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1 3 16 od brass tube

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2018-12-08 16:11 | Zhejiang News Client | reporter Yuan Huaming

1 3 16 od brass tube(1 3 16 od brass tube)braving the snow,12moon8day,Hailiang Nonferrous Metals Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project held a groundbreaking ceremony in Zhuji Modern Environmental Protection Equipment High-tech Industrial Park。The project adopts Hailiang's independent patent research and development technology,with automation、Intelligent、Advantages such as environmental protection and low energy consumption,Reach the international leading level,It marks that Hailiang has upgraded traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing,To promote the non-ferrous metal processing industry in Zhejiang Province to green、intensive、intelligent、high end、The development of internationalization has positive significance。

(1 3 16 od brass tube)The total investment of Hailiang Nonferrous Industrial Park has reached61.28billion,planned land1000mu。according to plan,The park will be implemented in three phases:A new plan“Annual output4010,000-ton copper and copper alloy bar intelligent energy-saving and emission-reduction off-site reconstruction and expansion project”,expected at2019year12Monthly completion delivery; The second phase of the plan is new“Annual output1510,000 tons of precision aluminum construction project”,expected at2021year6Monthly completion delivery;The third phase of the plan is newly launched“Upstream and downstream extension projects and innovative experimental platform construction projects in the field of non-ferrous metal processing”,expected at2022year12Completed a month ago。

(1 3 16 od brass tube)After the whole line is completed,The production line in the park will reach the international leading level,Equipped with automation、Intelligent、Features such as low energy consumption,Craft has clean、short process、Intelligent control technology and other features,product with precision、Environmental friendly、Advantages such as zero defects,In line with the national non-ferrous metal processing industry development strategy and low energy consumption development requirements。

1 3 16 od brass tube(1 3 16 od brass tube)Industry insiders pointed out,From the characteristics of copper processing industry,The most significant value of leaping from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing lies in,With today's latest equipment、Technological construction of new intelligent production lines can quickly reach the highest point of the industry。Heat Exchange Copper Alloy Tube(brass tube)、Heat Exchange Copper Alloy Tube(white copper pipe)、Large diameter cupronickel pipe for ships、Copper fittings for electronic communications such high、Refined、tip product,Manual production will bring certain difficulties to quality management。therefore,Automation in the copper processing industry is imperative,Intelligent manufacturing has become an effective means to ensure product quality。

“Construction of Hailiang Nonferrous Metals Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park,It is our corporate vision to become an international master of intelligent manufacturing of non-ferrous materials,A solid step forward。”The person in charge of the company introduced at the groundbreaking ceremony,The project goes beyond the product side、Step beyond the application side to upgrade traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing,It is a major strategic project of Hailiang Group。

1 3 16 od brass tube