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brass tuba polish

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In the polishing process of copper parts,Copper parts need to be degreased、Rust removal、polishing、Passivation and other processes。The chemical polishing process of copper parts is accepted by the public。Currently,More and more manufacturers,Polishing copper products with copper polish。

brass tuba polish

In general,Copper polishing agent bath only needs to be used according to the process,The bath life will be longer。in rare cases,due to improper operation,Polishes will fail prematurely。So,When copper is surface treated,How to protect copper polish bath?

brass tuba polish

1.The service life of the copper polishing agent bath has a great relationship with the pretreatment degreasing。Degreasing、rust to clean,and,Clean up the residue from the previous process,Prevent other cleaning fluids from entering the copper polish bath,Affect the service life。

2. The choice of copper polish container is important。In general,Vessel selection for corrosion resistanceppgroove,Do not use metal slots、or cement trough。

brass tuba polish(brass tuba polish)

3.during polishing,The material of the workpiece to be cleaned by the copper polishing agent bath can only be copper and copper alloys,Workpieces that cannot be doped with other metals。

4.Judgment of the life of copper polishing agent,general and bathphvalue dependent。during use,Do not mix the copper polish bath with other acids、base、Salt。


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