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brass tube c385 1 x 3

The new energy market has been vivid in recent years.,In the past 2021 year,China's new energy production and sales double breakthrough 350 Ten thousand vehicles,12 The new energy retail permeability of the month has exceeded 20%。

Excellent sales performance and growth potential make the mainstream process of new energy in the automotive industry,The commercial value of the new energy market is also prominent。Easy to find,In recent years, traditional manufacturers are gradually「proper attitude」,Increase resource input from new energy products lines,Take out the independent new energy models like model,The newly-established new carcups in the standing feet are also hot and iron to prepare the next stage of the army competition.,Strive to hold their leading advantages in intelligence and electric sector。

For the waiters still waiting to,2022 Undoubtedly a year worthy of attention。With the progress and maturity of the industry,The new round of technical iteration horn has been blown,Product side regardless of new elderly players,2022 Both is a node that symbolizes。We will also put it in this article 2022 An annual annual new energy car is a summary。

Three new forces:Hottest、up to date、Most intelligent

New forces three will usher in new models this year,From the current information,Basically, fist-in-one fists。Formally announced in Tesla 2022 After the year will release new cars,These new cars have also been further consolidated。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)蔚 来:Three driving

2022 The year will be willing to list three new cars,Have already unveiled ET7 and ET5,There is still one left. ES7。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

蔚 来 ET7

Posted ET5 and ET7 Using the same new generation auxiliary driving hardware and cabin hardware,Main content:

  • 1 Mudu Falcon Laser radar
  • 7 indivual 800 Early vision system consisting of 10,000 pixel camera
  • 4 Yingda Orin X Auxiliary driving calculation platform for chip composition
  • Paddle SA8155 Chip's smart cockpit system

In addition, these two new cars are also equipped with resolution. 1,728 × 1,888 of OLED Central control screen、UWB key、23 Dolby Sound System of Speaker。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3

蔚 来 ET5

After two types of models with high and low positioning differences,It is not difficult to see that it is a consideration for reducing the underlying system branch and increasing the scale effect on the planning of new cars in this generation.,So next is the same as NT2.0 Platform ES7 Large probability also uses the same auxiliary driving and cockpit hardware。The two cars will also use similar configurations on the triplet.。

2 moon 15 day,Determined in the official activities of the official ES7 In 4 Monthly release,New car is positioned 5 Large-scale SUV,Take a comfortable。

brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)蔚 来 ES7

simply put,ES7 Very likely ET7 of SUV Version,The relationship between the two can also be referenced Model Y and Model 3,The difference between the two cars is mainly in the appearance and space。Price aspect,considering ES7 Located at ES6 and ES8 between,Its price can be referenced ET7,Sales price may be 40 Get up。

According to the official information,ET7 In 3 At the end of the month,Second vehicle ET5 Will be delivered in the third quarter,Not released ES7 From time and preheating rhythm, it is expected to be unveiled in Beijing Auto Show.,Follow in the year ET5 deliver。

ideal:Full size flagship

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)ideal 2022 The heavy head of the year is the code X01 New model。

X01 Positioning is a ratio ideal ONE More full-size SUV,The power system will still use the incremental form,As an ideal car flagship model,X01 The trocked crowd is still a family user。

Product positioning is higher X01 Compared to ideal ONE Will have a full range of configuration,Auxiliary driving,Last year, Ideal Car Hong Kong stock market has such a line of words.:

from 2022 Beginning,All our new models will be equipped with L4 Supply of automatic driving compatibility hardware as standard。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

2022 Annual release X01 Nature within the description,In the current network,X01 Will be equipped with a laser radar and Ying Weida Orin X chip。

In addition, according to the ideal car 2021Q3 Information released by the financial report,X01 Will be officially released in the second quarter of this year,Third quarter delivery,And the high-order auxiliary driving function on the new car is still standard.。Another link related to intelligence——X01 The smart cockpit will also upgrade iteration,In addition to the machine chip with higher performance,The cockpit interaction of the new car will further expand。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)X01 Spy photos

