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brass flush mount above tub

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(brass flush mount above tub)With the improvement of living standards and the awakening of personal self-consciousness,Single is a common lifestyle。The case shared today is a warm new home living alone girl.,The house is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing,Building area is100㎡,Use area88㎡,Apartment type2room1hall1guard,Is a comparative traditional vintage decoration,The house owner is a modern girl,There is no resistance to high-quality things,I hope to make the places you live in.,Parts with functionality and aesthetics。

(brass flush mount above tub)brass flush mount above tub

△Original home map


1.Lack of light,The position of the window is back to the sun,Causes indoor partial darkness

(brass flush mount above tub)2.Type of kitchen,Spatial utilization is not high,It's crowded when you have a meal.

3.No space in porch area,Be wasted

4.Both bedrooms are not squares,And only one wall is separated,Serious probachet is serious

brass flush mount above tub

△Optimize the outline map

1.Closed kitchen is changed to open,Jiajiatai,Consumption、Segmentation, etc.

2.Tunnery,Efficient use of space

3.Bathroom handwriter,New Masonry Curved Wall Natural Connecting Extraction and Toilet

4.Optimize the main second space,Use the corridor as the boundary line,Increase privacy



Increase the shoe cabinet in the porch、storage box、bookcase、Combined combination cabinet,Black matte material cooperate with no handle design,Beautiful view。

brass flush mount above tub

However, large-scale black invisible will bring compressionism,In order to buffer,We did three points to soft softening。

1.Softization treatment is used to use the wallpaper of the house.

2.Vertical space with simple shape brass ceiling lamp and black wind chimes do decoration,Increase light source

3.Design niche in porch cabinet and corner curved wall,Here you can add a variety of ornaments or collections.,Bring fun vitality for dark space

(brass flush mount above tub)brass flush mount above tub

It is worth mentioning that the corner of the circular arc wall,His internal structure is made of light steel keel+Plasterboard,Extension design belonging to the open pattern,Can meet the storage at the same time、Regional demand;Simultaneous shape and material texture of the wall itself,Rich space level,Give more,Very practical。

brass flush mount above tub


living room

After opening the original kitchen partition,Enhance the sense and interactivity of space,The activities of the living room also become large。In addition to the light of its own floor,You can also use the kitchen light,Greatly improved the problem of poor lighting,The overall visual effect is also greatly improved,Looks spacious atmosphere。

brass flush mount above tub

Furniture selection in the living room is also very particular,TV cabinet is a walnut,Spend;Olive green minimalist leather sofa,High quality;Wooden edges of the two groups;Let the whole space is rich and active。

brass flush mount above tub(brass flush mount above tub)

brass flush mount above tub

In addition to the floor of the kitchen and bathroom space to divide,The whole house is deep walnut, colorful character splicing floor,Lingling all the way,The sense of space is also magnified。

brass flush mount above tub

The ceiling is decorated with simple plaster lines,Echo white solid wood detection;Abstract art drawing carpet,Ensure that the regional comfort is moderately,Above the main lamp made a plaster light disk,Match a retro yellow copper chandelier,Exquisite retro。



The balcony is removed after the original door,The pattern is opened.,Light direct drive。Other curved elements in the vault door,Especially with an elegant olive green curtain,Simple and elegant。

brass flush mount above tub

The ground is the division of hexagonal mosaic bricks and the living room,Model the visual sense of fresh and transparent。At the same time, it combines the functions of the leisure area and the housekeeping area.。

(brass flush mount above tub)04


Behind the sofa is the new median island station,Its function is very powerful,It can be used as a natural partition of two major ribs in the living room and kitchen.;Can also be used as a dishone、Locker。Cabinets designed between island and walls,Can hide the pipe inside,Play to beautify。

(brass flush mount above tub)brass flush mount above tub

The kitchen continues the black cabinet of porch,The difference is that the door design is more decorative effect.,Vision more stereo,Also added a gentle and elegant。Kitchen patch tile is white glazed brick with wavy texture,Show details,White floral bricks with ground rocky texture together,Make spatial adjustment more level on a harmonious basis。

brass flush mount above tub

The kitchen's Roman column is undoubtedly the visual focus is also the highlight of the design.,When removing the wall,Found a hidden flue,So I made a Roman column for it.,Extremely edged in the green color and next to the bathroom and other furniture。


Dinning room

The original dining area is opposite the kitchen,We adjusted it to the window,Better light。It is the dining area from the bedroom.,The owner can change with the different changes,Observe different views。A deep hutter, white,With three different styling dining chairs,Simple is beautiful!

brass flush mount above tub



Bedroom Theme or green,Between white walls and green walls,Strengthen decorative,More stereo highlights under French crystal lamps,Corner windows are also design highlights,Fabricating a dark-colored curtain、Caramel color single chair,There is a feeling of European retro,Read the book in front of the window,Idealistic。

brass flush mount above tub



The study and master bedroom,Optimized the original pattern,After the position of the door, you can inline the replenishment of the bedroom.,The veneer of the European style makes the wardrobe simultaneously、Decorative,Deep faint french。

(brass flush mount above tub)brass flush mount above tub(brass flush mount above tub)

brass flush mount above tub

This is the joy of being alone,床品和灯具都是简约耐看款式,At the same time, the study is also used as a second bedroom,整体视觉和谐统一。


Bedding and lamps are simple and durable

(brass flush mount above tub)卫生间的主色调是浓墨重彩的邮差绿,With retro green wall,两者之间用黑色不锈钢条做过渡,overall visual harmony。

(brass flush mount above tub)brass flush mount above tub

The main color of the bathroom is the rich postman green,而盥洗区被外移,With white waterproof paint+台盆的传统设计,The transition between the two is made of black stainless steel strips,借用周边留白,Create a visually comfortable bathroom space,常用物品平时就放在水盆旁边的层架上,modern light luxury cottage。

brass flush mount above tub

brass flush mount above tub

这面复古绿的主题墙是视线的焦点,while the washroom was moved out,里外相互呼应,Abandoned bathroom cabinet。


如您近期有装修的想法,Traditional design of washbasin!

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