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best tuba for brass quintet

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Oriental network·Vertical news reporter Cheng Jing

(best tuba for brass quintet)Two trumpet,A round number,A long number,A large size,Every child is sitting behind the parents。

This is“Angel Zonophoon”Rehearsal classroom,Sunday afternoon,They have come to Shanghai Huangpu District Youth Science and Technology Center,First of all, four or more people sing together、Dance,Leave it again to carry out the orchestra,Finally, it is a five-play rehearsal.。

2008year,The famous commander Cao Peng's daughter Cao Xiaoxia read the article of music treatment.,Meng ranked with music to relieve the idea of children's autism,“Angel Xie Salon”This is born。2012year,Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra retired trumpet player Wang Xueping joined the salon,Start free for autistic children's teachers。

This teaching,It is a wind and rain.7year。

best tuba for brass quintet

Student wearing dust(Left)And Wang Xueping(right)


“small,I have already blown for more than 60 years.。”

Speaking of this musical instrument that has already accompanied him for more than half a century,Wang Xueping has a pride in the smile。1962year,Professor Zhu Qi Dong, a famous small educator, China, is under the door of the advice,Wang Xueping started professional learning trumpet performance,Until retirement,The trumpet is always accompanied by him.。

(best tuba for brass quintet)“I like to blow small,Everyone said that my small tone is very nice.,very touching。When they are young, they call me.’Shanghai Taxation Prince’。”Wang Xueping said with a smile。

best tuba for brass quintet

Wang Xueping and the orchestra“Week broadcast concert”show Image supplied by interviews

2008year,Cao Peng's daughter Cao Xiaoxia read an article in magazine,First I know“Autism”,I know that parents are very painful.,She has a music event to parents every Saturday.、Soothing emotional idea,So I found it.“Angel Xie Salon”。Cao Xiaoxia and father Cao Peng discovered,When the string quartet《Joyful》when,Originally can't stand、The children who are running in the classroom are quietly quiet.。They found the power of music。

best tuba for brass quintet

Angel Xie Salon in Activities picture/Vertical

2012year,The retired Wang Xueping joined an angel-sound salon,Start to teach the child with autism。Children with autism,But there is a common point that they are mostly difficult to concentrate.,The efficiency of the classroom is not high,I can't consciously practice after class.,Parents need。Wang Xueping is in class,Let the parents take the teaching video,From how to get absolute、How to blow a dance,Take a bit,Go back home and then conduct video exercises。

After a few years of hard study,Wang Xueping is in the Salon5Number students have participated in dozens of concerts,Several outstanding students also joined the Shanghai City Youth Symphony Orchestra,Rehearsed with sound children、show。

“We only have this road test,In case I moved.?”

Dew is the most active student。I met the familiar volunteers.,He will actively stand up and say hello。

“I don't know what kind of autism child does not learn music.,But learning music5Child,The condition must be improved。”Wang Xueping said,Dear dust is the best example。

This year17Year-old Dew is“Angel”Trumpet,2002Birthday。About1Year old,Mom Chen Yuanjing found that the baby and other children are not the same.。

“He can repeat your words,But he does not understand the meaning of language,No answer。”Chen Yuanjing took Dip to Shanghai Xinhua Hospital to see a doctor,The doctor told Chen Yuanjing.,Children are stunning。

Chen Yuanjing is very confused,Your child can understand what parents say,Have a good memory,Sports cells are also developed,Children who really develop in the impression are different.。

“167 years ago,There is no more people who don't have many people in autism.……Until one day we went to Xinhua Bookstore to turn children's books,See the symptoms of autism,I will understand,Conduct the son。But at the time,Even doctors are not familiar with this condition。”

Chen Yuanjing recalls,Just find that the child is autism,Domestic understanding of this developmental disorder is almost a blank,No regular hospital can carry out rehabilitation training,Even special schools that can accept autism groups,“We walked a lot of detours,I found out that the development and other children of autism(Developmental disorder)Child is different,I can only explore myself.。”