Double arm、Air suspension、The configuration such as new increase is also X01 This upgrade content,There will be a lot of similar upgrades in the previous session.。

Higher positioning、In the case of higher configuration,X01 The price of new cars will also be better than ideal ONE Have something to say。Specification according to existing information,X01 Probably 40 arrive 50 Wan's price range。

Xiaopeng:G9 & P7 Two blossoms

Xiaopeng 2021 New car P5 and G3i Be based on David platform,Mainly 20 Wanquan,There are still some restrictions on all aspects of the vehicle under this positioning.,Many people intend to buy Xiaopeng new car, etc., therefore did not start last year.。2022 The new car of Xiaopeng is based on middle and large cars. Edward platform,Therefore, the platform sealing will also have more new car capabilities.。

In the Guangzhou Auto Show last year G9 It is Xiaopeng this year's leading product product,New car will carry Xiaopeng XPILOT 4.0 Auxiliary driving,Laser radar equipped with two sagitar creative laser radar in front of the vehicle,Higher resolution camera is also available on the visual system,And Identa Orin X Calculate the chip。Hardware is fully upgraded to secondary driving capabilities worth looking forward to。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Xiaopeng G9

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)According to the previous spy photos,G9 It is likely to introduce three-screen design,That is,Poster a higher performance machine chip G9 The smart cockpit experience will also be the highlight of this time。

In addition to intelligent,This time G9 In three electricity「vehicle」The link has also been unmisting.。New 800 V The electrical platform has brought a faster energy charging speed.,Use SiC Mosfet Electronic control system will also have better energy consumption,The battery life of the new car is a good data performance in the same level model.。As the highest level of medium-sized medium in Xiaopeng product line SUV,G9 Air suspension is also available。

about G9 Pricing,According to information in the previous Xiaopeng investor activity,Xiaopeng product price range will be on this year's probe into 40 Ten thousand,This basically implies that G9 Top models of price position,The official announcement is likely to price information on the Beijing Auto Show,G9 Will be delivered in the third quarter of this year。

G9 Later,Xiaopeng high probability this year will usher P7 The small change models,considering P7 Time to market and soon,The extent facelift and will probably be ideal 2021 Similar facelift,In large body、Sanden and other sectors there will be no replacement of magnitude improvement,The main sore point for some details of the existing vehicle make improvements。

P7 Owners Tucao no more trunk release button、Steering wheel design with difficult issues expected to improve in the facelift,And after the completion of the optimization of these pain points facelift details P7 On the degree of completion will also further enhance the experience。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)summary

This year the top three new forces have begun to appear a certain homogeneity in the focus of the new upgrade,for example ES7、X01、G9 All equipped with laser radar,All made SA8155 Cockpit chip,We have adopted the NVIDIA Orin X Intelligent driving chip,All adopt a higher standard of visual perception system,Aimed at street-level city by driving navigation aids。

We can see,The new three strong forces for demanding intelligent from 2022 Began has entered a new stage,Production basically towards the car device on the latest intelligent hardware chip select e.g.、The highest performance version of the go,It also laid a good reputation in the attention of the masses and expected capacity that several new car。

But three almost identical chip select intelligent hardware can also be seen on the current top vendors are not many options,This is much like today's mobile electronics industry。And this case,Differences in hardware capabilities of several new cars will be reduced compared to before,The ultimate intelligent performance for the next test will further the company's overall R & D。

In addition to Wei、Xiaopeng、Ideal in this year's new products are planned for high-end models,Xiaopeng and the ideal is to open up the market brand higher price range,This new domestic energy market are not unrelated barbell structure。Over a period of time, relatively high domestic new energy vehicles with better overall experience,Early adopters users better access to liquidity of all ages。In this year,Where is the turning point of the upper end of the market leverage,pass through ET7、X01 and G9 Market performance might be able to explore a little twelve。

