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10mm brass square tube

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QThe representative is the yield limit of this material,Back235,Refers to the yield value of this material,exist235MPaabout。And will reduce the yield value as the thickness of the material increases;Due to carbon,Comprehensive performance is better,strength、Plasticity and welding can be met,The most extensive use。

Depend onQ+number+Quality grade symbol+Desim method symbol composition。Its steel crown”Q“,Defiance point representing steel,The rear number represents the yield point value,Unit isMPaE.gQ235Yield stress(σs)for235 MPaCarbon structure steel。

If necessary, the steel number can be marked from the symbol of the quality grade and deoxidation method.。Quality grade symbols areA、B、C、D。Dioxy method symbol:bSemi-town static steel:FBoiling steel;ZTown static steel;TZSpecial town static steel,Calm steel can be symbol,which isZandTZCan not standard。E.gQ235-AFExpressALevel boiling steel。

10mm brass square tube

SteungpQ235BSquare tube

Q235--Quality grade symbol·Dioxy method symbol

Quality gradeA、B、C、D、E,In turnALevel quality is poor,ESuperior quality。 Q235A,Q235B,Q235C,Q235D,Q235EDifferent grades,Mainly the temperature of the impact is different.。

ADon't do a shock,Bexist20Degree or more,Cexist0Degree or more,D-20Degree or more、E-40Degree or more,AarriveEDifferent,Refers to the difference in impact temperatures in their performance。

Respectively:Q235Aclass,Is not impact toughness test requirements;Q235Bclass,Be a normal temperature(20℃)Impact toughness test;Q235Cclass,Be0℃Impact toughness test;Q235Dclass,Be-20℃Impact toughness test;Q235E,Be-40℃Impact toughness test。Impact toughness test uses a summer ratioVGap。Impact toughness indicatorAkv。In the aboveB、C、DLevel steel is under its respective different temperatures,All askAkv≥27J。Different impact temperatures,The value of the impact is also different.。So our square tube material is mainlyQ235BMaterial-based。

chemical composition:A、B、C、DSulfur content sequentially;AandBThe same phosphorus content,CPhosphorus content,DMinimum phosphorus content
Q235MinuteA、B、C、DFour-level(GB/T 700-2006)

Q235ALevel C ≤0.22% Mn ≤1.4% Si ≤0.35% S ≤0.050 P ≤0.045
Q235BLevel C ≤0.20% Mn ≤1.4% Si ≤0.35% S ≤0.045 P ≤0.045
Q235CLevel C ≤0.17% Mn ≤1.4% Si ≤0.35% S ≤0.040 P ≤0.040
Q235DLevel C ≤0.17% Mn ≤1.4% Si ≤0.35% S ≤0.035 P ≤0.035

10mm brass square tube

ShanghaiQ235BSquare tube


Glass curtain wall,Mechanical equipment manufacturing,Dali Shi Curtain Wall, Shipbuilding,Cargo bracket,Steel structure engineering,Furniture manufacturing,medical instruments,Agriculture and chemical machinery,Auto accessories, etc.。