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brass tube manufacturers in india

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India's aluminum industry will witness the major leap of consumption in the next five years.。Major manufacturers are increasing a lot of capacity,And invest in new technologies,Think more value for its downstream product combination。They do this to profit from the demand mainly increased in buildings and construction industries.,Secondly, it is transportation(Subway and high-speed rail passenger cars),electric,Durable consumer electronics,Package(Mist-mist suction and drug foil),And next-generation applications such as solar reflectors。The defense field is another area of aluminum is used to make naval ships and reconnaissance drones.。

Experts think,Indian aluminum companies with downstream business should further consolidate their research and development strategy,Keep low cost and sustainability for a long time。The following is a top ten aluminum product manufacturing company in India,They are adjusting the R & D strategy,To find greater consumption shares in domestic and foreign markets:

(caution,RankingNSEandBSECity value as a key basic factor)。

(brass tube manufacturers in india)

brass tube manufacturers in india

1. HindalcoIndustrial company:HindalcoIndustrial companies are the most profitable aluminum manufacturing companies in India,it is at2007Annual acquisitionNovelisAs a downstream product manufacturer's strength is constantly enhanced。in India,HindalcoCompany in West Bengal, IndiaOdishaFactory production of aluminum rolling products。Maharashtra,NorthernRenukootNear Mumbai, MaharashtraTaloja。Its extrusion factory is located in Northern BangRenukootAnd KeralaAlupuram。In Nagpur,Maharashtra,Dadra's Silvasa and Andhra Pradesh Nagalhaveli and Koulul have three modern and fully equipped aluminum foil factories.。

HindalcoSubsidiaryHindalco-Almex Aerospace LimitedProduction for aerospace,High intensity aluminum alloy in sports goods and ground transportation industries。

2016Fiscal year,Including the company's downstream production of wires reached423 KT,More than last year12%。Despite the low rate of change,However, the turnover of domestic independent aluminum business is more than the previous year.14105Millions of rupees have grown21%,achieve1712.5Yi Lu ratio。This is mainly due to higher metals and higher value-added products.。

2. NALCO:National Aluminum Co., Ltd.,Ministry of Mining DepartmentNavaratna PSU。2016-2017The first quarter of the year,The output of all aspects of India has achieved
Remarkableincrease。In this quarter,The company has produced94,496Aluminum,Growth in the same period last year10%。exist2015-2016Fiscal year,The total production of aluminum is3,72,183Ton。

NALCOThe annual production capacity50,000 MTRolling product unit,andAngulSmelter is integrated together,This factory is based on ItalyFATA HunterAdvanced technology,Production of aluminum cold rolled sheets and coils by continuous casting machine。The company has formed a joint venture,NameAngul Aluminium Park Pvt。Ltd.(AAPPL)andIDCOAt2010Annual cooperation,To promote the downstream and secondary industries of Orissa。

brass tube manufacturers in india(brass tube manufacturers in india)

3.Balate Aluminum Company(Bharat Aluminium Company):In terms of the progress of aluminum growth downstream of India,Waveda Group(Vedanta Group)Braite Aluminum Co., Ltd.(BALCO)Won many first。The company is the first company that produces conductor alloy rods for electric transmission industries,Is the first company in India's aerospace rolling materials,It is also the first company in India to establish the most widely hot rolling mill.。The company has got a covetedIMEAIndian manufacturing excellence gold award-2016,To achieve products and product quality produced according to world standards。

Jinda Aluminum is a leading manufacturer of another aluminum extruded profile in India.。The company's annual installed capacity is1,00Tens of tons(according to《Indian Mining Yearbook》 2013-2014Year of data)and10Aluminum extruder,The company can produce various aluminum extruded profiles。In fact,If we talk about market share,Niyama occupies about India30%Market share。

