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delta brass standing tub filler

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delta brass standing tub filler
(delta brass standing tub filler)

one、What is a filler??

(delta brass standing tub filler)Filler generally refers to materials filled in other objects。

In chemical engineering,The filler is melted in the inert solid material in the filled tower.,For example, Bauer ring and Lasihuan, etc.,Its role is to increase gas-Contact surface of liquid,Make it strongly mix。

In chemical products,Filler is also called filler,Refers to improve processing performance、Product mechanical properties(or)Reduce cost solid materials。

In the field of sewage treatment,Mainly used for contact oxidation process,The microorganism will accumulate on the surface of the filler,In contact with the surface of the sewage,Degrading sewage。

advantage:Simple structure、Pressure reduction、Easy to use corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials, etc.。For gas absorption、Vacuum distillation and handling of corrosive fluids,Applicable。

shortcoming:When the tower is increased,Cause gas-liquid distribution、Poor contact, etc.,Resulting in efficiency,Zealand effect。At the same time, the filler tower is also heavy.、High cost、Clean up and repair、Difficulty loss。

two、What kinds of fillers?

(delta brass standing tub filler)1. Lasi ring filler

Lasi ring filler1914Year of Lasi(F. Rashching)invention,Ring with equal outer diameter and high degree。The gas-liquid distribution of the Lasi ring filler is poor,Low mass transfer efficiency,Resistance,Small flux,Industrial has been applied。

delta brass standing tub filler

2. Bauer filling

Bauer ring filler is an improvement to the Lasi ring,Two rows of rectangular window holes on the sidewall of the Lasi ring,On one side of the cut ring wall is still connected to the wall surface,The other side is bent in the ring,Contained tongue,The sides of the tongues are connected in the center of the ring。

Bauer ring opens through the ring,Greatly improves the use of intra-cyclic space and intra-circular surface,Small air flow resistance,Part of liquid distribution。Compared with the Lasi ring,The gas flux of the Bauer ring can be increased50%above,Paladin efficiency30%about。Bauer Rings is a wider application of packing。

delta brass standing tub filler(delta brass standing tub filler)
(delta brass standing tub filler)

3. Ladder ring filler

The ladder ring filler is an improvement to the Bauer ring,Compared with the Bauer ring,The step height is reduced by half and adds a conical flap at one end.。

Due to the reduction in high diameter ratio,Make the average path of the outer wall of the gas winding filling.,Reduces the resistance of the gas through the filler layer。Conical turn not only increases the mechanical strength of the filler,Moreover, the main contact between the filler is mainly turned to be in touch with point contact.,This not only increases the gap between the filler.,At the same time, it has become a collection of liquid along the surface of the filler.,Can promote the surface update of the liquid film,Advance due to mass transfer efficiency。

The overall performance of the ladder ring is better than the Bauer ring,Become a best in the ring filler used。

delta brass standing tub filler

4. Arc saddle

The arc saddle is a saddle filler,His shape like saddle,Generally made of porcelain material。

The characteristics of the arc swept is open to the surface.,Inward,The liquid is evenly flowing on both sides of the surface.,High surface utilization,Circular channel is curved,Small flow resistance。

Its disadvantages are prone to alert,A part of the filler surface is coincident,Reduce mass transfer efficiency。The arcane filler strength is poor,Be broken,There are not many applications in industrial production。

5. Torque saddle

The torque sweeping is changed to a rectangular surface of the arc shape on the arcane filler.,And both sides are different,Become a torque pad。

When the torque sweeping is stacked, it will not be stacked.,Liquid distribution is more uniform。The torque sweeping is generally made of porcelain material.,Its performance is superior to Lasi Ring。Most of the most applications in China,All have been replaced by the porcelain moments。

delta brass standing tub filler

6. Metal ring moment pad

Circle torque pad(Foreign countriesIntalox)Is a new type of packing designed for ring and saddle structure characteristics,This filler is generally made of metal material,Therefore, it is also known as a metal ring moment pad。

Circle torque pads are integrated with the advantages of both ring fillers and saddle fillers,Its comprehensive performance is superior to the Bauer ring and the ladder ring,More applications in bulk fillers。

