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brass tube nz

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Stainless steel metal soft tube

(brass tube nz)brass tube nz(brass tube nz)

Stainless steel metal hose is a stainless steel metal hose, a layer or double wire or a steel plastic mesh bag,Both sides with connecting head or flange head,Soft components for transporting a variety of substances of stainless steel hoses。Crude oil、Chemical plant、Metallurgical Industry、Power Engineering、Papermaking industry、timber、Textile industry、Engineering construction and other fields。

1.Transportation of chemical plant substances or solvents。

2.Transport high temperature gas、High temperature substance such as oil。

3.Transport ultra low temperature or low temperature substance。

4.Transport water under high temperature conditions、Oil and other substances。

5.Pipes of shock or noise。

brass tube nz

Specification model:Work pressure:0.6MPa-25.0MPaProduct performance standards:GB/T14525-93Stainless steel metal hose is mounted as a soft pressing tube in a solution transportation system,Used to compensate pipe or equipment、Mutual offset of device connection,Digestive absorption vibration,Have a shock absorption、Remove noise and so on。Stainless steel wire knitting hose、Liquid transport hose、Stainless steel pump continuous shock absorption plastic hose、Stainless steel fire plastic hose、Stainless steel metal hose、Air machinery equipment stainless steel hose。

brass tube nz

Good product is soft,Anti-corrosion,High and low temperature test,Shock absorption,Strong sense,Long use of long use advantages。Applicable to textile industry、Chemical Fiber、Printing and dyeing plant、crude、Chemical plant、Steel、air conditioner、Fire、City water supply,Engineering building、Metallurgical industrial petrochemical and other industries。

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