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delta brass roman tub faucet

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Water is the source of life,The faucets used in all kinds of water in life are not the same,Faucet,Great promotion of our efficiency of water and saving water。Do you know what is the species of the faucet??What brand of the faucet is good??Laojin tells you,These faucets have their own position in their lives.,They all their duties,Some still intelligent high-tech products,Let's take a look at the common six types of faucet in life.。

Faucet classification

(delta brass roman tub faucet)1:According to materials:304Stainless steel、cast iron、Full plastic、brass、Zinc alloy material faucet,Polymer composite faucet。

2:Press the way:Screwable、Wrench、Lift and induction, etc.。

3:According to functionality:The faucet can be divided into a basin、tub、take a shower、Kitchen sink faucet and electric heating faucet(Porcelain energy hot water faucet)

(delta brass roman tub faucet)4:Press the valve core:Can be divided into rubber core(Slow open valve core)、Ceramic spool(Expanding the core)And stainless steel spool and other kinds。

(delta brass roman tub faucet)5:Divided into structure:The faucet can be divided into single-single、Several faucets such as double and triple。in addition,There is also a single handle and a two-handed point.。

Faucet purchase skills

1、 Kitchen faucet:Kitchen faucet, ie sink faucet,Generally used to make a meal before meal work and tableware after dinner。It is recommended to choose copper as the main body.,The surface of the surface is better,The whole color looks more evenly faucet。You can try to pull a few switches when you purchase.,See if each part is firm,Then the valve core material should choose to use ceramic pieces,Finally, it is a high water volume and a soft faucet.。

delta brass roman tub faucet

2、Basin faucet:Basin faucet is the faucet that we use daily.,Nowadays, the hot and cold water faucet can be switched in hot water.。The quality of the bread faucet is good,It is mainly seen whether the water flow is essential and whether it is convenient for the switch, etc.。Whether the outer surface plating of the face faucet is mainly seen when purchasing?,The handle is rotating if it is relaxed, and there is brand and after-sales service.。

(delta brass roman tub faucet)delta brass roman tub faucet

3、shower:The shower faucet has no doubt that is the faucet used when taking a shower.,This faucet requires automatic constant water temperature,When the water temperature is set as needed,The water temperature can be quickly reached and automatically constant.,Temperature difference±2℃Within。Besides,Shower faucet also high temperature resistance,Features of one-way counterparts and self-contained filtering,These are all to ensure the normal work of constant temperature and water.。

delta brass roman tub faucet

4、Washing machine faucet:As the name suggestion,Washing machine faucet is the faucet specially used with washing machine。Washing machine faucet and ordinary faucet on the material,Mainly reflected in the design of the water pipes that can be installed directly,Generally, brass production, plating products, most quality assurance。The selection of the spool is mostly resistant to heat-resistant ceramic spool,And good sealing performance,The number of anti-opening is also high。

(delta brass roman tub faucet)delta brass roman tub faucet

5、Electric heating faucet:Electric water faucet products are designed for kitchens that cannot be tone normally/Toilet design kitchen and bathroom small appliances,Product is fast(3-5Second hot water);Convenience(That is hot、Hot and cold、Temperature flow adjustable);Safety(Anhydrous automatic power failure、Hydropower separation);Energy saving and environmental protection(Provincial water and power supply、Pollution);Beautiful(fashion design);Economical(Compared to water heaters or other electric heating devices)Features。

delta brass roman tub faucet

6、Induction faucet:When the hand of the human body is placed in the infrared area of the faucet,Infrared radiopes emitted by the infrared launch tube reflected to the infrared receiving tube,Send a pulse solenoid valve by signal after the microcomputer in the integrated line,After the solenoid valve accepts the signal, turn on the spool according to the specified instruction to control the faucet;When you leave the infrared induction range,Solenoid valve does not receive signals,Then, reset through the internal spring to control the guanshui of the faucet.。

delta brass roman tub faucet
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