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Today we take you approachable Australia's third largest city——Brisbane,Invent2020Fifteen infrastructure projects most worthy of the year in Britbane。

Brisbane(Brisbane),Queensland, Australia,Whether it is a population base and economic share,Brisbane is second only to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's third largest city.。Brisbane has the most superior humanities and climate conditions in Australia,One year365There is a sky280Many days is clear sky。It is also located in the middle of the famous world famous coast city,It is an hour's drive from the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.。

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Brisbane is a high-speed city。

2014yearG20Summit is held here,It is even more expecting and confidence in the development of this city throughout Australia and the world., Brisbane is recognized as the future10Australia's most potent city。Quality infrastructure,City layout with expansion potential(Brisbane is the only one in Australia plans to expand into one when planning.Super City The place,Is the only thing in Australia can expand in the future1000Large cities above the general population)It is full of infinite possibilities in the future development of Brisbane.。

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Now,Brisbane attracted a large number of new immigrants with its livable environment and very tempting housing prices.,Many people choose from Sydney because of high housing prices,Melbourne moved to Brisbane to settle。The growth of the population is injecting infinite vitality for the development of Brisbane.。

Brisbane is rising,Look around,Brisbane has a large construction site every place。This owned250University,Floating population360Wan's city is experiencing huge changes,2020The year will usher in many large projects and will be launched。

01、Brisbane Live

(brass tube brisbane)This project is located in Rom Street Station(Roma Street Station)A large urban development zone,Rom Street Station is Queensland6Ground switching station of the railway line。The project is another owned18,000Comprehensive place for entertainment facilities,This comprehensive location will be built above the open air Roman Street Railway。Around the stage,Plan to build a large entertainment area,Building project of a diversified use。

Brisbane Live The project will truly change BrisbaneCBDPattern。At present, the northern bus special road through the transportation center will sink into the ground.,And become part of the cross-river railway connection with a new underground railway station。

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02、Queen‘s Wharf Precinct

Queen's Pier is a cost of consumption36100 million AustraliaComprehensive Casino Resort,Including50New bar,Cafe and restaurant,Among them,Overlooking four weeks, Four buildings and refurbishment on the bank of Hebei。Queen’s Wharf PrecinctAlso let the current heritage warehouse reform to build a shopping center and connect the new pedestrian bridge in the south shore。

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03、Cross River Rail

(brass tube brisbane)Cross River RailIt is Queensland's largest infrastructure project,The investment amount is approximately68100 million Australia。Cross river rail line is fromDuttonPark toBowen Hillsof10.2Kilometer iron route,Including5.9Kili Brisbane River and BrisbaneCBDDouble tunnel。This creation project will solve the problem of capacity of serious railways。The project has now fully started,The tunnel is expected to be excavated underground construction at the end of this year.。

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04、Woolloongabba Station Precinct

WoolloongabbaStanding is a large regional construction plan,This is due toCross RiverRailway project,The project involvesGabbaReflection of the stadium,New construction and walkway connection,And becomes a comprehensive use around the new station。

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05、Brisbane Metro

Brisbane Metro was originally a subway line proposed by Brisbane City Parliament,It will replace the public transport line of the north and southern。The project is based on high-frequency traffic buses., 60New double-hinged electric buses,Will use the upgraded bus lane infrastructure and new underground station in the cultural center。The total investment amount is reported as9.44100 million Australia。A new bus special Tao tunnel will also dig out in Adelaide Street,Connect to the Central Bus Special Road near George National Square Subway Station。The project has recently been approved by the state government.,At present, on-site preliminary building work。

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06、Victoria Park Vision

Victoria Park VisionIt is a large park reconstruction project in the Victorian Park Golf Course.。The project is planned by Brisbane City Parliament,Size will be twice as large as urban botanical gardens,And there is a suspended wood step,Canoe and large swimming pool,wetlands,Giant Walk Butterfly House,Food Forest and Agricultural Products,Dog Water Park,fountain,Fall,and“Adult playground”etc。

