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brass short tube refractor

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Telescope,People's first impression will inevitably and science、astronomical、Military and other fields link。However, except for the professional use of telescope,There are also some practical and ornamental telescopes.。Especially those who are rich、Use a good Western old telescope,Treasures for many collectors today,Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to see a variety of Western telescope.。

brass short tube refractor

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First inventive telescope

Since ancient times,Human curiosity and fascinating from the universe never reduced,The telescope is like a window that leads to the universe.,Its inventions are inseparable from the desire to explore unknown areas。The inventors of the telescope have been controversial,Information display,Dutch Optical Instrument Missha·Leperti(Hans Lippershey)Earlier1608Number of telescopes。

brass short tube refractor(brass short tube refractor)▲Hans Lippershey Image comes from the network

Widely a telescope design of Lipperti is inspired by two children playing in his store.,Children raise two eyeglasses overlap their distant churches,But seeing the battle of the church in the lens and gets a lot,From this Lipbe, he gotten,After several tests, a single-tube telescope was successfully produced.,Can observe the object amplification3Multiplication。

brass short tube refractor

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(brass short tube refractor)But at the time, some people accused Liperti Za Carlias from a peer from the town.·Jensen(Zacharias Jansen)There stole it there,Since people who make an objection cannot provide relevant evidence,Liphi finally complied with the authorities to produce a binoculary to prove,So successfully applied for patents,Also win the first person of the first person of the telescope。

brass short tube refractor(brass short tube refractor)

▲Poet and politician John·Morality·Brun(Johan de Brune)(1588-1658)Early right“Dutch telescope”Description,From“Xinhan·Symbol of Weick”(Middel Fort,1624year)。 Image comes from the network

Hans·Lipperti's second year after application,Famous astronomer Galisto·Galilele(Galileo Galilei)I improve the telescope。data shows that,Galileo at the time was heard of“Dutch telescope”(Liphe app,Post-Dutch government a large number of telescopes)After a few days of the principle of production, he has designed his own version.。Xiaobian can't help but sigh,Genius~

(brass short tube refractor)brass short tube refractor

▲Justus Sustermans《Galileo portrait》c.1640,86.4×68.6cm,National Maritime Museum Image comes from the network

Galileo's telescope can be observed32Multiplication,He put his own telescope to the Venice Senate,Senate, hired him as a University of Padova(University of Padua)Lifelong lecturer。

brass short tube refractor

▲Galileo is more than Leonardo·Donato(Leonardo Donato)And Venice Senate show its telescope,authorH.J. Detouche,1754year, Image comes from the network

brass short tube refractor

▲Galileo introduced the telescope to the Majue of Venice at the time,Juan Shepe·Betini(Giuseppe Bertini,1858year)draw Image comes from the network

Although Galileo is not the first inventive person,But he is the first person who will be pair of telescopes to the sky.。He opened the true meaning of human beings to explore the starry sky、The first step in the vast universe,And use the telescope to identify the mountain and crater on the moon,Silver ribbon with the sky——Milky Way。also,He also found Saturn Ring,Sun, black and Jupiter4Satellite。

brass short tube refractor

▲Galileo early production telescope, Image comes from the network

After Galileo,Scientists in other European countries have also begun to design and make telescope,With the continuous improvement of science theory and technology,Gradually develop more precise astronomical research instruments。

In order to meet the needs of daily life,Some practical telescope began to be produced,This type of telescope is not used in scientific research,Therefore, designers can freely play creativity.,This is also the protagonist who wants to introduce the official today.。

(brass short tube refractor)brass short tube refractor

▲Left:1719yearPietro PatroniBinoculars invented,Auction in Christie33.8Ten thousand pounds price sold,It is a telescope that has been the highest price to date.。Right:made in1810LondonDollondRefraction telescope(Attachment)Image comes from the network