First-line luxury brands:market 2.0 Times 1.0 Model

Electric transformation it has been said for some time in the camp of traditional car prices,But the action the last two years we began to have real action。public、modern、Kia、Ford has led several native took the first pure electric vehicle platforms into the market,However, large-scale expansion in Tesla、New forces at every step of the moment,In fact, the luxury brand is one of the heaviest sense of crisis。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)After several compatible platform or oil to electric vehicle market is less than expected first,BBA Aware of her own original brand value in the electric age not seamless heritage,To a new field of play and we must follow the new field values to the job。

then BBA Also continue to work hard to come up with original pure electric vehicles,and 2022 In these models in China happens to be the landing point in time。

Run quickly:High hopes EQE

Mercedes-Benz is this year's seeds EQE,Mercedes-Benz's official description of the new car is called「One of the short EQS」。This release Motor Show last year in Munich,Based on the Mercedes-Benz EVA 2.0 Medium and large electric-car platform,Owned and flagship EQS Pretty much the same exterior and interior design,On the size EQE Even have to EQS identical 1,512 mm High and wider car 1,961 mm Vehicle width,Wheelbase also reached 3,120 mm。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Run quickly EQE

Under the purely electric platform「Four corners」Let EQE Compared to cash Mercedes-Benz E Space stage shoulder width for 27 mm,Long cabin space 80 mm,High chair 65 mm,And Flagship EQS Large steering angle on the rear wheels、Width of 141 cm And have 24 G Run memory,Three-screen machine car Hyperscreen exist EQE Also available as an option on。

exist 90 Of the available capacity of 811 Three yuan lithium battery design and low drag at blessing,EQE Long life models WLTP Life up 660 km。As a comparison,CLTC Battery life 675 km Tesla Model 3 High-performance version WLTP Life is 547 km

but EQE The most important information that,Version of this car will be the domestic market, local production of Mercedes-Benz in Beijing,Point in time 2022 Mid。While the domestic means EQE There are some imagination on the price。Domestic production EQE And imported EQS With the level of strategy and Tesla Model S add Model 3 Sales in the country have the same purpose at,But in the end still depends on how the market performance in the Mercedes-Benz EQE Courage on pricing。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Run quickly EQE SUV

EQE Benz also prepared a way of escape,More space EQE SUV Models will be released later this year,And the domestic market version will also be made in China。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)BMW:Two import,A homemade

BMW's new energy 2022 In surprise value slightly lower,This year will be the introduction of three new models for the domestic i4、i7 And pure electric 3 Tie。

People more regrettable part is that these three cars is not a pure electric native platform,Fortunately, BMW platform compatible models of the product is still a good level of force,In the price is right premise still has some market。

Pure power 3 The Department will use a high probability and iX3 Three-section of the same configuration,80 Degree battery and small 300 Hp drive motor after the vehicle has little problem as the kingpin,The price ratio promising iX3 Continues to plumb,The entry model to 25 arrive 30 Between Wan。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3

BMW pure electric three-line

but「fair price」For imports i4 and i7 Obviously not apply,in i4 The main push M50 BMW's high-performance models are the first pure electric M Model,Its zero acceleration time of less than one hundred 4 Second,Rear axle with air suspension,There upgraded high performance brake system, and anti-roll bar,On the driving experience should have good performance。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3

BMW i4 M50

i7 As the information this year's flagship BMW pure electric car revealed at present not much,But it can be expected that i7 It will also be equipped with iX Close to the high-performance electric drive system, and more than 100 kWh The large battery,And in that the rear vehicle resolution highlights 7,680 × 2,160 The suspension big screen。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)BMW i7

also,Released last year, iX Models in the country has begun deliveries,The new design inside and outside、Frameless doors make this flagship SUV Exceptionally recognizable,Four-wheel steering、Air suspension、Electric suction door、Carbon fiber body、Exceed 110 kWh High-order configuration, etc. iX At the bottom of the competition。

brass tube c385 1 x 3


exist Model X It is difficult to produce,iX It will also be the largest brand you can buy.、The most expensive price and the longest luxury pure electricity SUV。

Audi:There is a model that has come in,New products, etc.

