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brass flared tube male connector

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 11:33:20

(brass flared tube male connector)GrayhirG70SeriesG72The series is a fast connector for the heterogeneous tube seal.,Then why do you want two different series??What is the difference between them??Now Xiaobian simply analyzes。

one:Appearance shape and application

(brass flared tube male connector)G70The series is an outer card connector,Baotou tube、Expansion tube、Flange tube、Fuel pipe、Ideal connection scheme of the grooved tube and other shaped tanks。Compact structure,You can hold one after another,Simple usage,Hand-held push to complete the connection。Direct design,Maximize guarantee traffic,Reduce the impact on run test,Ensure the accuracy of the test results。so,Testing in new energy battery water cooled board、Engine assembly equipment test、Engine cooling waterway test、Turbocharged airmptive test、Engine fuel system、Automotive air conditioning system test、Brake system test, etc. have its figure。

brass flared tube male connector

G70Specifications and parameters of the series connector

(brass flared tube male connector)G72Series connector is a flanged connection scheme,Dedicated to the flange tube and the heterogeneous tube。Button operation,Simple shortcut operation efficiency,Reduce labor intensity。Direct test airway,Only one connection,No other active connections in the middle,Reduce leak risk,And effectively reduce the interference of scale or impurities,Guarantee airtight reliability。So in the occasion of easy junction,G72Series have special convenience。Therefore, in the gas water heater water test、Merry test of faucet、Wide application of gas-tight test such as water storage water heater

two、Material difference

G70Series316Stainless steel as a main material,Rugity of the connector、Wear resistance、High temperature、Corrosion resistance and other properties have improved,Effectively extend the life of the quick connector。G72Series use special air aluminum alloy materials as subject materials,Compared with ordinary aluminum alloy,Its hardness is not easy to deform,Is a very durable material。so,While ensuring the firmness of the product,Can also ensure the light and service life of the connector。

brass flared tube male connector

G72Specifications and parameters of the series connector

(brass flared tube male connector)Both series of seals are nitrile rubber,Its heat resistant、Oil-resistant、Wear resistance and other performance is better than the general rubber material,also,It also has good water resistance、Macularity and bonding performance。

The above is Xiaobian's finishingG70SeriesG72series,They have a common point,There are also different points,Also play a role in their respective fields,So how to choose a sealing program suitable for you or to finally。Grayhir-Quick Connector-Sealing joint production development_Crown velocity fluid