only a few times occurred on boardCovid-19Case,But in order to prevent it,Ship management company spent a lot of money。

HøjgaardSaid expectation of high costs2000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。Isolated to accommodation, including crew,Charter travel fee、Ship test fee, etc.。He is inferred,What is the reason for which small marine management companies continue to work on board?。They want waiting for opportunities,Let them change。andHøjgaardDoes not agree with this practice。

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Although it has already spent a few million,But thisCEOAdhere to practice、起 袖 加 加 理。He said,Waiting is never on the best。In the long term,Don't spend this money、Reduce employees to company loyalty,And this loss is actually much larger.。

His decision is correct。

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“I think we have a lot of things to be grateful.,I wish you all the best here.2021Years,Financial resources。The vaccine will begin to have a wide range of applications.,I believe that all of us will get better and better next year.。”

wish2021Year smooth!

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