Audi this year's new energy car product line is high and low.,High-end product progress is later,The main task in China is to introduce existing models.。

e-tron The highest level of positioning e-tron GT Domestic will be listed this year,This Taycan Equally J1 Platform coupe performance is very happy Taycan,Battery capacity is consistent with the former,Price is also better Taycan Be cheap。

brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)Audi e-tron GT

In addition to high performance coupe,This year Q6 e-tron and Q4 e-tron It will also be listed in Nort-South Volkswagen。Two cars are based on the mass group MEB platform,It can be seen as the public. ID.6 and ID.4 Audi upgrade version,Or more popular,that is Q7 Peak、Q5 Differences between Tiguan。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Audi Q4 e-tron

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)Overseas three-power configuration,Audi Q4 e-tron With the public ID.4 Maintaining the model,The top-bearing model is equipped 80 Degree battery and dual motor power system for permanent magnet after asynchronous,Maximum power 220 kW,Zero hundred acceleration 6 Second out,And equipped CDC Electronic control shock absorption。

Q5 e-tron and ID.6 Series,At present, the special three-row model for the Chinese market,In addition to the space,The remaining configuration is almost Q4 e-tron Consistent。

Currently Q5 e-tron Pre-sale price 40 arrive 50 Ten thousand,Size small Q4 e-tron Pricing will be lower,It is expected that the price range will be 33 arrive 43 General。Considering the current domestic pure electricity SUV Market situation,Q4 e-tron and Q5 e-tron The pricing belongs to a few points,exist 2022 year 30 The competitiveness in the district is indeed a bit mediocre.。

Audi this year's backhand is from a higher level. PPE Pure electric platform A6 e-tron and Q6 e-tron,The concept car of the former has appeared last year.。Domestic project corresponding to new cars E6L Also exposed on the network,The entry model is a single motor back drive,Be equipped 83 kWh Battery,Estimated battery life 550 km,Four-wheel drive models will be equipped 100 kWh Battery,Zero hundred acceleration 5.7 Second。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Audi A6 e-tron

These two new cars are just like Mercedes EQE and EQE SUV Double car plan,But the public PPE Platform will adopt 800 V Electrical architecture,Technical is more competitive。


2022 year BBA Action began to accelerate in the new energy market in China,Mercedes-Benz and Audi have C Domestic plan of level pure electric platform model,And progress is almost synchronized with overseas markets.,BMW has also introduced a number of pure electric new cars this year and domestic pure electricity 3 Tie。

From the product side,Mercedes EQE、Audi A6 e-tron BMW iX These new products are different from previously mainly differentiated developments.,Get rid of the oil change。

After the development of the pure electric platform development,BBA Relatively good results have also been taken in the electricity and space design of the vehicle.,Even compared with the new car。For example under large battery and low wind block design,Mercedes EQE 660 km of WLTP Life is more than 100 蔚 来 的 来 ET7 Xiaopeng P7 Ultra-long battery version。

But in intelligence BBA There is still no significant improvement,These new cars are basically backward on the auxiliary driving hardware 2022 The new forces of the year are close to the generation,Non-mounted laser radar or an encyclopedia。And the old short board belonging to the traditional car company is still only the progress on these new cars.。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)Therefore, the domestic market is a luxury brand of luxury 2022 Although the year has entered a new stage than before,But bringing products belong to the market 2.0 Times 1.0 Model,Can't continue in brand value,Intelligent dispensing,Insufficient appeal for new users,High level mechanical quality and the premium brought by the vehicle quality are relatively limited,Therefore, the pricing is still the core link to determine the market performance.。

own brand:Each of you have their own wonderful

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)2022 Annual year is another year of self-primary brand new energy,Experience market penetration acceleration 2021 After year,The attempts on different routes have become gradually bold and decisive.,Jointly、High-end、Personalized label、Differentiation and the idea of competing competition becomes more popular,And in main line skills, three electricity and intelligence, it also begins to standardize。

