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brass tub shower diverter

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 16:01:48

Put the bathtub in the shower area,It is also possible to do two separations

(brass tub shower diverter)length only1.2-1.4mwidth only0.7m

less than space1flat,Can be easily placed in the shower area

If the width of the shower area has1.2m+

You can lay the bathtub sideways,This way you don't have to shower in the bathtub

Take a bath without affecting the rain shower

if than1.2mlittle,just lay it sideways

It depends on the length of the shower area

The bathtub has four right angles

This allows for a seamless fit to the wall on either side

There are no hygienic dead spots

Cylinder is thin,So the inner bath area is bigger

(brass tub shower diverter)Occupy less area

Acrylic material double insulation as long as you want to soak

Then the dead angle of the inner cylinder is not a right angle

but curved to the bottom

This is very ergonomic

It is very comfortable to lean on while taking a bath

won't feel tired

Small bathtub in the shower area

That's how you can take a free bath~

brass tub shower diverter

brass tub shower diverter

brass tub shower diverter

brass tub shower diverter