(delta brass standing tub filler)delta brass standing tub filler(delta brass standing tub filler)

7. Spherical filler

Spherical fillers are generally used in plastic injection molding,There are a variety of structures。The spherical filler is characterized by the sphere being hollow.,Allow gas、Liquid from its interior。

Due to the symmetry of the sphere structure,Packing filling density is uniform,Not easy to create holes and bridges,So gas-liquid dispersion performance is good。Spherical fillers are generally only applicable to certain applications,Less engineering application。

delta brass standing tub filler
(delta brass standing tub filler)

In addition to the above more typical bulk fillers,Continuous architectural unique new filler development,Conjugate ring filler、Haier ring filler、Nat ring filler, etc.。

8. Regular filler

Regular filler is arranged in a certain geometric configuration,Neat and stacked filler。There are many kinds of fillers,According to its geometry, it can be divided into grille filler.、Corrugated filler, etc.。

① Grid filler

The grille filler is formed by a strip unit body.,Has a variety of structures。Industrial Application The earliest grill filler is a wooden grille filler。

Applied more popular with Gridge grille filler、Menac grille packing、Honeycomb grille filler, etc.,Among them, Gridge grille filler is most representative.。The grid filler has a lower specific surface area,Mainly used to require small pressure drop、Load large and anti-blocking and other occasions。

delta brass standing tub filler

② Corrugated filler

Most of the ripple filler applied in industrial applications of corrugated fillers,It is a disc filler consisting of many corrugated sheets,Corrugation with tower axis30°and45°Two types,Adjacent two corrugated plates in the case。Each disk filler is vertically installed in the tower,Adjacent two-plate filler interleaved90°arrangement。

(delta brass standing tub filler)delta brass standing tub filler

Corrugated filler can be divided into two major categories of mesh ripple filler and board corpi packing,Its material has a metal、Plastics and ceramics。

Wire mesh corrugated filler is the main form of mesh ripple filler,It is made of wire mesh。Pressure reduction of metal wire mesh corrugated filler,High separation efficiency is high,Especially suitable for precision rectification and vacuum distillation devices,Difficult separation、The rectification of the thermal properties provides an effective means。Despite its high cost,But because of its excellent performance, it has also been widely used.。

delta brass standing tub filler(delta brass standing tub filler)

Metal plate corrugated filler is a major form of board ripple filler。There are many on the corrugated sheet of the filler.f5mmLeft and right small holes,Can function on a crude dispensing sheet、Enhance the role of horizontal mixing。

Corrugated sheet rolled into a small trench,Can function as a liquid on a fine dispenser、The effect of enhancing surface wetting properties。Metal orifice corrugated high packing strength,Strong corrosion resistance,Especially suitable for large-diameter towers and occasions with large gas-liquid load。

delta brass standing tub filler(delta brass standing tub filler)

Metal rolled orifice corrugated packing is another representative corrugated packing。The main difference between it and metal orifice corrugated packing is that the surface of the plate is not a punched hole,but puncture,Roll out a very dense aperture on the plate by rolling0.4~0.5mmsmall puncture。

(delta brass standing tub filler)Its separation capacity is similar to that of mesh corrugated packing,But the anti-blocking ability is stronger than the mesh corrugated packing,and cheap,Wider application。

The advantage of corrugated packing is its compact structure,low resistance,High mass transfer efficiency,large processing power,Large specific surface area(Commonly used are125、150、250、350、500、700wait a few)。The disadvantage of corrugated packing is that it is not suitable for handling high viscosity、Materials that are easy to polymerize or have suspended solids,and loading and unloading、Difficulty cleaning up,High cost。

③ Pulse filler

Impulse fillers are made of hollow prismatic bodies with necks,A structured packing assembled in a certain way。

After the pulse filler is assembled,Forms porous prismatic channels with necks,Its longitudinal channel alternately shrinks and expands,Strong turbulence occurs when the gas-liquid two phases pass through。in the necked section,highest air speed,turbulent,to enhance mass transfer。in the expanded segment,air velocity to a minimum,Separation of two phases。runner shrinkage、extended alternating repetition,Achieved“pulse”mass transfer process。

