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collapsable walking stick test tube brass head

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Leader,which isDragon pole,“封”one,The only Wenwu Minister of the Ancient Trinity will receive this honor.,Meaning“PlayFaint,PlayRape”,Convinced,Caution, etc.,Such asTianbu Fu TaijunByYang JiaSignificant tactics。

Be the head of the dragoncrutch

collapsable walking stick test tube brass head

Ren Long Tong Dragon、Deh Dragon,Its name,Alias Geng Chen,Huanglong、Flying dragon,It is an ancient myth in an ancient creative dragon,It is also the real dragon in Chinese tradition.、Zulong,One of the four god dragons。

collapsable walking stick test tube brass head

It can be seen that the crutches are the head of the dragon,Dragon body has wings,Only Feilong,Renurgone has this feature,Neck decoration with a rotating,Rod letter,Whole is brass,well-preserved,Polatically collect value。

collapsable walking stick test tube brass head

You can see the joints of the dragon head and stick,Obvious welding process,And the Qing Dynasty is beginning to use low temperature copper welding technology,useFalls and wind tubes800The flame similar to the form of acetylene is very common,From the process of the proceedings,Undoubtedly。

collapsable walking stick test tube brass head

Yurong is a collection of creation、Creation、Giant God。2008Year《China Business News》Once I publiclyFolk myth,It is said that the dragon has incubated from the dragon eggs in her.。2012Year《Beijing Evening News》Zeng Shengzan is a day, the day, you should be dragon.“Highest level”Dragon God,Therefore, this pole identity is extraordinary,Canes, 2 years commemorative,And characters,Dare to use the arreste,Compliance with Cixi,Therefore, this dragon pole,Have an unatriviluble collection value。

English translation:The dragon head crutches, that is, the dragon head staff, one of the "imperial weapons", the ancient only meritorious civil and military ministers will be awarded this award, meaning "beating a bad king, under the fighting crafty ministers", to persuade, admonish and other deterrent effect, such as the measure of tianbo state, because the Yang family will be outstanding in the war to obtain the supreme power.

Ying Longshou crutches

Yinglong has the full name of Yingshi Dragon and Yingde Dragon, and its name is Ji and gengchen, namely Yellow Dragon and Flying dragon. It is a winged dragon god of creation in ancient mythology, and one of the four divine dragons in Chinese tradition, namely the real dragon and the Ancestral dragon.

It can be seen that the head of the crutch is the head of ying Dragon, the body of the dragon has wings, and only the flying dragon, the dragon has this feature, the neck is decorated with whirlwinds, the body of the staff is engraved, the whole is made of brass, well preserved, and very valuable for collection.

It can be seen that the dragon head and rod joint, there is an obvious welding process, and the Qing Dynasty is the beginning of the use of low temperature brazing process, the use of bellows and wind pipes to produce more than 800 degrees of flame similar to the form of acetylene welding is very common, from the point of view of yinglong process, for genuine.

(collapsable walking stick test tube brass head)Yinglong is a giant god who sets the creation, creation and destruction of the world in one. In 2008, The Chinese Business Daily published a folk myth that Ying Dragon hatched Pangu from the eggs she laid. In 2012, "Beijing Evening News" praised the Qing Dynasty sacrifice shun Heaven bless the City of Gi-fu should dragon god is "the highest level" of the dragon god, so the status of the rod is special, the body carved guangxu two years memorial, as well as figures, dare to use should dragon as the head of the rod, in line with the identity of Cixi, so this dragon rod, has invaluable collection value.