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brass shotgun shell tube

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Bird guns are usually used as home defensive guns,Their multi-functionality and extensive practicality,Make them very attractive in home defense。and,Many people don't like tactical guns,But there is a trustworthy hunting or sports.。

Any 霰霰 gun can be used as a defensive weapon,Specializing in defense or tactical purposes,Will have the corresponding design function。The best used for self-defense is semi-automatic and pumping。but,I will discuss pump and semi-self-motion,Instead of lever action or other forms of guns。My concern is the best,What is the optimal,And for the purpose of defense,Which one is the current best choice。

brass shotgun shell tube(brass shotgun shell tube)

About two ways:

Pump:Compared with semi-automatic,Adaptive,Applicable use and is not sensitive to ammunition。Machinery is very simple,Fast shooting can be taken。These firearms do need exercises,They are prone to failure。in addition,The same as all manual operation,Pump action requires two hands to operate。If your hand is injured,Almost unable to load。

The capacity of ammunition is different from model,But for the special defense slamming gun using the tube bullet,Usually install5to8Bullet2¾inch(12No)Bomb。Another major advantage of pump action is,They usually cheap,Even high quality model,Price is also400-600Dollar。

brass shotgun shell tube(brass shotgun shell tube)

Semi-automatic:Compared with the pump,Easy shooting and mild rear sitrs are semi-automatic largest advantages。Reward,They are more sensitive to ammunition than pump type,Although this is not a hard regulation,But usually need to use a brass shell。The type of capacity is usually the same as the pump type.,therefore,Five to eight ammunitions can be installed on the tube gun name,Removable maneuvet,Ten or more。Another bad news is,This type is expensive,For the inconspicuous bomb gun,This is a big disadvantage。

(brass shotgun shell tube)Defensive guns must have many positive properties,The most important thing is reliability,simple and clear。Try the trigger,Gun will launch!caution,Reliability is not just the function of designing and firearms。finally,The total length of the gun,Especially the length of the barrel,Important of defensive purposes for buildings or other narrow areas。For universal 霰 霰,Breeze is absolutely better choice,and14Inch16Inspiration is the ideal choice。These compact scoring guns are convenient,Attractive。

(brass shotgun shell tube)brass shotgun shell tube

finally,Wider chokes can make the projectiles wider,Contrary to the tight choke。Notice,Both are not necessarily bad things。It is as always depends on what you are doing.。

All models of ammunition packages in the bomb gun are basically the same。In order to defend people,There should be at least in any projectile.10-12Inches。Can pass a common intermediate barrier,Make sure that the projectile can reach an important organ。

brass shotgun shell tube

Suitable for family defense5Best 霰 霰 枪。


(brass shotgun shell tube)Mosberg590A1It is a military bomb gun in a long-term service.,Is a clumsy heavy bomb gun,Can withstand。Sturdy and not exquisite。According to design requirements,This gun has extremely high reliability and durability,Be able to fill8Bomb,Another in the spring。

(brass shotgun shell tube)ThisMosbergExquisite production,Adjustable ring sight and bayonet。590Although the gun is not the most stable gun,It is very reliable,And take into account durability and life。590A1Can cope with brutal shooting,And the price is moderate。

brass shotgun shell tube(brass shotgun shell tube)


No than Raymington870Series more iconic pumps。These bomb guns have produced millions,A large part of the group with guns in the United States!For a long time,870Always with its excellent operability and rugged reliability,By favored,And also favored by a variety of custom options。

From simple to complete crazy,any870Can be used as a bottom gun。any870It's all the rug guns that open boxes.,If you really want to have a nice gun,can choose870P。

brass shotgun shell tube(brass shotgun shell tube)


When most people are mentioned“Beretta”Bomb gun”Time,They will imagine a bright and expensive bomb gun,Since they have been producing excellent tactical guns。1301Is the latest tactics。

1301Semi-automatic,1301Fast shot,Lightweight,Running。It has excellent visual effects。if1301Weakness,That is a small design defect:Pullover exposed。It is one of the best tactics in the market today.。1301The price is less than half of the competitors。

brass shotgun shell tube


BenelliM4Undoubtedly another military weapon,It is the most robust semi-self-motion gun in the world today.,And after hell test。In many ways, you can overcome other 霰 霰 枪。Durability and robustness should be exaggerated,Because it is only a few a few military testing。For any defensive use,This is a great choice。

Of course,LetM4The only reason for standing out is the price。One of the most expensive bomb guns。

brass shotgun shell tube


Winchester1300Although based on ancient design,But it is always a strong defensive 霰 霰 gun,Very fast,Steady action。This fast action makes the pump type shot gun faster,This kind of gun can be worn with the skirt and drive。Become a very sought after classic。

now1300No longer in production,But the spare parts are sufficient and still in production.,Take some degree of concerns about logistics concerns。although1300died,枪支的精神仍然存在于FNThe spirit of the gun is still inP-12中,the company's1300机械相同。middle7and缩短到了5发。这对于枪支平衡起了很大的作用。Mechanical,这是一支价格不菲的优质泵动枪。

brass shotgun shell tube


send,我们最感兴趣的是霰弹枪的突出特性:This has played a lot for gun balance,惊人的破坏力。

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