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11 32 od brass tube

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In this yearCES 2022at the exhibition,Thermaltake(Thermaltake)Online computer exhibition was held for several days,Released and exhibited a variety of new products,Including case、RAM、Wide range of heatsinks and peripherals,Strive to give players a better experience。

11 32 od brass tube

First is AitanDivider 550 TG Ultra ATXMid-tower chassis,This isThermaltakeIts first built-inLCDscreen case。That3.9inch screen mounted on top of front panel,Allows players to monitor system status in real time,and provides a window to display personalized,pass throughTT RGB PLUS 2.0software can convertGIFOr put the picture on the screen to play,And customize the lighting effect to create an exclusive system。also,Also supports multiple motherboard manufacturersRGBcontrolling software,to synchronize。

Players can alsoThermaltakeOther product collocations with screens,for exampleFloe RC Ultra 240/360 CPUMemory integrated water cooling radiator,or steel shadowTOUGHLIQUID Ultra 240/360Integrated water cooling radiator,Create systems with a personal touch。

11 32 od brass tube

Thermaltakeat this exhibition,released its firstDDR5RAM:Steel ShadowTOUGHRAM RC DDR5RAM。This memory provides4800MHz、5200MHzand5600MHzthree frequencies,Brings faster speed and stronger performance to players。Steel ShadowTOUGHRAM RC DDR5memory compatibleFloe RCas well asFloe RC Ultra 240/360 CPUMemory integrated water cooling radiator series products,Players can have more choices,Flexibility to match your own host system。

ThermaltakeExpress,Steel ShadowTOUGHRAM RC DDR5Memory is expected to be in2022Listed in the first quarter of the year,Don't make players wait too long。

11 32 od brass tube(11 32 od brass tube)recentThermaltakeHas been committed to the development of water cooling products,for allPCandDIYBetter for cooling enthusiasts、More user-friendly cooling experience。this timeThermaltakeFurther expansion of its water cooling product line,Launched a range of water cooling kits、Dashboard meters for monitoring water cooling systems and cooling products such as water cooling heads,includesPacific CLM360 Ultrawater cooling kit、Pacific TF3Water cooling system dashboard、Pacific W8 CPUAll copper water block、Pacific W9 CPUTransparent water block andPacific MX2 Ultra CPUwater block。

Pacific TF3It is a 3-in-1 dashboard that can monitor the water cooling system,Allows players to understand the hydraulics of the water cooling system in real time、Water coolant temperature and ambient temperature inside the case,also throughTT RGB PLUS 2.0Software linkage and related settings and adjustments;Pacific W8 CPUAll copper water block andPacific W9 CPUThe transparent water block adopts the middle flush water channel design,and supports both Intel andAMDplatform,include the latestLGA 1700socket;Pacific MX2 Ultra CPUThe water block isThermaltakeits first withLCDWater block for LCD screen,pass through2.1inchLCDscreen can be seenCPUreal-time status;Pacific CLM360 UltraThe water cooling kit is specially made for high-end water cooling enthusiasts,Included in the kitPacific MX2 Ultra CPUwater block、Pacific PR32-D5Water tank pump combination、Copper refrigeration row、threeRiing Duo 12cm fan、Hachijo16mm OD PETGTube、T1000A bottle of transparent water coolant and other accessories,To build a hard pipe exclusive water cooling system。

11 32 od brass tube

In recent years, the e-sports market has received more and more attention,Gaming peripherals have become the focus of many manufacturers。ThermaltakeThis time I brought magic silverARGENT K6 RGBLow-profile mechanical gaming keyboard,as well asDamysuswireless/wiredRGBErgonomic Gaming Mouse,Hope to provide players with better peripheral equipment,Improve gaming experience。Both products can passiTAKESoftware custom lighting effects and key functions,and compatibleTT RGB PLUS 2.0software,with otherThermaltakeSynchronization of its products。

Magic SilverARGENT K6 RGBLow-profile mechanical gaming keyboards areThermaltakeIts first low-profile mechanical gaming keyboard,With aluminum cover and thin keycap design,AdoptedCherry MXshort shaftRGBRed/silver shaft,Provides the most durable、Precise and responsive tapping feel。It has real-time macro recording、Independent multimedia keys、built-in3.5mmaudio interface andUSB 2.0interface,Improve the user's convenience。

(11 32 od brass tube)Damysuswireless/wiredRGBErgonomic gaming mouse only83gweight,equippedPixArt PMW-3370Optical sensor,DPIvalue up to19000,affordable600010,000-click Omron button。It provides three connection methods,include2.4GHzWireless transmission、Bluetooth5.0Wireless transmission、and wired mode。