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brass powder drop tube

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(brass powder drop tube)brass powder drop tube(brass powder drop tube)

Materials and material preparation and processing technology play a major role in human development。Powder metallurgy is an ancient and dynamic material preparation and forming technology,It is a technology for preparing metal materials and composite materials and their products。in two centuries,Powder metallurgy technology,In order to meet the needs of social production and the development of science and technology,Continue to provide a variety of key materials and products,Widely used in industries formed by the four technological revolutions experienced by human beings,to promote industry、agriculture、National defense and scientific and technological development play an important role。

Powder metallurgy technology has its roots in iron-making methods and the practice of making pottery since long ago。in the mid-eighteenth century,The emergence of powder metallurgy platinum technology in Europe,The spark of powder metallurgy technology has been rekindled。until the beginning of the nineteenth century,Only began to focus on this powder metallurgy technology。until today,Hundreds of years of history,Powder metallurgy is widely used all over the world,Many new materials and products have been developed using this technology,It is also an indispensable engineering technology in our country's science and technology.,and occupy a major position in the field of materials science。

brass powder drop tube

one、The concept of powder metallurgy

powder metallurgy(Powder Metallurgy,PM)based on metal powder,by forming、Processing methods such as sintering,Manufacturing with high precision、high strength metal material、Process technology for composite materials and various types of products。

Powder metallurgy manufacturing engineering is to study the processing process of metal powder,including the manufacture of powders、Powder characteristics and the process by which metal powders are transformed into useful engineering materials or engineering components。it contains engineering materials、forming technology、Processing technology、Manufacturing Automation Product Quality、cost control and many other disciplines。

The powder metallurgy engineering design process includes materials、part geometry、Manufacturing process and other decisions,These decisions need to take technical and economical considerations into account。During the part design phase,ifPMEmbedded in the design stage as a desired process method,Costs will be greatly reduced。

brass powder drop tube

Powder metallurgy process flow chart

brass powder drop tube

Powder metallurgy basic process

(brass powder drop tube)The basic process of powder metallurgy:

1. Preparation and preparation of raw powder,Powder can be pure metal or other alloys、non-metal、Metal and non-metal compounds and various other compounds;

2. Form the powder into a green body of the desired shape;

3. The green body is sintered at a temperature below the melting point of the main components of the material,Provide the desired properties to the final material or product。

two、Characteristics of powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy technology has more energy saving,More money-saving advantages,It also affects the various properties of the prepared materials to varying degrees.,It has the characteristics that the traditional casting process and cutting process do not have。

1) When using powder metallurgy metals for composite materials,It can effectively avoid the segregation phenomenon in the alloying process。It can also effectively eliminate the roughness in the alloy manufacturing process、uneven tissue structure。Because powder metallurgy technology has such characteristics,Therefore, in the preparation of high-performance rare earth materials、Powder metallurgy technology should be applied in the process of rare earth materials and new technical materials,Thus improving the overall performance of the production material。

(brass powder drop tube)2) Powder metallurgy technology can make the prepared materials have better electrical conductivity and physical properties,Therefore, it is more used in the preparation of amorphous、Processes for high-performance non-equilibrium materials such as nanocrystals and microcrystals。

3) Application of powder metallurgy technology,In the process of material preparation, a variety of materials can be effectively compounded,And after the material is compounded, it can maintain the unique characteristics of a variety of raw materials,Diversify the properties of composite materials,Allowing the prepared composites to be more widely influenced improves the practicality of composites。

4) Powder metallurgy technology is very different from traditional smelting methods,in the preparation of new materials,New materials can have new special structures and new properties,Therefore, in the production process of porous biomaterials,More applications of new powder metallurgy technology。

5) Powder metallurgy technology can greatly reduce the use of production resources,Also reduces energy consumption for production,Automatic mass production of materials can be realized,has the characteristics of high efficiency。

6) Powder metallurgy is a new technology that can regenerate materials,in the material preparation process,Can use scrap metal as raw material,It reflects the environmental protection characteristics of powder metallurgy technology。

brass powder drop tube

Powder metallurgy forming process

three、Powder metallurgy process/Classification of materials

(1)Depending on the process method,Powder metallurgy process can be divided into traditional method(PM)、isostatic pressing(IP)、metal injection molding(MIM)、Metal Additive Manufacturing(MAM);

①traditional law(PM):Compaction of alloy powder in a mold,by sintering or heating,Method for metallurgical bonding of particles in a controlled furnace。Traditional law is widely used,The metal powder used is greater than50μm,Production part weight at1g-2kgbetween,Relative density up to86%,high density,Suitable for the production of hard metals、Alloy material structural parts, etc.;

②isostatic pressing(IP):Place the processed object in an airtight container filled with liquid,Apply equal pressure to all surfaces of the object through a pressurized system,Make it shrink intermolecular distances without changing the appearance shape,to increase the density,For the production of powder-dense parts with equal pressure in all directions。The isostatic pressing production process requires high production conditions,Use spherical clean powder,Product weight from several kilograms to10 ton or more;

③metal injection molding(MIM):Combining plastic molding complexity and metal properties,Parts can be mass-produced with unlimited shapes and geometric features,high production rate。metal injection molding process5μm-30μm fine powder,High product density、small shape、Many varieties,weight in1g-200g between,can be fast、multitudinous、Manufacturing complex shape parts at low cost;

④Metal Additive Manufacturing(MAM):which is3D printing technology,No mold required,based on digital models,Use bondable materials such as powdered metals or plastics,Construct objects by layer-by-layer printing,Can make full use of waste materials,Dramatically reduce manufacturing time and costs。The powder used is5μm-60μm between,Suitable for the production of single small-sized components。