Huawei lineup

Aim「Help enterprises」Huawei has a lot of movements last year,Since Polar Alfa S Huawei HI Type models have seen the masses to see Huawei's intelligent driving outstanding level,Huawei is jointly a label of the carriage。

brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)alpha S Huawei HI Version

alpha S Huawei HI Top model is the first-year master in the Chinese legion,Three laser radar of this car on the product、High resolution comic vision system and high 400 TOPS Nothing is not a dazzling parameter,The city that has been unveiled by navigation assist driving and high-end automatic parking also uses practical actions to display the system's ability.。Mounted car rule 990 Custom version of the chip of the chanting machine in the voice、Ecology, etc.。

HI The version of the model has also adopted Huawei three-power system.,The maximum power under the matching of the motor has reached an amazing 473 kW,Zero hundred acceleration 3.5 Second,750 V Fast charge also provides considerable good energy。

According to the previous information,At the end of last year Alpha S Huawei HI The model has realized small-scale delivery,Delivery for consumers is expected to be carried out in the first quarter。

Another model with Huawei program is Awutta 11,This set of Changan、Huawei、The pure electric electricity of the three people in Ningde SUV,CLTC Pure electricity will exceed 700 km,Zero hundred acceleration is less than 4 Second,Official announcement 200 kW The charging speed also implies that the vehicle will have a high voltage electrical platform.。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Avita 11

Huawei ADS Auxiliary driving in Avata 11 It is also like,The configuration of three laser radar and the vision system has confirmed。

Currently comprehensive,Avita 11 It is also a model that has good competitiveness in three electricity and intelligence.,And the vehicle design is more colorful,2022 The time point of delivery of the third quarter and X01、G9 Waiting for the hot models also rushed to the same,Avata in traditional brands 11 Although the most black horse momentum。

Another Chinese hot product is AITO Aspect M5,The different places with the rest of the Chinese model lies in the relationship M5 Is a retrieval product,40 The degree battery is provided WLTC 150 km Pure-time,The four-wheel drive model uses less than the rear, and the permanent magnet is mixed.,The zero-hell acceleration of the top model is 4.4 Second。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3

Aspect M5

Sails SF5 Alternative products,Huawei M5 Internal and external design, almost all-all force can be repaired,And replaced the Hongmeng car system and Huawei audio system,Significant and cockpit experience have substantially improved。

Aspect M5 Rear driving type 25 Ten thousand,Four-wheel drive type 28.6 Wan's price is relatively reasonable,The biggest regret of the whole car is limited to SF5 The older electronic electrical architecture has not been equipped with Huawei's high-level auxiliary driving.。

even so,With the feature of the extension car without mileage and relatively related,Aspect M5 It is very likely to become the most powerful thing in the Chinese Legion.。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)Independent old

auspicious、Great Wall、Changan、Chery、Dongfeng、BYD、SAIC、Guangzhou Automobile and other domestic old name independent brands are 2022 New energy products in the year can be described as a hundred flowers。

Geely is another big point of view this year.「Thunder power」New hybrid system products listing,The mixing system includes HEV、PHEV as well as REEV(Increment)Three types,High-energy internal combustion engine and 3 Straight drive is the main highlight,The hot model of such a power system is naturally a fancy。

Mean,Double motor mixed hybrid system for many companies in China(It can be understood as a turnaround)Already here 2021 Unveiled,More than Geely Thunder,For example BYD DM-i、Great Wall Lemon DHT、Chery DHT Using this idea of mixing system。

