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brass candle drip tubes

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(brass candle drip tubes)

brass candle drip tubes

(brass candle drip tubes)no matter what season of the year,I always like to use candles in dining and entertaining。Candlelight adds to the ambience,And these striped candles look great when unlit。I add character to the color with simple off-white candles,feel fun,and with my art and decoration。

Decorative candles like most gadgets,looks best in groups。I chose to use handsome brass candle holders and some patina to contrast my color scheme。

brass candle drip tubes


you need candles,paraffin,liquid candle dye,straw,adhesive tape,steel bowl,Disposable baking pan and tongs。

brass candle drip tubes

the first1step:seal the candle

(brass candle drip tubes)White candle wrapped with tape。Cover the ends to seal it and leave some excess tape to hold while you dye。

brass candle drip tubes

the first2step:prepare wax

(brass candle drip tubes)Melt in a small stainless steel bowl4block paraffin。To prevent wax burning,Create a double boiler on the stove(Put the steel bowl in a pot of boiling water)and set the temperature to medium low。Stir occasionally until melted。

(brass candle drip tubes)brass candle drip tubes

the first3step:Add dye and pour wax into tray

Add melted candle dye to melted paraffin with a dropper to control the depth of color,and mix well。i used15milliliter bottle3/4to get the vigor needed。(Each wax approx.3 1/2ml。)Carefully pour the wax into a disposable baking dish。put the tray aside,Create a slot with enough depth on one side to dip the candle。

brass candle drip tubes

the first4step:Dip wax

Use pliers to hold the excess tape on both ends of the candle(avoid stained fingers)。Gently dip the candle horizontally into the molten wax。Drip the excess wax from the candle,while still keeping the candle horizontal。wait about10seconds,Then repeat the second application of wax。

brass candle drip tubes

the first5step:let the candle dry

(brass candle drip tubes)Dip the candle into a spare candle holder,waiting about1-2minute,The wax is completely dry。keep dipping candles(Can dip while waiting3to4candle)。If you want to do more or the wax starts to get too thick,Put the wax back in the double boiler to remelt。

brass candle drip tubes

step6:Peel off the tape and finish with a hair dryer

Carefully remove the tape,If needed,Set your hair dryer to high heat,and hold from the candle about6inches to smooth any edges。

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