Chen Yuanjing told reporters,10Ago,They met Cao Peng、Teacher Cao Xiaoxia,then7The year of Dai Yu has participated in the angel of the angels they opened.,I have the opportunity to end with music。

best tuba for brass quintet(best tuba for brass quintet)Wang Xueping(Left)Wearing a small show Image supplied by interviews

Chen Yuanjing told Dongfang Net·Vertical,Dai Wangqing first is to learn the basic course of the small number with another teacher.。At that time, Cao Xiaoxia just formed“Angel Zonophoon”,Discovery of autistic children's focus、Comprehension,And the ability of music is not poor than the general child,And learning music is really helpful for autism.。

Learning the basic course for more than one year,Dai Yu dust officially begins to follow Wang Xueping to learn small。

Recalling the time when I just met Xiao Dai,Wang Xueping sighed,“You see that he is now high.,But then he wanted to fall.,Parents can't help。”

The classroom of the small class is on the second floor of Huangpu District Youth Activity Center.,And take the elevator、Climbing stairs sometimes“A ridge”,“If the first time is taken on the elevator,The elevator is broken when I came.,He is not willing to go upstairs.。It's hard to persuade him.,Just sit down and blown two sounds,He thinks about this,I start crying again……”

The progress of children with autism can be slow,Chen Yuanjing, accompanied by side, looks in the eyes,Urgently in your heart,“At first, we feel(Wear dust)Blow up,Very anxious……But Teacher Wang is very strict to him.,We will still think about it.,How can it be so strict??”

turn out to be,Compared to some teachers to the tolerance and sympathy of autism,Wang Xueping's attitude is always“high standard、Strict requirements”,“Teacher Wang regards the dust to teach the dust.,Even more stringent,Will n't because you are autism?,We can relax。I think this is right.。”

Chen Yuanjing said,Teacher Wang is looking at the dust“Can't let go of a sound”,As long as you blow,Come back,Come back again——once,I can't stand this frustration, I can't stand this frustration.,Suddenly launched fire,Wang Xueping is ignored,Let him continue to practice repeatedly,“He now see Teacher Wang,It is never dare to get angry.。”

Chen Yuanjing told reporters,Some autistic children also learn to understand the color,When I am tired, I want to steal my lazy.,But in Wang Xueping,Whether it is rogue、Fire or crying,Flap,I can't succeed——“Teacher Wang will be happy for your progress.,But once you are wrong,He will make you deeply remember that you can't be lazy、Can't speculate。It is not only music in Mr. Wang.,Also do people。”

(best tuba for brass quintet)Chen Yuanjing has always told his son,Wang Xueping's teaching method is“Strict teacher”,The hard work of teachers and students have also been rewarded——at the very beginning,I don't know if I look at the dust,But it is now the captain of the five play band.。Wang Xueping said,Dai Yuqing now reading very fast,There are many scores in some scores.,Change sound is more complicated,“If Xiaomai, Xiao Dai, Xiao Da, will have a change tone when it is in class.,He will discover immediately,Then go back to the future,This is very!”

best tuba for brass quintet

Today's Dush is already the captain of the Five-play band,Exported to the performances at home and abroad Image supplied by interviews

5Ago,12The year of Dai Yu dust is encouraged by Teacher Wang.,The first time I participated in the test of the trumpet performance.,Chen Yuanjing told reporters,Examination is not extra points,But in order to deal with people,Let the child understand the rules of this society。

Chen Yuanjing said,The child sent the child to the door of the examination classroom.,Mind in your heart“Don't go wrong,Don't talk”,But didn't have a while,Dai Wang also took the book and went out,Happily:“I finished taking finish.!”

