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brass cap for drain tube

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in modern society,People's life demand is getting bigger,Therefore, it is also very large in terms of drainage needs.。Among them, the cast iron drain is one of them.,The characteristics of the cast iron drain are also very obvious.,So, do you know that cast iron drainage prices??I believe everyone wants to know。

brass cap for drain tube

Cast iron drain price

The cast iron drainage pipe is really active as an industry.。At that time, my country's basic construction vigorously,The city's appearance,Drainage pipe is used。then,my country's cast iron drainage is mainly hand-made,Production technology。With the exposure to the quality of hand-filled cast iron pipe,AlternativePVCBe beautiful、Lightweight plastic pipe into the market,The cast iron pipe market has slipped。

For example, it has a very good intensity、The life of use is also very long、Its anti-noise low、And in flame retardant fire resistance、Flexible earthquake resistance is good performance,Therefore, the field of cast iron drain is applied is still very wide.,For example it is used for high levels、Ultra-high-level residential、Municipal engineering、Hospital school and other fields。

brass cap for drain tube(brass cap for drain tube)Jincheng Cast Iron Drainage Tube, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province Flexible:¥2000/Ton(Price source network,for reference only)

new Cast iron pipe Drainage pipe Flexible cast iron:¥4500/Ton(Price source network,for reference only)

Beijing Xinxing Casting Co., Ltd. wholesaleWFlexible:¥1560/Ton(Price source network,for reference only)

Dong Hongdong Cast iron drain Factory direct sales5:¥1000/Ton(Price source network,for reference only)

Shun Tong Ductile iron pipeDN80-12:¥2800/Ton(Price source network,for reference only)

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Shanghai Pieris Passenger Co., Ltd.,Top ten brands of pipe,a famous Chinese trademark,National pipe industry has exceeded the hard work,Its product industry has higher credibility and reputation,China Construction Engineering Materials Key Recommended Brand,Large modern pipe manufacturer,Currently, one of China's large-scale plastic pipe manufacturers and suppliers。

brass cap for drain tube


Longsheng Company was established1993year,Is a professional construction appliance、Building materials、home appliances、Bathroom and other product design、Research and development、manufacture、Modern industrial enterprises sold in sales。The product has:Longsheng tube industry、Longsheng switch socket、Family Yuba、Family integrated ceiling,Longsheng fire fan、Longsheng bathroom、Long Sheng family water and electricity, etc.,Both become well-known brands in their respective fields。


Aikang Enterprise Group(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.,water pipe-Pipe-PPRTop ten brands of water pipes,Shanghai famous brand,Plastic pipeline national standard formulated unit,Shanghai High-tech Enterprise,Shanghai Chemical Building Material Plastics Vice President Unit,Research and development of plastic pipelines-Large professional plastic pipelines from production and sales。

brass cap for drain tube

Mei Gu

Gold Plastic Enterprise Group(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Condoni Industry Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Jinyuan Environmental Protection Building Materials Co., Ltd.、Fujian Huizelong Wine Industry Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Huize Wine Co., Ltd. is formed;Is an industrial investment,Cross-industry、Cross-regional、Diversified business large group companies。Business involves new building materials、Wine wine brewing、Industrial tourism、Industrial investment and other fields。Headquartered in Qingpu District, Shanghai,Building materials、Brew、travel、Investment four major industries。

(brass cap for drain tube)Pierssa

Jiangsu Pierce Passenger Co., Ltd.,Pipe-Top ten brands of water pipes,a famous Chinese trademark,Jiangsu famous brand products,Well-known best-selling brands in the national market,Jiangsu Quality IntegrityAAAGrade brand,Domestic large plastic pipe production base,Set various new plastic pipe research and development、Production、Sales and installation services—Modern high-tech formal enterprise entity。

brass cap for drain tube

The above is Xiaobian today to introduce the content of cast iron drainage pipe prices and brand introduction.,Cast iron drain is very common in our lives,The characteristics of cast iron drainage are also very much.,For example, cast iron drain is very good strength、Especially its service life is very long.、And it is also very low when it is drainage.、Flame retardant fire resistance、Flexible earthquake,The most important thing is that the cast iron drain can also be recycled。