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best brass cleaner paste in a tube

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Copper and copper alloy,Because of its good ductility、Conductivity and thermal conductivity,Widely applied to all aspects of life。During production and processing,Cutting fluid is inevitable、Anti-rust oil、Punching oil、dust、Hand sweat、Contaminants such as organic pollutants adhere to the surface of copper and copper alloy workpieces,Aesthetic and subsequent processing affecting workpieces,General method,It is difficult to clean clean。

best brass cleaner paste in a tube

What cleaning is used by copper surface??

Copper environmental cleaning agent,Surfactant、Cleaning aid、Corrosion inhibitor、Multiple active ingredients such as penetrant,It is a water-based environmentally friendly cleaning agent specially used in copper surface dirt cleaning.。Bronze parts after cleaning,Can restore copper original colors,Other oil oil、No oxidative effect。

best brass cleaner paste in a tube(best brass cleaner paste in a tube)

Advantages of copper environmental cleaning

1、Safety、No corrosive。Copper environmental cleaning agent has no corrosion of copper and alloy,Safe and reliable。

2、Special product。Copper environmental cleaning agent is dedicated to copper and copper alloy,Can effectively clean surface dirt。

3、Good stability。Copper environmental cleaning solution is stable、Not decompose、Do not volatilize,Can repeated multiple times。

best brass cleaner paste in a tube

4、Product environmental protection。Copper environmental cleaning agent formula is not nitrite、chromate、Harmful components such as heavy metals。

5、Cleaning speed。Copper environmental cleaning agent can quickly clean the surface of the copper surface、Oil fat and other dirt,Good cleaning effect。


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