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large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba

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2021year1moon1day,Vienna New Year Concert staged in a severe epidemic,The artists of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra have no one in the auditorium.“Golden hall”,Interpretation with the highest art level18First symphony,Including China90TV stations in multiple countries broadcast concerts,The masses of the audience,Added a confidence and hope of victory。Can you recognize those instruments in the symphony orchestra??Do you know what role in these instruments??

The musical instrument of the symphony orchestra is divided into6Group

(large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba)Symphony orchestra music species and quantity can be clear,Everything that can make the nature can be used as a musical instrument。so,There is no unified standard in the number of symphony on the stage.,Some dozens of people,Some hundreds of people,Some hundreds of people even。

Symphony orchestra generally divides all instruments into6Group,即 bless stringed instrument group、String instrument group、Wooden tube instrument group、Copper tube instrument group、Keyboard instrument group、Musical instrument group。

Most symphony orchestras configure the first violin in the bow stringed instrument group16-18people,Second violin14-16people,Viola10-12people,Cellin10-12people,Bass8-10people;Configure the harp in the strings instrument group2people;Configuring flute in wood tube instrument set4people(Fourth long flute playing picoli),Twians4people(Fourth twians playing the British tube),clarinet4people(Fourth single spring tube performance),Large tube4people(Fourth large tube playing bass);Configure a round number in the copper tube instrument group6people,small4people,Length4people,large2people;In the keyboard instrument group and the punching instrument group,Configure a number of people as needed。So calculated,Most people surveyed to the desk100Multiplayer。

The bowstrum instrument is the main force of the symphony orchestra

In the symphony orchestra,The bow stringed instrument refers to the violin、Viola、Cello and bass,They belong to strings,Strove vibration pronunciation。Boy string musical instrument pronunciation,Tone,Crossing7Eight-degree。Because there is no sound of the bowstrum instrument,Can play the expressive slide,Singer。Bless stringed instrument configuration60Multiple,Is the main force,Configure the front and both sides of the stage。

Violin pronunciation,Voice gorgeous,Vulnerable,Strength,Just like a Bailian Bird who will sing,Be known as“After the instrument”。Violin4Root strings,Sine tone is in turng、d1、a1(440hertz)ande2,High-spectral table,Spygarriveb4。

Violin is the core of the whole band,Mainly playing the melody。We can understand this way,Violin is a singer,And other instruments are accompanied by the violin。Violin divided into the first violin and the second violin,Prostate play main melody,The latter provides assistance。

Band chief,It is the best person in the band in the band.,He is the core of the band,In addition to leading the first violin playing the melody,Also served as solo,And responsible for the sound of the full band,Assistance。

Violin is slightly larger than the violin,The sound is more soft than the violin、Thick,Usually play the second part in the band。Violin is lower than the violin,4The root empty string is in turn.c、g、d1、a1,Scriptures,Spycarrivea3。

The cello is mostly more than the violin.,It sounds thick,Like the old man who experienced rich experience,Is the most expressive instrument in the band。The cello is both a secondary sound portion and a bass,Playing bass melody and accompaniment performance。Cello is lower than the Violin,Most of the use of low-test tables,4The root empty string is in turn.C、G、d、a,SpyCarrivee3。

Bass Violin“Bes”,It's bigger,Generally standing or sitting on the high stool。Bass Violin establishes bass support throughout the band,Composition and sound foundation。Bass Violin is the only transfer instrument of the bowstrum family,Low spectrum measuring,Displacement upward,4The actual pronunciation of the root empty string isE1、A1、D、G,Actual sound domainE1Dropb。

The harp is the standard of the symphony orchestra

(large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba)A symphony concert,No piano,But must have a harp,It is the standard of symphony orchestra。Harp looks proud of gorgeous,a kind“Hedi chicken group”a feeling of,Generally configured on the left rear side of the stage(View in the audience)。

Harp belongs to a stringed instrument,Against the strings,Most cases play decomposition and strings。Harmonious47Root strings,Span6Complete octave,In additionC、D、EString repeat at the lowest sound area,haveF、GString is repeated at the highest domain。Macro with a large-scale meter,CGreat tuning hollow,SpyC1Riseg4。

Harmonious7Pedal,The order from left to right isB、C、D、E、F、G、A,Left control left3Pedal,Right foot control on the right4Pedal。Every pedal is available、middle、Down3Card slot,Control all the strings on the same sound name(lowestCandDString is not subject to pedal control),All pedals are in the middle card slot.CBig pronunciation;A pedal is on the card slot,The pedal control of the same sound name;A pedal in the lower card slot,The pedal controlled the same sound name string rising halftone。

