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brass plugs for chiller tubes

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 10:37:38

To keep the cooler running efficiently and stably,One of the important conditions is to be smooth,not blocking。So what should you do if you encounter the blockage of the plate cooler interface??Let me introduce today。

1、 It should be cleaned frequently during daily use,This prevents blockages,Plate coolers can be cleaned using physical cleaning methods or high-pressure water jet cleaning。2、If the plate cooler interface has been blocked,Can be cleaned with high pressure water jet cleaning,Be careful not to wash too much pressure3、When repairing equipment system oil oxidative pollution,The whole system must be cleaned,useRF113detergent、Trichloroethylene、Carbon tetrachloride can be cleaned,It can be used after dehydration with absolute ethanol and nitrogen blowing。

brass plugs for chiller tubes

The above is about the solution when the plate cooler interface is blocked,The most important thing is to prevent,clean it regularly,Clean if blocked,not only affects work efficiency,It's also bad for the device itself。So in order for our equipment to run unimpeded,act now。