(brass powder drop tube)(2)Varies by product,Powder metallurgy process can be divided into iron-based structural parts、Copper base structure、refractory metal material、Carbide、friction material、Anti-friction material。

(brass powder drop tube)①Iron-based structural parts:Using iron powder or alloy steel powder as the main raw material,Structural parts manufactured by powder metallurgy process,Includes carbon steel and low alloy powders、iron-chromium-Silicon alloy powder、iron-chromium-boron-Silicon alloy powder,with high density、Abrasion resistance and bond strength,Substitute nickel-based alloy powder,Widely used in the automotive industry;

②Copper base structure:Metallurgical products sintered with copper-based materials,Made of sintered brass、Copper Nickel Alloy、Made of bronze,Corrosion resistant、Features such as no magnetic interference,Suitable for electrical equipment、Mechanical parts manufacturing and other fields;

③refractory metal material:Including alloy composite materials、refractory metals, etc.,its melting point、High strength and hardness,The alloy material made by powder metallurgy has a uniform composition、Low energy consumption and small die size,Mainly used in aerospace、energy、defense and other fields;

④Carbide:An alloy material made of refractory metal hard compound and binder metal by powder metallurgy process,high strength,Wear resistance、Corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance,Suitable for grinding wheel grinding、Electrical processing and other industrial cuttings;

⑤Friction material:Material with friction wear,Suitable for friction clutch production and brake friction part,To achieve component power blocking、transfer。Friction material、Auxiliary unit,Basic group mainly guarantees wear resistance、Heat stability and carrying capacity,The auxiliary component mainly improves basic performance;

⑥Reducing material:Metal or non-metallic material and metal matrix、Makeup lubricant,It is a key component on a brake or transmission.,The main function is to absorb or transmit power by rubbing,Powder metallurgy technology improves material matrix,Adjusting the reduction ingredient,To achieve self-lubrication performance, etc.,Suitable for plastic reduction materials、Cast metal and other fields。

brass powder drop tube

Four、Development trend of powder metallurgy

(brass powder drop tube)Powder metallurgy technology with many advantages,Wide applications in many fields,at the same time,Powder metallurgy technology also continues to develop,Many powder preparation、Forming and sintering process,Make the powder metallurgy technology to make breakthrough progress。

  • Powder preparation new process:Atomization powder technology、Mechanical alloying(MA)Powder technology、Nanopowder technology。
  • Powder forming new process:Thermostat、Waiting for static pressure、Supplement manufacturing technology(3DPrinting technology)、Powder injection molding technology(PIM)、High-speed suppression technology(HVC)。Except for several of the above powder metallurgical forming processes,Equivalent of injection、Laser quick formation、Thermocompression、Magnetic suppression technology、Emerging powder forming techniques such as explosive suppression technology。
  • Powder sintering process:Microwave sintering、Discharge plasma sintering。also,There is also a series of new sintering technologies in emerging and applied,Metal powder selective laser sintering technology、Electric field activation sintering technology、Heat oscillation activation Sintering Technology、Self-propagating high temperature synthesis technology, etc.,It has been well developed and applied。
brass powder drop tube(brass powder drop tube)

Fives、Powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgical materials have a wide variety,Can be applied to many fields,For example, the automotive industry、Equipment manufacturing、Metal industry、Aerospace、Military industry、Instrumentation、hardware tools、Production and research of spare parts in the field of electronic appliances,Related raw materials、Accessories production,Various types of powder preparation equipment、Sintering equipment manufacturing。Products include bearings、gear、Cemented carbide cutter、Mold、Friction products, etc.。Military industry,Heavy weapon equipment such as portrait,Torpedo,Brake depth of the aircraft tank needs to be produced using powder metallurgy technology。Powder metallurgical car parts have become the largest market for China's powder metallurgy industry,about50%Automotive parts for powder metallurgy parts。

Application classification:

  • Powder metallurgy sintering structure parts and materials:Sintering structure parts、Reducing material、Friction material;
  • Powder metallurgy porous material:Powder metallurgical porous material tissue characteristics is the internal contained a large amount of pores,Quality light、Large specific surface area、Good ability to absorb、Low thermal conductivity、High heat dissipation ability、Good sound absorption、Permeability、Excellent electromagnetic absorption、Good flame resistance、High use temperature、Good thermal shock resistance、Regeneration and processing performance of a series of dense materials different properties,Can be used to make filters、Heat exchange material、Porous motor、Sound、damping、Sealed and sound insulation materials, etc.;
  • Powder metallurgical electrical contact material:Electric contacts are various power equipment、One key metal original use in automation instruments and control devices,Through its turn-on or segmentation,Reach protective electrical appliance、transfer、Belt and control current。Electrical contact material is divided into high voltage electrical contact material according to the conditions of use、Low voltage electrical contact material and vacuum electrical contact material; According to the main ingredient, it can be divided into tungsten groups.、Silver base、Copper group and other materials。Powder metallurgical method increases the resistance wear of contact material,Make the security of the avionics a large guarantee。CuCrAlloy contacts have excellent overall performance,At present, it has become a contact material recognized by countries.。With powder metallurgy new technology、The emergence and application of new equipment,The performance of the electrical contact material is constantly improving;
  • Powder metallurgy:Powder metallurgy stainless steel、Powder metallurgy high speed steel、Carbide、Diamond tool material;
  • Powder magnetic material:Powder metallurgy magnetic materials include permanent magnet materials、Soft magnetic material, etc.,Can be used to create various conversions、transfer、Magnetic device for energy and information;
  • Powder metallurgy titanium alloy and powder high temperature alloy:Powder metallurgy titanium and titanium alloy、Powder high temperature alloy;


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(brass powder drop tube)

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