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brass tub shoe drain

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(brass tub shoe drain)

Great Chairman Mao once said“Woman can top half”,Be right,The new generation of women have got a kitchen under the hall.,Anti-millet repair light bulb,In addition, it is a workplace.,At home is the main bone,All cultivatedSuper women。

But,The bathtub is leaking.,what to do?

brass tub shoe drain

Don't worry,The bathtub has failed?Tang Taibao is helping you。Want to know more bathroom knowledge,Subscribe“Tang Taiguan”Bar,Let it become your family's little helper。

(brass tub shoe drain)brass tub shoe drain

First、We have to understand several major faults that often appear in the bathtub.

“Medically to the drug”,First, you have to know which fault in the bathtub is the correct start of the bathtub maintenance.。Bathtub common faults include:1、The bathtub cannot be infiltrated.;2、Bathtub is leaking;3、Bathtub is not powered or leakage protection switch trip;4、Cannot regulate the size of the bathtub massage water;5、Bathtub control panel cannot be started。

(brass tub shoe drain)brass tub shoe drain

This is the most common fault in the bathtub.,The fourth and fifth destined are the failure of the jacuzzi,Different failures require different maintenance methods,So, how is the bathtub repair method??

second、Bathtub maintenance method

The method and failure of the bathtub maintenance is one or one,Among them, the bathtub is not in water, which is generally the faucet.,Therefore, the repair method is to clean up foreign objects.;The maintenance method of the bathtub leak is to check the faucet spool.、Whether the sealed rubber ring is damaged,Then replace it;The massage bath is not energized, which is generally the power line contact or the power circuit leakage.,Corresponding maintenance;If it is a massage, the hydraulic size cannot be adjusted,Then it is very likely that the suction of the pump is not enough.,Need to check and repair,Al or nozzle clogged,It can restore normal for dredging.。

brass tub shoe drain

third、What should I do if there is crack in the bathtub?

(brass tub shoe drain)The cause of cracks in the bathtub is divided into fracture、Heat fry、Cracking,No matter which crack,Its crack repair method is the same。If it is a severe crack,It is recommended to request a professional to carry out repairs.;For small cracks,Adhesive can be adhered to the adhesive of the corresponding bathtub material.,Of course, it is necessary to choose a viscose that is non-toxic to the human body.。Use the bathtub to clean and wipe dry after drying.,You can test after you get it.,See if you leak,If you don't leak, you can put it normally.。It is best to avoid the temperature of too high and too low when using the bathtub.,It is very likely to crack or heat fracture.。

(brass tub shoe drain)brass tub shoe drain

After understanding the maintenance knowledge of some bathtubs,Do you feel that you have a skill??( ̄▽ ̄)chooseHigh-cost brand bathtubIs the guarantee of quality,Even if there are some small problems,In addition to seeking after-sales help,You can also check your repair.,This time saves time、Effort,Key money saving money!

(brass tub shoe drain)brass tub shoe drain

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