Composer must be familiar with the regeneration rules of the harp pedal,Avoid switching both pedals with the same foot,for ease of playing,Also mark the position of each pedal on the score。other instruments as well,Composers must understand the range and playing techniques of various instruments,otherwise,The written tune cannot be played by the instrument。

Woodwinds can blow a variety of colors

Not all woodwind instruments are made of wood,clarinet、oboe、The big pipe is wooden,But flutes and saxophones are made of metal。

(large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba)Woodwinds are air-sounding instruments,Pronunciation by air vibration。A wide variety of woodwind families,Rich tone,Each instrument has a distinct character,Except for the accompaniment,Solo parts of woodwind instruments are not uncommon。Woodwinds are placed in the middle of the stage。

The flute does not rely on reeds to pronounce,The player blows into the blowhole,Air impact edge pronunciation。The flute is very sensitive,soft sound,mostly played on parallel intervals or alternately,Sometimes an emotional long melody。most fluteCfundamental flute,Notation with treble staff,playing range fromc1arrivec4。

The reason why the flute is divided into the woodwind group,because it was originally made of wood,Although modern flutes use gold、silver、Manufacture of stainless steel and other metal materials,According to tradition, it is still divided into the woodwind group。flute has a family,except for the flute,And piccolo、Alto and Bass Flute,But the latter two are not commonly used。The piccolo's range extends one octave higher than the flute,Notation with treble staff,Transpose an octave up,Actual pitch is octave higher than notation pitch。

The oboe is shaped like a clarinet,just a smaller horn,Its slightly nasal tone is very emotional,reputed to be“Coloratura Soprano”。Notation for oboe with treble staff,range from descendingbarrivea3。

Oboe also has an important function,That is,the whole band blows it outa1Timing,Even if the sound of the oboe is a little off,Other instruments should also follow the corresponding deviation,This tone is the standard tone of the entire symphony orchestra。

The English pipe is longer than the oboe,Mouthpiece bent slightly downwards,The bell mouth is spherical,Its melancholy and rustic tone is very sentimental,make people feel nostalgic。british tube isFkey transpose instrument,Notation with treble staff,Actual pitch is a perfect fifth lower than notation,actual range fromearrivec3。

The clarinet has a very bouncy tone,Can be whispered,Can also be high-pitched,And can be well integrated with wind instruments and stringed instruments。The clarinet is commonly used in descendingBkey transpose instrument,Notation with treble staff,The actual pitch is a second lower than the notation pitch,actual range fromdarriveg3。The clarinet is overblown by twelve degrees,Other wind instruments are octave overblown,This is what makes the clarinet unique。

(large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba)The clarinet has a family of its own,except dropBTune the clarinet outside,Also dropEtuning clarinet、Atuning clarinet、dropEAlto Clarinet、Ftuning bass、dropBBass clarinet、dropBTuned Bass Clarinet, etc.。

(large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba)big pipe also called“bassoon”,It is the bass part of the woodwind group。The big pipe is powerful in the bass area,Mild and sweet midrange,Dramatic treble,sounds funny,is called“orchestra clown”,The composer likes to write a solo melody for the bassoon。Often repeats cello or double bass with bassoon accompaniment,Create three-dimensional colors。The bass tube is generally notated by the bass staff,Effective range from descendingB1to drope2。

Saxophones are generally handcrafted from brass,But it is divided into woodwind group,Because its timbre is closer to that of a woodwind clarinet,And it is also pronounced by the single reed on the mouthpiece,Fingering is also similar to that of the clarinet。saxophone is1840A young musical instrument that was only invented in,Not many opportunities to use in the symphony orchestra,saxophone if needed,Usually played by clarinet players。The saxophone is a transposing instrument,commonly used dropEAlto Saxophone and DropBtenor saxophone,Notation with treble staff,The actual pitch is a sixth and a ninth lower than the notation pitch, respectively;dropEThe actual range of the alto saxophone ranges from descendingdto dropb2,dropBThe actual range of the tenor saxophone ranges from descendingAarrivef2。