Chen Yuanjing recalls,After the test end,She issued a message to Wang Xueping expressing thanks,Wang Xueping said,“The most hard work is your parents。Our teacher is just his own efforts.,Let parents have a better future with children。”

Chen Yuanjing said,Once you have a expectation of wearing dust is to eat well、Wear,Happy in this life,But Wang Xueping changed their ideas,“Teacher Wang took the dust into a normal child.,As you want to ask him as required。I also agree now.,If I don't strictly ask him,He will retreat。”

Dear dust, did not live up to the expectations of teachers and parents:2017year,15Years have been able to take the subway to the Huangpu District, the teenage palace in the Baoshan District.。These are not eye-catching small achievements in outsiders,For parents of autism children,Has been waiting for many years。

best tuba for brass quintet

Wearing dust in the orchestra Image supplied by interviews

Chen Yuanjing said,By blowing small,My son has confidence,Whether it is in the salon or in the teen symphony orchestra,Dai Yu dust has a lot of good friends,Every week, I am happy when I rehearsed.。

Wang Xueping said to the reporter,Many parents have expressed their anxiety to him.:“We can now take care of children,But we will be old later.,gone,What should the child do??”Now the child can stand、A person goes out,For parents, it is a kind of relief and hope,It is also the power they work hard.。

Wang Xueping knows,Automatic disease is unable to be completely cured,Only companionship and education can improve the condition,A most hard、Have the most,It is the parents of children.。

(best tuba for brass quintet)“I gave them classes.,I have already feel uncomfortable with them.;Parent24Hour companionship,Sometimes I can't sleep in the night.。Children grow to adolescence,More difficult!”But Wang Xueping believes that only persistence,“We only try it on this road.,In case I moved.?”

“Everyone gives a little force to love”

Wang Xueping told Dongfang Net·Vertical,Before the Salon,I don't know much about autism.。The autism has not been reported in a large number of media in the autism.,Society does not pay attention,But see Cao Peng teacher so older、Then the famous commanders are making public welfare for autism.,Wang Xueping knows,Music This way is likely to open their minds,So add salon,I also want to do something for the children.。

best tuba for brass quintet(best tuba for brass quintet)Small student wearing dust(Left)Rehearsal in the youth symphony orchestra Image supplied by interviews

Wang Xueping always said“Parents are the most hard”,But Chen Yuanjing believes,Because it is your own child,“Teacher Wang is a senior teacher.,Teach which child is not teaching us(Autism child)easy?Teach our children hard,Slow progress,Don't make money again。Teacher Wang is also a father.、Grandfather,He teaches our children as their own child.、strict requirements,We are really touched。”

every year,Shanghai Music Academy will hold a foreign exchange performance of excellent students。once,Wang Xueping let a child of a salon to participate in the performance。

“That child test6When the grade is the performance is’excellent’,I told the host,Just say that he took a six level when he was.。Waiting for him to blow,Tell the audience This is a child with autism.。Let everyone know,It can also be so good if you have such a sexy child.!”Wang Xueping hope,Enable society to pay attention to the group of autism,Let the public know that they may have achievements,Have your own value。

(best tuba for brass quintet)“You have seen their little grades now.,A little flash,But in fact, these children's parents,Who can't understand the bitterness in their hearts。Any family encounters such a thing,It's a heavy burden。”

Wang Xueping and students perform in Shanghai Concert Hall Image supplied by interviews

“You will feel it in contact with this group.,Parents' love is the most selfless love in the world.。If the society does not care about these autism children,Their parents are too suffering.。”Wang Xueping said。

but,With more and more people who join salon do volunteers,The influence of the angel-sound salon is getting bigger and bigger,The autism group is also more and more knowledge of the world.。Wang Xueping said,Now that ordinary volunteers may take a few weeks to take a volunteer service,Come to the salon to get classes、陪他们玩耍。

best tuba for brass quintet

This trumpet,相比于沙龙的创办者和父母的付出,Use music to open the heart for autism,“每个人在力所能及的地方,But Wang Xueping always feels(The things you have done are just the ability and)Padions compared to the founders and parents of salons,贡献他(她)的业余时间,Everyone can work,就是整个社会的大爱。”