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brass vs pvc tub drain

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 16:21:13

PVCThe downpipe is something we must use when we install water and electricity,to make friendsPVCUnderstand the downpipe and sink drainpipe,Today, I will introduce some knowledge related to these two kinds of sewer pipes to my friends.。


first,understanding what isPVCbefore downpipe,Let's first understand what isPVC。 PVCis a heat sensitive plastic,When processing products, heat stabilizers must be added to form。At present, the main varieties of heat stabilizers are lead salt stabilizers.、Organotin stabilizers、calcium zinc(Ca/Zn)Compound stabilizer、Metal soap stabilizers and rare earth stabilizers unique to my country, etc.。All right,Now I will tell you aboutpvcSome little knowledge of sewer pipes,in our market,PVCThe downpipe already has a very mature technology,It has the unmatched advantages of cast iron pipe production,such as not easy to rust,milk corrosion,long lasting,light weight,Easy to carry, install and replace,It is also very easy to connect,and widely used,Widely used in construction drainage industry,household sewage,Factory sewage,Wastewater and rainwater drainage, etc.。And the shape can be flexibly manufactured according to actual needs,for exampleutype tube,square tube,round tube,Beautiful color too。

(brass vs pvc tub drain)Basin drain pipe

All right,Next, let's learn about the sink drain。Although the sink pipe belongs to“invisible Man”Often hidden from view,But the importance of it cannot be ignored,And must choose good quality and durable,otherwise,will face the problem of frequent replacement,will be a headache。Basin drain pipes are divided into two types according to the material:

plastic downpipe:Its material of manufacture is excellentpp,The advantage is,Can be bent and deformed at will according to actual needs,Strong toughness,cheap price。weakness is:Easy to break,Intolerant to freezing,water leakage will occur,need to be replaced frequently。

Stainless steel downpipe:It is made of stainless steel andABSEngineering plastics,The advantage is:not easy to age,Strong and corrosive,easy installation,explain durable,long use time。weakness is:easy to produce water show,higher price。

(brass vs pvc tub drain)by shape,The sink pipe is divided into:Straight downpipes andSType downpipe。The straight sewer pipe adopts water ripple shape,Feature is easy to bend,But when saving space,SThe downpipe also adopts the water ripple shape,It is characterized by beautiful appearance,can deodorize,Bendability can be ignored。

The above is about the“PVCdownpipe”and“Basin drain pipe”a brief introduction to,I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of these two issues.。If you need to buy,I still recommend that you go to the store to find out more.。