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brass tub drain bushing

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(one)、Burry and reservation flow chart

According to design requirements,±0.00The water supply pipeline through the exterior wall and fire pool needs to be pre-buried waterproof casing.,Part of the ground、Wearing a floor setting protective sleeve。

(two)、Casing production and installation

1、Rigid sleeve production

The sleeve of non-insulated pipe is larger than the female tube2No,And the peripheral gap is not less than20mm。

brass tub drain bushing

ⅣType rigid waterproof casing diagram

The length of the casing is consistent with the thickness of the site,The pipe end incision should be flat,Pitch and tube axis90°Horn。

2、Wearing wall sleeve

On both sides of the wall sleeve and the wall brush layer,Cooling through concrete structure,Pre-burial as concrete construction,Wearing the wall of the wall,Pre-burial。

3、The exit cover can be installed as shown below。

(brass tub drain bushing)

brass tub drain bushing(brass tub drain bushing)

Exit roof casing installation diagram

4、Kitchen toilet floor、Stool、Washing disk,All adoptedPVC-UThe pipeline is directly embedded in the diaphragm, PVC-UFill the sawdust gray two heads in the tube,This is the best pre-buried approach,Beautiful、Do not destroy the structure,And directly resolve the secondary casting of the reserved hole、Sensitive problem of water leakage such as leakage。

5、position、Put out

(brass tub drain bushing)Casing installation、Put out。

(1)、Find axis,The part of the casing in the construction plan is clearly verified on site.,Tag。

(brass tub drain bushing)(2)、Victigate the seat,Determine the casing center according to the vertical and horizontal seat mark。

(3)、Find the right elevation,According to the construction system diagram, the high-measure cassette standard in the coordinate of the casing is located.,When the measurement of the surface is high, the basic standard high and the floor-to-level high use level is unified.。

(4)、Wire positioning,Drain the drainage pipe in the construction drawing in the construction drawing is the difference in tube bottom or high in the center.。

6、Casing and mounting

(1)、Drainage tube sleeve setting slope along the drain pipe slope。

(2)、Filled butter fills butter in the mounting of the screw holes on the flexible sleeve flange,Two sides are close to the sealing rubber。

(brass tub drain bushing)

(3)、Plastic foam is filled with plastic foam within the sleeve,The tube is sealed with a seal.,Prevent cement coil from entering

(brass tub drain bushing)

(5)、Coil and civil engineering strip,Double-sided welding of the casing and the soil belt cross-sided welding。

(6)、The sleeve of the roof provides for the prevention of the pipe from installing the rain into the room.,Use plastic waterproof cloth to dress up。

(7)、±0.00The sleeve of the following exterior wall is used in the pipeline installationδ5mmSteel plate according to the inner diameter size of the sleeve,Peripheral glass glue to prevent pipeline from installing outdoor water into indoors。

(brass tub drain bushing)(8)、After the sleeve in the concrete is installed,After acceptance of supervision, the concealed project acceptance visa is performed.。