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flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass

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2021This year,Australian Air Force has been busy with the last batchF/A-18“Bumblebee”bid farewell。

flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass

12moon4day,Australian Air Force finally activeF/A-18Floor William City Airport,Through the water gates。This aircraft original plan11moon30Day transition,However, due to mechanical failure and weather reasons forced to be delayed12moon4day。Frequent failure is also an important reason for the determination of these aircraft under the Australian army.。(photography:Cloud)

Two hours drive from Northern Sydney“William City”Air Force Base is deployed upstoreF/A-18,Has been played by local residents“honeycomb”。

(flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass)1985year11moon,Australian Air Force receives the first“Bumblebee”。arrive1989year,Australian Air Force has received75Ripple。

(flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass)arrive2021year12moon4day,With the last“Bumblebee”From Queensland“Townsville”Transition to“William City”,Overnight36year,Australia Air Force finally“Bumblebee”Officially said“goodbye”——The Australian Air Force is directly usedF-35Replacing all“Bumblebee”。

flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass(flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass)Future“honeycomb”will beF-35World。(photography:Cloud)

But not all countries are like Australia.“Mine at home”。

In recent years,The air power in many countries is facing new and old.,But the problem is:Active fighters have been used for more than 30 years,The new generation of fighters is delayed.。

Early four generations of most design、Made in the cold war period,Now“Lian Po old”。Not only do all aspects have been able to keep up with the era,There is not much in the aircraft life.,Leading the accident,Maintenance cost season climbing。

On the other hand,A new generation of stealth fighters available worldwide continue“out of stock”,After all, in the current international military and economic market, the five-generation spot spot availableF-35One“Alone”。

flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass

The first time the Australian Empty ArmyF-35,Photographed in Australia“Iravara Wings”Air show。(photography:Cloud)

butF-35High price and maintenance cost,And unreasonable performance make many countries don't want to compromise。therefore,Improved fighters purchased the four-year machine have become the best choice。

on the one hand,Improved four-generation machine procurement and use costs are relatively low;on the other hand,These fighters have experienced large upgrades in the body structure of these fighters.,Not only the performance improves,Reliability is also more secure。In economic cost and equipment difficulty,The difficulty of upgrading of the same generation fighter will also decrease。

For above,Spain and the United States have purchased a new four-generation half-war machine for new manufacturing to replace the early four generations that need to be replaced.。But with Canada for developed countries, Different options。

(flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass)Australian Air ForceF/A-18After retiring,In addition to the use of several ships to museums,Most the aircraft returned“William City”Air Force Base Disclosure、Deposit。After dismantling,These aircraft are directly loaded with transporters,Canada flying to half an earth。

flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass

Soon“Bumblebee”Announcement to Canada-124Transporter。Because each transport can only transport two,install-124Now is the frequent visitor of Sydney and William City Airport。(photography:Cloud)

(flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass)Previous,Canada also announced to buyF/A-18E/F“Super buffer“。But the international military purchase has never been that simple,even if“A friend”United States and Canada,In the face of political and economic interests,The respective abacus also beat loud。

Canada and the United StatesF/A-18E/FContradiction,Another aviation giant in Canada involves Canada:Bombardi Aerospace。

Bombardi aerospace is founded1986year,Its predecessor is the most serious company in the history of Canada.——Canadian national aircraft manufacturer Canada Airplane Company。After being acquired by Bombardi,Bombardi aerospace turns is profitable,And a series of acquisition integration,The acquisition target included the Boeing subsidiary at the time:Dhawing Canada Airplane Company, etc.。

Strong development,By this century,Bombardi Aerospace has become a leader in the global spline passenger plane and business machine manufacturer.,Canadian“National brand”。

However, the tree is stroke。Bombardi's product competitiveness is getting bigger and bigger,Gradually threaten Canada“Southern neighbors”Business——Bombardi launched new types“Cseries”The passenger plane constitutes a major threat to the Boeing branch aircraft business,It may even affect our home product Boeing737Series of sales。

flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass

Airbus showing flight in Sydney AirportA220airplane。A220The predecessor is BombardiCService aircraft)。Since this plane has caused a non-small impact on the Boeing and USA relationship,Later, Bombardi Aerospace will sell to the vocal.,The aircraft name has also becomeA220。(photography:Cloud)

So Boeing will tell Bombardier in a court.,And require the United States to impose punitive tariffs on its products。This makes the eyesight, and the Canadian is annoyed.。At this moment,If the Canadian government still decides to buy Boeing“Super buffer”,For Canadians“Treason”。So,WillF/A-18E/FThe news sold to Canada is no longer following。

Do not buy directly from Boeing“Super buffer”,But the upgrade of aviation equipment is still going to continue。So a lot“Chobby”Same,Canadians also thought of some“seafood marketAPP”。The Australian Air Force is just intentionally retired“80% new”of“Bumblebee”Fighter。Both sides。

Canadian plan is,I bought this batch of planes at low prices.,From your own activeCF-18Turn a batch of mechanical conditions and refurbishment together,“Flower money to do big things”,岂 乐 哉 哉?

(flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass)Of course,This kind of description has some play,After all, the international military and trade cannot be completely compared with netizens.,But this is a place in this.。

first,The second-hand aircraft in the Amoy is not too bad.;Secondly,Selling price is relatively reasonable。also,For buyers,It is best to“Dominery”Equipment product,Can be compatible with existing fleetry。

flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass(flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass)Last batchF/A-18Returning“honeycomb”Waiting for dismantling transportation。Pay attention to this plane behind, three fire trucks follow:This plane also failed in the flight flight.,Pilot announced:“PanPan”。(photography:Cloud)

Take the Australian Air Force“Bumblebee”Convinced,Although the agencies have exceeded30year,But because Australia has undergone a long time,Daily training and intensity is not high,In addition to occasionally follow the United States to the Middle East exercise“Play”,Most time“honeycomb”Squatting nearby。

As for the purchase price,According to public information,These aircraft second-hand purchase unit price is probably500Wanjiayuan(Bind300Ten thousand U.S. dollars)about,Just brand new“Super buffer”A few of the one-third。Even subsequent improvements and upgrade fees,Total price is more cost-effective than buying a new aircraft。

In the difficulty of equipment,These aircraft and Canadian activeCF-18“Bumblebee”compared to,“Can not be said to be completely uniform,It is simply exactly the same”。I can go directly if I bought it.,More saving a large number of training modification costs and time。

although,Used in Canada“Bumblebee”Behind the decision,Have a variety of unique maintenance reasons。but,This order“Win-win”Business,The biggest meaning is to provide a new idea for countries that need to update the air power.。

flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass

This year's Australia“Iravara Wings”Air show,F/A-18Due last public flight performance。Due to failure,Two-day flight performance,The plane also replaced once。(photography:Cloud)

(flight of the tuba bumblebee canadian brass)Despite service30The old airplane did exist like this problem,However, most of the four-generation fighters have an open avionics architecture.、Data bus design、Glassized cockpit and large thrust vortex engine。These design make it compared to the second generation earlier、The three generations of fighters have been greatly improved。And from flight characteristics such as motor,The four generations is not a lot more than the five-generation fighters.。

therefore,Extended the structural components of the body,Upgrade the avionics and flight control systems,Some modifications such as the engine,The existing four-generation machines can never“Second spring”。