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connector steam female no lock o ring brass tube

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ORing,As the name suggests,is the shape ofOtype ring,YesOAbbreviation of type rubber sealing ring,It is a rubber ring with a circular cross-section。ORings are often used in pump equipment,is hydraulic、One of the most widely used seals in pneumatic systems。It has good sealing performance,Can be used both for static sealing,Can also be used in dynamic seals;Not only can be used alone,and is an essential part of many modular seals。it has a wide range of uses,If the material is chosen properly,Can meet the requirements of various media and various sports conditions。

connector steam female no lock o ring brass tube

OThe ring is an extruded seal,The basic working principle of the extrusion seal is to rely on the elastic deformation of the seal.,Contact pressure on seal contact surfaces,The contact pressure is greater than the internal pressure of the sealed medium,no leakage,Otherwise, leakage occurs。

OUse of rings Orings in a variety of hydraulic、Pneumatic fittings、It is widely used at the junction of cylindrical surface and flange surface.。for use during exerciseORing,When the working pressure is greater than9.8MpaTime,one-way pressure,atOA retaining ring is provided on the other side of the ring in the pressure direction;bidirectional pressure,then inOPut a retaining ring on each side of the ring。To reduce friction,Wedge retaining rings are also available。When pressure fluid acts from the left,Right retaining ring is pushed up,The left retaining ring is not in contact with the surface to be sealed,So friction is reduced。In general,The use of retaining rings increases the friction of the seal,The wedge-shaped retaining ring is of great significance to reduce this frictional force.。for fixedORing,When the working pressure is greater than32MpaTime,A retaining ring is also required。

connector steam female no lock o ring brass tube(connector steam female no lock o ring brass tube)

OInstallation of the ring OThe installation quality of the ring has an important influence on its sealing performance and service life。The leakage problem that often occurs in pump equipment is often caused by poor installation。not allowed during installationOScratched and improperly installed ring,as well asOThe ring is twisted, etc.。Before assembly,seal groove、The sealing mating surface must be cleaned strictly;at the same timeOGrease the surfaces through which the ring assembly will pass。to preventOThe ring is cut or scratched by sharp edges such as sharp corners and threads during installation,Should be left on the shaft end and hole end of the installation15º~30ºlead-in angle。whenOWhen the ring needs to pass through the external thread,Special thin-walled metal guide bushes should be used,cover the external thread;ifOWhen the ring needs to pass through the orifice,The orifice should be inverted into a corresponding beveled shape,to preventOThe ring is scratched。The bevel angle of the groove is generallya=120º~140º。

anyhow,in practical application,according to working conditions,Choose the right sealing ring,Adopt correct installation and use method,It can greatly improve its sealing and service life。