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clawfoot tub solid brass shower conversion kit

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As time goes,More and more people began to like to take a bath with a bathtub.,This except comfortably,Can also slow down the pressure、Promoting blood circulation to the body is also a healthy effect。The wooden barrel bath is also affectionate because of its environmentally friendly health.。Next, Xiaoquan introduces some of the price of some wooden barrels to everyone as a reference.,Friends who want to buy a bathtub may wish to understand。

one、Advantages of the use of wooden barrels

1、Raw material environmental protection,Production raw materials are wood,And wood belongs to natural production raw materials,When using it,Will not release some toxic substances。And when processing is made,Will not have a certain impact on the environment。

(clawfoot tub solid brass shower conversion kit)2、Healthy health:Especially when a female friend is in a holiday,Use wooden barrel to take a shower,Can reduce the probability of infection。Because the tub tub has the effect of antibacterial antivirus,And when bathing,You can also add some agents,At the same time have good health effects。

3、Self-belt wood natural aroma:Wooden barrel does not contain static electricity,Preservation performance is superior,If the wood used in the wooden barrel is a piece of aroma,At the same time, a certain natural aroma will be produced.。

two、Wooden barrel bath price introduction:

The wooden barrel is also low.、middle、High three grade,You get what you pay for,The low grade is to produce production in some unknown small manufacturers.,The price is just four or five hundred yuan;The price of the mid-range brand is concentrated1000to2000Yuan;True material and crafts well,The price is almost all3000Element,Not cheap than the bathtub。The price of the wooden barrel selling is now available from900Yuan to a few thousand yuan,Generally,Ordinary wooden barrel price below thousands,Mid-range pine barrels、Pine wooden barrel price1000Yuan~1500Yuan,And high-grade 桧 桧6000Element。Because the wood is different from the place of origin,Quality and price are also very large。Taiwan's good quality is best,But in Taiwan has already been prohibited from being cut down.,So now, Taiwan, Taiwanese buckets, more recycled old wooden buckets or south asian or American,Handful of users use some Taiwan local stock raw materials,And the price will be quite expensive。Consumers can determine the purchase brand and price according to their own needs and cost budget.。I am a few brands of bathtub prices can be referred to.:

(1)Dental process,Multi-channel leak-proof、Anti-crack protection Double-tooth Durable。Taihe brand high-grade luxury oak without a wooden barrel bath,.size150x70x58/53cm, 3990Yuan。

(2)Sauker,Warm flow in the water,The shouts of the world are from you.,Leave a pure lottery。Grass wooden flaw steam tub,size140cmx60cmx80cm,1329Yuan。

(clawfoot tub solid brass shower conversion kit)(3)Simple and elegant,Let you enjoy the comfort of your bath,Eliminate exhaustion。Yashjiaxiang cypress handrail adult bathtub,size150cmx70cmx58cm,1460Yuan。

(4)Good moon Double Cork Bathtub 890Yuan,size120cmx60cmx60cm。

clawfoot tub solid brass shower conversion kit

three、Wooden barrel bath brand introduction


Wood rhyme brand is established2007year,Have a decade of development history so far,It is a collection of research and development、Production、Modern enterprise sales,Mainly produced product types with wooden bath buckets、Solid wood bathroom cabinet, etc.。Wood rhyme brand has always pursued the technology of trend,Environmental and health。It combines Chinese traditional basis and modern production elements,Provide a comfortable、Natural space。Wood rhyme brand product network has been covered to Europe、Americas and many other countries,It is also very powerful competition brand worldwide.。

2、Bai Mountain

Baishan Shepherd Brand is established2001year,After more than ten years of development,It has now become a leading brand of domestic wooden bathroom products.。exist2009Year,Bai Yamu barrel has been rated as a famous trademark of Hunan Province,And have been committed to customer-oriented、Building a first-class product,Push Baili wooden barrel brand to the world。The total assets of the hundred mountain companies have reached the current1.3Billion,Sales outlets are all over the country's first two-tier cities,It relys with high quality team,Get the love and praise of consumers。


Baichuan brand is one of the earlier production of wooden bathrooms.,Its selection fabric is a material for high-quality cedar wood in the northwestern Sichuan.,Effective processing and engraving,Made comfortable classic wooden bath,Let each family enjoy a more comfortable life。Bai Chuan branded wooden barrel products natural、healthy,Cultural atmosphere,Come in a more stylish style in home,The wooden barrel of the Baichuan brand has also become a dazzling pearl in the same industry.,Also became a historic creator。

Benefits of wooden barrel bathtub,Keep the effect when used,And the natural aroma that comes into it is also relaxed when the user is,But the raw material of the bathtub depends on the wood.,Good wood will use more comfortable,The advantages and disadvantages of wood also determine the price,In addition to the purchase of your own demand, we have budget to buy the purchase is a wise choice.。