From comprehensive technical characteristics,This type of hybrid system has better low speed energy consumption.,And the driving quality in low electricity has also been effectively improved,For battery dependence,Can be done HEV Can also do PHEV。

After the technology is released,Everyone is in 2022 I will also usher in the market.,The corresponding hot models are:Star L Thunder HiX、Chinese DM-i、H6 PHEV、Ruihu 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+ etc。

brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)Star L HiX

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Chinese DM-i

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)

brass tube c385 1 x 3


brass tube c385 1 x 3

Ruihu 8 PLUS Kunpeng e+

Geely announced the new energy brand in last year and released a maxikhin 001 after,The second model will also be released this year.,According to the official predicts of the second car, it will be a high-level auxiliary driving. MPV Model。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Previous 001 In the group's internal code is DCIE,And this second car code is EF1E,The current rumor will be named 002。This new car and the extreme 001 From SEA platform,Size is medium large,Will be produced in Hangzhou Bay Factory。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3

Extreme 002 Spy photos

Soleen 001 Big battery、Double arm、The content of the air suspension is very likely to be in this MPV Appear。And according to further explosion news,The new car will have electric side slide doors,And may issue a program version。

图 梦 家 MPV This year will also welcome delivery,Vapor FREE The strategy of pure electric extension dual-activation type continues in this car,Power configuration and 图 图 版 图 FREE resemblance,Double motor model 390 kW Power MPV Unrequited world,Putting this car 5 Meter 3,Axon 3 Meter 2 The model can be described as a big brick。The price of the price is not officially disclosed.,Beijing Auto Show is expected to be announced,And the delivery time of the new car is in this year。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

图 梦 家

Great Wall and Changan 2022 There are also big actions in the year,The two will deliver the salon machine, Dragon and code C385 Pure tram type。

Among them, the pyramid products as the Great Wall pure electric product line are very exaggerated in the overall configuration.,Carry 115 kWh Battery、800V Electrical architecture、Total power 400 kW Dual motor electric drive system、4 Laser radar、400 TOPS Huawei MDC Compute platform,The auxiliary driving software is reported Momenta Program。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Salon machine

Changan C385 As the first pure electric platform model of Chang'an, there are not many data available.,But the officially disclosed information can guess it will be a new three-electric technology equipped with Chang'an. B Sedan,And there is a highlight in the cockpit and auxiliary driving.。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Changan C385

BYD has a new series of highlights in the pure electricity field of BYD this year.。Change EV Tang EV Previously appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,The change model changed the new face,In Tang EV Endurance improvement,Single motor version of the operating capacity is upgraded to 700 km,Double motor version of life is also 615 km。

brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)2022 Tang Dynasty EV

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)This year, BYD is here.「seal」The model may be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show,The car was last year. Ocean-X Vector production version of the concept car,BYD new generation of pure electric platforms will be used,It is expected to implement the introductory and drive the front suspension of the double arm arm。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)BYD seal spy photos


Compared to overseas traditional car companies,China's local brands have to go faster in new energy transformations.,It is not difficult to see that all product lines are in the new energy era.,Many new cars are falling 20 even 30 More than 10,000 price range。The independent brand has always been high profile in the electric age did not fall,Three chassis which is disposed high-dominated,Intelligent relatively weak,But the head of its own brand for the degree of attention is also increasing intelligence,Laser radar、High-order driver assistance has already begun to appear in 2022 Its own brand among new car,The new enterprise is no longer the exclusive repairer。

own brand 2022 The influx of new car market will bring more choices,Dual-motor hybrid products for no charge or limit the conditions of the original driving license replacement fuel vehicles have a very attractive user,These models will greatly accelerate parity 20 Million below the penetration process of new energy sources。

There are also these

2022 Although there is no new release of Tesla,But Tesla has never stopped for the sale of cars of various improvements,This year's Model 3/Y Models will continue this process。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

4680 Cell battery pack integral

According to the current situation,4680 China-made batteries will take some time,This year Model 3/Y Improvements may include former die-cast body and some optimization on the project details,For the consumer's perception and not be great。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Model Y Former die-cast body