Pulse fillers are characterized by high throughput,Low pressure drop,Ideal for vacuum distillation。Reduced amplification due to its excellent liquid distribution properties,Therefore, it is especially suitable for occasions with large tower diameters.。

9. PTFE filler

PTFE valve stem packing is made of PTFE fine powder as raw material,A soft product processed by a new process。

White,continuous rope,Circular in cross section。It is highly flexible,excellent filling、self-lubricating、Low coefficient of friction、Corrosion resistance and other properties。

delta brass standing tub filler
(delta brass standing tub filler)


① Easy and fast filling。It is generally not necessary to disassemble the valve during filling,Simply wrap the rope packing around the stem,Push in stuffing box,Tighten letter cap,The packing is pressed into a dense whole。

② Excellent sealing performance。The unique microstructure of expanded PTFE gives the product excellent flexibility and moldability,so that it can easily remove the voids inside the stuffing box,even the stem、All pits and grooves on the box are filled,It also causes corrosion、Worn out old valves avoid replacement or repair。

③ long lasting。Because of its long-term soft plasticity,So that the leakage gap can be filled at any time,Also because it does not corrode,will not age,Can be used for a long time。

④ Flexible valve opening and closing。Because PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction and excellent self-lubrication。

⑤ Does not contaminate the fluid in the pipeline。because it's clean,Will not fall off due to corrosion and aging,make it especially suitable for medicine、Fine Chemicals、Food and other industries。

(delta brass standing tub filler)⑥ Good specifications and versatility,Reduced filler storage,Savings。Only need to prepare several sizes of stem packing,Can meet the needs of most valves。

Generally, the largest size filler that can be inserted by hand is used.,but finer this kind of filler,Can also be used in larger size valves,After pressing,also shape up,get a dense packing。

10. plastic filler

Plastic fillers are fillers that are pressed and formed by molds,When using, it does not need to be cut off and then coiled into a ring like braided packing,And it is made into a ring according to the size of the journal。Plastic fillers are available in cotton and laminate forms。

(delta brass standing tub filler)① sponge filler

Cotton filler is the fiber、graphite、Mica、metal powder(or metal flakes)、After the grease is mixed with the elastic binder,moulded into a ring,Then weave a layer of asbestos yarn on the outer layer(Metal wire is also available upon request)。

Another way to use it is to put the mixture directly into the packing cavity,Use directly after pressing the gland,Since the packing has no fixed size,Improper packing can easily affect the sealing performance,So this method is less used。

The types and proportions of various mixtures in the sponge filler can be adjusted according to the working conditions,For example, high pressure steam sealing and adding copper powder、Acid medium sealed with lead pellets or lead sheets、When the shaft vibrates, more adhesive with good elasticity can be added, etc.。

Since this filler does not contain lubricants,Therefore, the volume change is very small under high pressure.,Can be used for high speed pumps and high pressure valve sealing。such as adding solid lubricants,good self-lubricating properties,and dense structure,Helps improve sealing。in addition,Spongy fillers have plastic fluidity,Can also be used in combination with metal fillers。

(delta brass standing tub filler)② Laminated packing

This filler is coated with rubber on the surface of asbestos cloth or canvas,Hot pressing and vulcanizing after lamination or winding,It can also be sandwiched with soft fillers such as rubber cores or embedded springs,Structure of Several Laminated Fillers。

Good sealing performance of laminated packing,can be use on120℃low pressure steam below、water and ammonia,Mainly used for reciprocating shaft seal and valve stem seal,The ring-mounted laminated packing without interface can also be used as a piston ring of a reciprocating pump。Due to insufficient lubricant contained in the build-up filler,Lubricant needs to be added during use。

three、How to choose filler?

