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brass tube rifle scopes

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brass tube rifle scopes

before,For aiming mirror or mounting rack,You may have only a few choices。But at this moment,Those days have passed,More and more precision rifles competitions each year,E.g,Precision rifle series(PRS)National Rifle Alliance(NRL)Waiting for a local competition every week。

(brass tube rifle scopes)Now,Whether it is light or durable,You can find anything you need.。Let us see some industry leaders。

1.Badger Ordnance

brass tube rifle scopes

Badger Ordnance

Badger OrdnanceIs a sign in military and law enforcement sights。

Badger OrdnanceIt is the most firm and durable in history.,The most reliable precision ring。In order to resist the harsh battle,They are equipped with an optical system for each branch of the US military.,Including special task forces。

They are ensuring that your zero will never be offset while,You can also support your optical components。Some deployment rifles and my currentPRSRifle is using them。why?Because they will never fail。that's whyBadger OrdnanceRing is topPRSThe main reason for the most widely used two-piece ring in the shooter,And super solid single deviceUnimountI have always been a selection of professionals for a long time.。

2.Geissele Automatics

(brass tube rifle scopes)brass tube rifle scopes

Geissele Automatics

(brass tube rifle scopes)GeisseleIs known for its trigger,It happens to create some of the best single-piece oscilloscope mounting seats。One of the most trusted names in military professionals,GeisseleI have been seen in combat and duty rifles for many years.。go throughSOPMODapprove,They are designed for use with the Optical devices released by the US military

GeisseleUltra-precision mounting seat,Designed for adapting to the latest oscilloscope,Firm,Lightweight and fine processing。Extended version can also be used for telephoto distance optical components,Some can also cooperate,Night view and laser indicator of special task forces。

(brass tube rifle scopes)GeisseleEach mounting seat,Use7075-T6Aluminum processing,Including four shear lugs,To provide unparalleled rigidity and rugged accessories,One of the best returns of zero zero。Except for oscilloscope,GeisseleAlsoAimpointofTSeriesCompM4as well asTrijiconofMRO,VCOGandACOGMounting seat。


brass tube rifle scopes


Leupold,Manufacturing precision and very strong,The company's hunting ring is still one of the broadest hunting rings worldwide.。

Several decades,LeupoldSet the standard,A few years ago accelerated the pace of competition,Reinstall production to the latest game,Hunting and professional use range。It is reasonable and durable,Very suitable for your card gun。Mark 2Ring,But still can withstand。Mark 4ring,Top selection of precision rifle competitions and bolt action rifles,Established durable。LeupoldofMark 6Series,Ideal for today's high quality34mmand35mmSight and high quality rifle sight。

4.Seekins Precision

brass tube rifle scopes

Seekins Precision

Seekins Precision,Depend on7075-T6Aluminum alloyCNCProcessed,Any mounting seat,Both have the most smooth line。No thing hangs on the side,Exempted interference bolts,Pop-up port or aiming rod。Seekins PrecisionAll products produced,Both have the highest quality and not expensive,This is the reason why the company was established.。


brass tube rifle scopes

forPRSTop shooters on the track,SpuhrThe seat is the most popular single-seat frame,No other seats can be close。They have ruled this world for many years.。SpuhrThe bracket pays special attention to the details through the simple lines and well-thought-matious features.。Each contains accuracy for remote shooting。Unique bottle cover design ensures maximum adhesion with the smallest pressure,The company provides installation system,So you can add a reflective aimer on your oscilloscope,External level,Angle measurement or even laser range finder or indicator。

SpuhrCivic and cantilever installed seats can accommodate almost any oscilloscope diameter。Hunting series is lighter,The thinner platform attracts the company's attention to the details。SpuhrAlsoAimpoint MicroandTrijicon MROThe sight provides some of the best mounting seats.。In terms of its precise processing and concerns about details,Everything what it does is actually an artwork。but,Consider practicality and practicality,This isSpuhrThe preferred status of the world's top rifle competitors。


brass tube rifle scopes

WarneIn the past few years, I have improved my game level.,So that the company rely onSkylineThe series has won the officialPRSThe status of the supplier of the ring and bracket。WarneofSkylineAttachment is designed for precision rifles,Is a complete system,Including a piece of mounting frame and two tripod。Shelter7075-T6Aluminum processing,Use two integral lugs and four mounting screws,No matter how the diameter,Can cope with the harsh test of precision rifle matches。Other attachments include data card mounting and movable levels。

Voen(Warne)ofXSKELseriesARThe bayonet is often seen in the competition in all parts of the country.。They6061-T6Aluminum is precisely processed,Secondary and rapid release configuration with ordinary image of bolts。WarneFor your tactics or modern sports rifle(MSR)Black,If you want to stand out in the local game,Provide red。

finally,CompanyMountain TechThe ring is light and strong,Ideal for long distance hunting,andMaximaFixed ring brought additional strength to the world of tactical rifles。These are just part of the product provided by the company。

7.Wilson Combat

(brass tube rifle scopes)brass tube rifle scopes(brass tube rifle scopes)

Wilson CombatIs known for its high quality,Source from its founderBill WilsonPerfectionism。BillRequires the best performance,If he can't find something you want,He will make itself。

Wilson Combatof“Super light”Refers to the name,At the same time, it is durable and sleek-Perfect suitable for any shotgun。Burdressing frame is very sturdy,Designed for the most robust caliber,E.g458 HAM'R。If your quality rifle needs a ring or mounting rack,SoWilson CombatThere will be a ring,And you can easily fix them。

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