Brass instruments make a brilliant sound

Brass instruments are air-sounding instruments,Blow through the mouth with the lips to vibrate the air。Brass instruments are the most brilliant sound in a symphony orchestra,Adds tension and drama to a song,Deployed on stage behind the woodwinds。

horns are called“king of symphony orchestra”,it is part of the brass part,It is also attached to the woodwind part,It is the most equipped brass instrument in the band.。The sound of the horn is not as loud as the trumpet,But it plays chords full and bouncy,Tone is easy to identify,Sounds like a sound from a distance,very inspirational。The horn model is complicated,butFMostly tuned,Notation with treble staff,Transpose a perfect fifth down,actual range fromF1arrivef2。

(large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba)The trumpet used to be called the“king's musical instrument”,Trumpets are only allowed in the presence of the king。it's loud,gorgeous,Expressive,Strong penetration。trumpet pass3different combinations of keys,Decrease the harmonic sequence from a minor second to an augmented fourth,to play music of any tonality。horn、So does the large。Trumpet is a transposing instrument,The most common is to dropBtrumpet,Notation with treble staff,The actual pitch is a second lower than the notation pitch,actual range fromearrivec3。

The trombone sound is full and mellow,loud volume,Outstanding performance in solo and harmony。TromboneUshape-drawing tube7handle(Bass trombone does not have a fifth position),The pitch of each position is half a step lower than the pitch of the previous adjacent position。Tenor Trombone in Symphony Orchestra,Notation with bass and tenor staves,range fromEarriveb1。

Tuba is the bass part of the brass section,Same status as double bass and bassoon,Bass support for the entire band。Tuba notation with bass clef,range fromD1arriveg1。

The organ and piano are the instruments with the widest range

The piano is the instrument with the widest range in the band besides the organ.,Male,SpyA2arrivec5。Piano in the orchestra,Sometimes,Sometimes as a sound,Sometimes the replacement of the harp increases。Although piano is divided into keyboard instrument group,But it is essentially a striking instrument,Because it is tapping the strings of the hammer,This,It often replaces the ruthenian in the punching instrument group、Mabalin and vibrato,Even replacing the tuning drum。The piano is generally placed on the left side of the stage。

The piano is evolved by the feather tension.,Some of the feathers are still using the feather tunnel during classical symphony。

In orchestra,Another keyboard instrument——Steel,More commonly used than piano,It looks like a small vertical piano,The mechanical structure inside is similar to the piano,but,The piano of the steel, is not a string.,Steel sheet,Its tone is similar to Zhongqin,Extremely rich,Give audience magical feelings。Senior tone sheet for steel,Displacement upward,Actual sound domainc1arrivec5。

Behind the Standard Concert Hall Stage,I can always see a large row of chimney.,This is the organ,It is not only the largest keyboard instrument,It is also the largest and dominated musical instrument in the symphony orchestra.,SpyC3arrivec8,have12Eight-degree。Actually,The sound frequency of human ear hears20Hertz20000Hertz,The torch's super high-tone and ultra-low sound are not heard.,Can only feel the body。Various tones,Can use the same strength to extend any sound or several sounds,Extremely shocking。Some concert halls do not have a storm,Only use an electronic organ or a pedal organ in a place where the organ is required,But the sound effect is far away.。

Fighting musical instruments,Not

The striking instrument is the most incisive instrument group in the symphony orchestra,All-round,Not,Most belongings(The instrument itself is the overall vibration pronunciation,Astronian)Membrane(Leptal film vibration pronunciation,Sound drum),They are configured at the stage of the stage,Most of them play a few pieces of combat instruments,Only the sound sound is an exception,The caliophistic drum player is only responsible for playing the sounding drum,Even if there is time, don't participate in other punch instruments.。

(large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba)The striking instrument is mainly used to strengthen the rhythm,Enhance the roots,Manufacturing special sound,Table with a five-line spectrum or a linear profile,The striking music is a vertical small rectangle。

Commonly used a striking instrument that determines the pitch has a tuning drum、Steel drum、Rushen、Malison、Tribon、Zhongqin、Qinba Longqin、Clock、Ancient rice, etc.。

(large brass wind instrument similar in range to the tuba)Commonly used knot musical instruments with small military drums、Middle drum、Big drum、Cartridge drum、Bango、Kang Fu、Bell drum、cymbals、Big 锣、Triangular iron、乐 砧、Niu Ling、Wind bell、Skied bell、Tonic tree、Box rod、Wooden fish、Rack、Castanets、Clap、Couch、Scraper、Fumerator, etc.。

Finally said a sentence,Symphony orchestra,Responsible to interpret music,Take a small section of a section in a small section to play a small section;Officially performing,Command responsible for playing,Remind the part,Control rhythm and strong weakness,Mobilize the performance of the whole orchestra。