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)In addition facelift Model S/X The original plan in the first quarter of this year domestic deliveries,Both new models will deliver will be further facelift unveiled earlier in Taiwan,With the addition of these two vehicles,iX、EQS、e-tron GT、Taycan And other luxury brand flagship in the new energy 2022 In the domestic market will be one million new round of battle for market share。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

The charging port renewal taillight Model S

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)As domestic models of Cadillac Lyriq Currently pre-sale price 43.97 Ten thousand,CLTC 650 km Battery life、Rear-wheel drive 255 kW The models will begin shipping mid-year,It will face major competing products will be Wei ES8。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Cadillac Lyriq

Volkswagen domestic new car market this year is expected to be ID.5,which is ID.4 Fastback models,In addition to modeling the remaining little change。It is noteworthy that 3 moon 9 Japanese public will be officially released long-awaited pure electric MPV Model ID.BUZZ。

brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)public ID.BUZZ

Compared to the rest of pure power MPV,public ID.BUZZ Personalized tags and attributes more clear-cut fashion,As a new car MEB Most especially on the lower platform of a car and other product parameters actually MEB Models not much difference between the core,The real focus is on ID.BUZZ The final production version of the appearance of the interior can have any level concept car,And whether the introduction of domestic and final pricing。

In Japanese 2022 In still mediocre。Nissan Ariya The introduction of the domestic market in the second half,This 160 kW Precursor pure electric SUV The product is still adhering to the current Nissan comfortable economy,Battery life is expected to reach 600 km,Although he did not disclose the estimated price,But according to the size of models you can probably guess Loulan and QASHQAI between its price。

brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)Nissan Ariya

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)Honda e:NS1 and e:NP1 As a new compact purely electric SUV It will be available in the first quarter of this year,New car endurance 510 km,In addition to the overall impression is the appearance of special comparative table,The remaining points are more traditional products。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)brass tube c385 1 x 3(brass tube c385 1 x 3)Honda e:NS1 and e:NP1

Toyota this year there will be bz4X Listed,This pure electric medium-sized SUV Maximum WLTC Life up 500 km above,Toyota says the new car-based e-TNGA platform,Will provide 4 Drive version。

brass tube c385 1 x 3

Toyota bz4X

Written in the last

See here,for 2022 New energy car market you should already have some impression,It can be said this year is the large number of new cars into the market a year, But the players on the track has already been a marked。Repairer top three, led by new companies this year has been a model for the players within the industry,New product reputation at the same time we also launched a new shock to the more cutting-edge intelligent。

Traditional car prices in transition faster this year has come up with several electric generation grade level has a new car progress,Pure power platforms have begun to appear in more and more manufacturers plan,This year the high-end market for new energy performance will also be high-priced electric cars for consumers to verify the value orientation of a new era year。In the end is a technology and intelligence can still win and a sense of luxury brands can regain a city we will wait and see。

Own brand on exploration over a new leaf after the start of the forces 2022 Years also begun to affect the established businesses,High-end brand、The increasingly popular high-end models planned。But as the first batch of enterprises run into a wall,We have realized that the new forces of success is not so easy to copy,Gap on the strength of the software visible to the naked eye,Content than the product also still a lot to be learned and improved,so 2022 In perhaps its own brand in the market looking for a year of self。

(brass tube c385 1 x 3)2022 In fighting this year's joint venture brands has improved,But the overall pattern has little effect,For example, Japanese basic predefined identity of group members set off。

finally,For consumers,2022 In the new energy market overall product strength improved significantly year,Whether you like what types of new energy vehicles,This year will be a higher level of quality and options。In this floor of our new energy market will experience a period of shuffling and precipitation,And as the environment matures,In the market 2022 In the toe has entered the stage of convergence。

this phenomenon,Often is a developing industry to signal mainstreaming。

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