4. Sacheta Metals:Sacheta MetalsIs a public limited company,Production and export of various aluminum household items,Sheet,Coil,FoilPPSealing material。The company's manufacturing department is located in GujaratSacheta Udyog Nagar。According to as of2016year9moon30Three months of financial performance,SachetaOperating income1.517Yifeng Rupee,PBIT(Insurance and pre-tax profit)for0.38Yifeng Rupee。Equipped with updated and perfect rolling mills,The company will cater to Indian aluminum household appliance market in best way。EskayAluminumPvt。Ltd,YesSacheta Metalsof9One of the group companies。
5. PGFoil paper:PGFoil papersince1982Year since the year,Already one of the most sought-behind aluminum foil manufacturers in India,Heavy road。The company initially obtained production per year1,800 M / TAluminum foil license,The installed capacity is now6,000Ton。PGFoil paper is currently in an extended mode-Relying on advanced technology upgrade,In the next few years,It is preparing to increase6,000Ton capacity。

6.Rear aluminum:Hind AluminiumHeadquartered in Mumbai,Is a full aluminum alloy aluminum rod,floor,Grille,railing,Aluminum scrap,aluminum/Aluminum wire andECSericulture manufacturer,These wires are used to redraw into manufacturing cables,conductor,Transformer wire/Strip wire/Bars and various hardware/General engineering components。As of2016year9moon30Day quarter,Hind AluminiumNet sales revenue/Operating income95,830Millions of rules,PBITfor6,080Millions of rules。

brass tube manufacturers in india(brass tube manufacturers in india)

7.Century extrusion:Is one of India large-scale pure aluminum extrusion manufacturers。Its production facility is strategically located in West BengalKharagpur,Facilities near primary aluminum manufacturers in India。CELHave used for aluminum mold manufacturing,Melting and casting internal equipment of aluminum blank,And aluminum profile manufacturing equipment with three stamping lines。

CELExtruded parts produced are suitable for various applications,Applied from electrical and electronics to engineering applications。The power sector is the largest in the company's income。As of2016year9moon30Three months,CELNet sales/Total income is4,15610 million Indian rupees,PBITfor1600Wan Indu Rupee。CELTwo major group companies are one of the largest aluminum alloy manufacturers in IndiaCentury NF CastingandCAMCO(Aluminum alloy)。

8. Manaksiaaluminum:ManaksiaIs a cross-sector,Inter-regional enterprise group,Business involves diversified aluminum product business。Its main product category includes aluminum plates and coils,Floorboard,Pattern,Roof or architectural board and coil。It also involves the production of aluminum alloy ingots in secondary specifications,To meet the needs of various industries。ManaksiaWith two aluminum rolling and alloy ingot production units in West Bengal,A in Bangkra(Bankura),Another in Hardia(Haldia)。As of2016year9moon30Day quarter,Manaksia AluminiumGeneral business income51462.20Wan Ru,Net profit20584Wan Ru。

brass tube manufacturers in india

9. Bothra Metals:Bothra MetalsIs Mumbai's metal and alloy manufacturer,Committed to producing various specifications of aluminum profiles,Aluminum profiles and aluminum allorate ingots and billets。The company's manufacturing plant is located in HummeralBangSirmourAnd MaharashtraSangli。was founded in2001YearBothra MetalsIs a small company,Market value2815Millions of rules。

10.Ma'an Aluminum:Maan Aluminumwas founded in1989year,It has developed one of the leading aluminum profile manufacturing companies in India in the past twenty years.。In the past four years,Its production has increased9000Ton。now,MaanAlready owned10,000Various special aluminum extruded profiles,tool,Mold,Cutting and profile,These aluminum profiles have been used for domestic and export purposes。

brass tube manufacturers in india

As of2016year9moon30Day in the quarter,Maan AluminiumGeneral business income10.448Yifeng Rupee,EBITDAfor12.44Yifeng Rupee。With the fluctuations in the global commodity market,The company's financial situation has been seriously affected。However,Management seems to be very optimistic about future prospects。Maan AluminiumChairman and General ManagerRavindra Nath JainSay:“There are still many things to do this year.。We have tried to achieve installed capacity50%,And hope to have substantive growth in this year。”

Indian Aluminum Co., Ltd. and India Kenner Metal Company are another company,They have currently made a long progress in the field of aluminum product manufacturing in India.。They are expected to innovate and further expand their share in the domestic market.。