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Remember eBay??More than ten years ago, the Internet just entered our lives,when we don't even know what it is,He is already the world leader。

Baidu Encyclopedia can also query his glorious history。

brass tube ebay

1、“Ants vs Elephants”The elephant failed

2017year,Jack Ma just held a grand event for Ali 18 coming of age ceremony。was founded in 1999 eBay of the Year network,happened to be 18 age。

count the days,eBay also this year22Years old,Today's e-commerce market has many rising stars such as JD.com、Pinduoduo、vipshop etc.,The rise of community e-commerce has further integrated our communication methods into business activities,Seamless online and offline connection。

Shao Yibo and Tan Haiyin, who graduated from Harvard Business School at the time, returned to China,founded“Chinese version eBay”eBay。website After two months of establishment, registered users will increase to 4 10,000 people,Breakthrough in online transaction volume 1000 Ten thousand,and was awarded three months after its establishment three US venture capital firms 650 million dollar investment。Soon after, the imitated“big brother”——country at the time The world's largest e-commerce platform eBay investment。After joining forces,eBay at 2003 peak year,become a owned 80%market share C2C giant。

brass tube ebay

but,right now,Founder Shao Yibo made an unexpected decision:by 2.25 eBay for 0 million net sell to eBay。eBay has since changed its name to eBay eBay。 Shao Yibo's exit,Let Taobao have just been established for two months、Jack Ma, who was supported by Sun Zhengyi and others, saw the march C2C hope。thereafter,Taobao, which is well versed in Chinese consumption and shopping habits,run all the way,First, it was attracted by the model of free shop opening. Many merchants settled in,Rapidly expanding market size,subsequently launched“Alipay”、“Ali Wangwang”。only one year, The number of registered members of Taobao broke through 300 Ten thousand,One-day turnover increased to 900 million。 and eBay eBay after taking over,Due to the insistence that the website continues to charge service fees, etc.“American model”, Market share continues to decrease。

brass tube ebay(brass tube ebay)

“In fact 2010 years ago,eBay has many problems,But there is still a certain market and space。However in ebay Exit the Chinese market,eBay becomes Tom Group subsidiary,The quality of its service further declines,Made a great deal with customers quantity problem,Eventually, eBay gradually faded out of everyone's sight.。”Yu Simin, e-commerce analyst at China Electronic Commerce Research Center accept《daily economic news》reporter interview。 Reminisce 2003 year,Jack Ma launches Taobao in head-to-head battle at eBay's peak,was once teased as“Ant war elephant”。More than ten years have passed,that year“Ant”has become a business giant,and“elephant”almost collapsed。

(brass tube ebay)

In the opinion of most people in the industry,ebay eBay The main failure is to keep copying“American model”Caused“Soil and water dissatisfied”。 “eBay's loneliness is the result of a series of decisions。”Yu Simin pointed out,eBay originally used by users The charging model is synchronized with overseas,At the same time, Taobao has always adopted a free-to-people model in order to compete with eBay.,Attract a lot of users, At this time, eBay did not choose to follow up and change the confrontation strategy。plus with eBay A series of problems brought about by the cooperation led to Lost a lot of users,Market competitiveness has dropped significantly。

(brass tube ebay)

brass tube ebay

With the development of Internet information technology,More and more people see the business opportunities of the Internet,Chen Ou of Jumei Youpin、tree tree net、Vanke, etc.,They have been hot in this market for a while.,However, with the elimination of the pros and cons of the market mechanism,and continue to occupy the market,and fell。