The choice of filler includes determining the type of filler、Specifications and materials, etc.。The selected filler must meet the requirements of the production process,To minimize equipment investment and operating costs。

1. Choice of filler types

Consider separation process requirements,Usually the following aspects are considered:

Mass transfer efficiency is higher in general,The mass transfer efficiency of structured packing is higher than that of bulk packing。

Flux is bigger。Under the premise of ensuring high mass transfer efficiency,Packing with higher flooding point gas velocity or gas phase kinetic energy factor should be selected。

The pressure drop of the packing layer is lower。

(delta brass standing tub filler)The packing has strong anti-fouling and blocking performance,disassembly、easy maintenance。

2. Choice of packing specifications

Filler specification refers to the nominal size or specific surface area of the filler。

① Selection of Bulk Filler Specifications

The bulk packing commonly used in industrial towers are mainlyDN16、DN25、DN38、DN50、DN76and other specifications。

Similar packing,smaller size,higher separation efficiency,But resistance increases,Flux reduction,Filling costs also increase a lot。Larger-sized packings are used in small-diameter towers,poor fluid distribution and severe wall flow,Decrease the separation efficiency of the tower。

therefore,There should be a regulation on the ratio of column diameter to packing size,The ratio of the general column diameter to the nominal diameter of the packingD/dshould be greater than8。

② Selection of Structured Packing Specifications

There are many ways to express the types and specifications of structured packings commonly used in industry.,It is customary in China to express specific surface area,There are125、150、250、350、500、700and other specifications。

Structured packing of the same type,The larger the specific surface area,Higher mass transfer efficiency,But resistance increases,Flux reduction,Filling costs also increased significantly。

When selecting, it should be separated from the requirements、Flux requirements、Venue condition、Material properties and equipment investment、Comprehensive consideration,Make the selected filler both to meet the technical requirements,Also have economic rationality。

3. Selection of filler materials

(delta brass standing tub filler)The material of the filler is divided into ceramics、Metal and plastic three categories。

① Ceramic filler

(delta brass standing tub filler)Ceramic filler has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance,Ceramic filler is cheap,Good surface wetting performance,Crisp、Be fragile Maximum disadvantage。Absorption in gas、Gas washing、Application is more common during liquid extraction。

② Plastic packing

The material of the plastic filler mainly includes polypropylene(PP)、Polyethylene(PE)Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)Wait,Domestic general polypropylene material。The corrosion resistance of plastic fillers is better,Normal inorganic acid、Corrosion of alkali and organic solvent。Good temperature resistance,Long-term100℃Below。

Plastic filler、Cost-off,Good toughness,Shock proof、Be unverified,Can be made into thin wall structure。Its flux、Lower pressure,More to absorb、Desorption、extraction、Dust removal and other devices。

The disadvantage of plastic filler is that the surface wetting performance is poor.,However, the surface wetting performance can be improved by appropriate surface treatment.。

(delta brass standing tub filler)③ Metal packing

Metal filler can be made of a variety of materials,Mainly considering corrosion problems。

Carbon steel filler cost,And have good surface wetting properties,Priority for non-corrosive or low corrosion properties。

Stainless steel filler corrosion resistance,Generally exhaustionCl- Corrosion of a common physical system,But it has a higher cost,And the surface wetting performance is poor,In some special occasions(Suction reduction rectification process, such as extremely low spray density),Need to process its surface,Can achieve a good use effect。

Titanium、Packing cost made of special alloy steel and other materials,Generally only used under certain corrosive materials。

(delta brass standing tub filler)Generally,Metal filler can be made into thin wall structure,Its flux、Gas resistance is small,And high impact resistance,Can be high temperature、high pressure、High impact strength,Applied range。

(delta brass standing tub filler)Summarize:

When you choose a filler,For some kind of special application,The best standard for fillers is based on the performance desired by the composite material.,The basic principles must be considered:

1. Filler must maintain its original structure during processing,And keep inert、Insoluble、Thermal stability、Non-eviction、Catalytic activity and low adsorption。

2. The filler must be compatible with the substrate,Non-corrosive。

(delta brass standing tub filler)3. Easy to handle,High deposit density,Low moisture content,Low dust,Non-toxicity。

4. Must be easy to get,adequate supply,fair price,stable quality。

(delta brass standing tub filler)

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