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brass breathing tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 10:25:17

Breathing tube(Snorkel)Let you breathe when you immerse your face,At the same time, it can also breathe more easily in the waves of watercolor and don't waste the air in your water.。The respiratory tube is especially useful if you need time to wait for a shuttle vessel or you need to swim a distance.。


Necessary equip

Comfortable bite

Avoid lower fatigue and excessive friction。

Appropriate matte and equipment location Press the breathing tube on the glazing belt to take it immediately when you need it.,And don't cause hindrance when you don't need it.。 Advancement

Automatic drainage

The gas valve placed under the bite mouth can help the liquid discharged in the breathing tube。

Large caliber The tube with large diameter is easier to circulate air,At the same time, you can breathe more comfortably.。 Smooth curve Mild curvature can reduce the resistance of breathing。 Selective equipment Elastic design makes the breathing tube can be hanging on one side without。 Quick connection

Enable you to easily connect your breathing tube and connect or disassemble,This can be a convenience of travel and storage at the same time.。

How to choose a breathing tube

The breathing tube should be comfortable with your mouth and your top tip should just be located at your top.。Due to the vast majority of breathing tubes to achieve this goal,So the first consideration of your purchase should be the comfort and functional features of the bite.。


(brass breathing tube)The respiratory tube will be sent in all diving.,So even if you feel that you will not use it, it is best to get used to bring your own breathing tube in each dive.。