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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 16:25:13

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one、Product introduction:
This product is the tradition of our company for the market.“Sore”Polishing exhaust gas problem,A model of research and development New environmentally friendly copper polishing fluid,This product has high light、Highlight。solve“Sore”While the problem、Product performance It also brings new stairs,No need to warm(In addition to winter),Novel hydrogen-based stabilizers,Effective controlled product is not Easy to decompose。Clean production requirements for copper chemical polishing of enterprises。

two、This product advantage:

easy to use、No need to warm,Solved the problem of warming up the market similar products;

2.Short polishing time,And the product is bright as new,High brightness and easy control,Shine,Improve product added value;Good anti-salt fog performance,Copper can pass neutral salt fog>56Hour test does not change color;

3、Environmentally friendly,Not easy to decompose;No special odor,Unobstructed,Can achieve the requirements of the company's clean production


Removal——Overwater rinsing——Copper polishing(Normal temperature-45 Spend,3-5 minute)——Overwater rinsing——Copper retreat(often temperature,8-15 Second)——Overwater rinsing——Pure water——Copper passivation or electroplating——Dry packaging