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07、River Reach Masterplan

River ReachTotal plan is alongCBDDesigned in the eastern coastal area1.2kilometerLong beachfront hallway upgrade project。The draft plan is proposed by the Brisbane City Parliament.,Aim to promote more green space and trees,public art,Decorative lighting,Highlight cultural heritage conservation and increase the width of the promenade。The plan also details the space of the proposed public river swimming pool.,currentcitycat terminalRelocation and integrationKangaroo Point green bridgeConstruction。

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08、Brisbane Waterfront

This projectRiver Reach Masterplanresemblance,DexusAnnounced a spending21100 million AustraliaBrisbane Beachfront Region Reprotice,EagleStreet PierAlready31History of the year。Report,BrisbaneWaterfrontWill provide approximately7900Square meterOpen space,Herein3900Square meterlie inEagle Street PierRegion。

(brass tube brisbane)brass tube brisbane

09、Green Bridges

(brass tube brisbane)Green Bridges Southern Brisbane Haibin,Brisbane City Parliament is proposing one of the new four cross-river green bridges to Brisbane。newCBDBridge willAlice StreetandKangaroo Pointconnect them,Currently in business case stages。

(brass tube brisbane)brass tube brisbane

10、New Brisbane Airport Runway

Reach8Year of the year,Consumption11100 million AustraliaBrisch Airport Runway Full length3kilometer,It is expected that this year7Month opening。The project created7,800Job position,It is expected to become Brisbane to provide the best airport runway construction in Australia.。

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11、Brisbane International Cruise Terminal

(brass tube brisbane)The Queensland government supported by the Brisbane Port Cruise Terminal Project is currently close to the completion.,Due to large“Ship”Demand is strong。Currently,Portside WharfCruise terminals can not accommodate royal Caribbean and Nuardi and other large cruise ships。This cost1.58100 million AustraliaThe project is expected to be completed this year.。Brisbane International Cruise Terminal will have the ability to cater to the world's largest cruise ship。

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12、Brisbane Quarter

Braisbane QuarterByShayher GroupDevelopment of three tower projects,useCBD,Newly completedWHotel and300George's business office building。Currently,Braisbane QuarterFirst64Floor,Remain18Floor,“The One Residences”Be completed。

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13、443 Queen Street

Queen Street443ByCbusPropertyDevelop,Currently under construction,An important51Layer tape design residential building。The project is from SingaporeWOHAArchitects and Brisbane ArchitectsArchitectusdesign,It is the first Australian specializes in Brisbane climate.“Breathable building”。

(brass tube brisbane)brass tube brisbane

14、West Village

West VillageDepend on Sekisui House( Xiguan Village)Develop,Is Brisbane West District(West End)Update rebuilding project for large integrated cities。The public field of the previously built residential area and the city is about to be completed.,Part of the shopping center is under construction。

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15、New Proforming Arts Venue (NPAV)

Queensland government fundedNPAVBe a cost1.5100 million AustraliaWorld-class theater,have1500Seat,Is Queensland Performing Art Center(QPAC)a part of。Once completed,QPACWill be Australia's largest performance art center,And is expected to provide each year260Field performance。The new theater has begun to build,Expect2022Year-round。

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In recent years,Brisbane's climate in its four seasons、convenient transport、Leisurely life rhythm、Huge investment potential and other advantages,Attracted many tourists、Investors and immigrants。Expert forecast,In the next decade, it will be the fastest growing ten years in Brisbane.,Brisbane has entered investment golden period。

someone said:“Brisbane turns from ugly ducklings into white swans。”It is also known that Brisbane is“Black Horse in the Macao Investment”

Due to more costly prices and higher rent yields,International Clear Bank Oxford Economic Research Institute(BIS Oxford Economics)predict,Brisbane will2019Year2022Experience the strongest capital growth during the year——Strong value growth will reach20%

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