(brass short tube refractor)brass short tube refractor

▲1750German brass reflection telescope,DesignerJohann Gottlob Rudolph,Have11.2Centimeter wide mirror,66Centimeter long pipe。The screw is focused,Small view starry。 Image comes from the network

Western telescope with favorites

These Western telescopes are usually practical、Aesthetic and fun,Be deeply available“Collection”Favorite,Next, Xiaobian will introduce a few models to the people.~

brass short tube refractor

▲19Century Colorful Golden Room Commemorative Small Telescope,19century,2015Surfby London Auction20000Pound。Image from Sotheby official website

Small telescope(Spyglass)

Small telescope18Century middle leaves19Century Middle Ye,Although foreign collectors refer to this small single-tube telescope“Spy telescope”(Spy),But this telescope is not a navigation telescope with early pirates.,Instead, it means that the appearance is very beautiful.、Small single-tube telescope for daily。

brass short tube refractor(brass short tube refractor)▲Spa art collection

The working principle of the small telescope is the same as the principle of Galile's telescope.,What we see is zoomed in Zhengli,Above it is a usual wider objective and a eyepiece,The spacing can be adjusted and fixed。

brass short tube refractor

▲made in1755Years of Vienna Brellis Telescope,1997The year of the New York auction price is2.3Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Image comes from the network

The small telescope is deeply loved by the female aristocrats at the time.,Usually very beautiful in the design。This telescope has a bell shape on the shape.、Conical shape、Pear、Barrel,Can adjust the size of the sight and far near the copper tube of the laminated combination,Fully meet the requirements of the aristocrats on practical and beautiful requirements。

brass short tube refractor

▲Golden 珐 珐 珐 远,London,about1775year,2019Surfier Auction6250Solder,Image comes from the network

what is interesting is,In the relevant information, it is recorded that King George III of England also liked to use small telescopes to observe his courtiers。

brass short tube refractor

▲print《The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver.–Vide. Swift's Gulliver: Voyage to Brobdingnag》,by British caricaturist and printmakerJames Gillraycreated,1803year。 The picture comes from the Internet

(brass short tube refractor)Small telescopes are used in addition to being used alone,Sometimes combined with other items,To achieve a dual-use effect,such as installing a spyglass on a fan or perfume bottle。This practice of inlaying the small telescope on the fan is in19century European society was very popular,especially France。This fan has a special name called“Optical fans”,Using this kind of fan can not only cover your face,You can also observe the surroundings through a small telescope,That's great for the shy ladies who go to the party“Stealing Artifact”。

brass short tube refractor

▲Small telescope mounted on the fan handle,Chinese styleLorgnette fan,18mid-century,in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,The picture comes from the Internet

brass short tube refractor(brass short tube refractor)▲hat fan“cockade fan”small telescope in the center,France,about1820year, The picture comes from the Internet

Corresponding,gentlemen too“peek at”beautiful ladies,And their tool is“Jealousy Glass”。This small telescope looks similar to a straight telescope,But the interior contains a tilted lens and a side aperture,So you can see the scene on the left and right,The editor weakly thinks this is more in line with the spy mirror“Spy glass”function~Because it is used by men,Jealousy GlassUsually also equipped with some cosmetic products,like nail clippers、pocket knife、tweezers etc.。The designers at the time were simply not too considerate,If a gentleman sees a lady he likes, he can immediately tidy up his appearance,It's beautiful and practical~

brass short tube refractor

▲A JEALOUSY GLASS,U.K,about1760year,Comes with scissors,pocket knife,tweezers etc。2012Christie's London auction3750GBP sold The picture comes from the Internet

Apart from the above two,In the later period, there is also a design of placing a small telescope on a walking stick,really creative。

(brass short tube refractor)brass short tube refractor

▲extending ivory opera glass mounted on a cane,set of walking sticks,The handle is actually a small telescope with a tooth ornament.,made in19end of the century20early century,2015Christie's London auction1062Sterling for sale , The picture comes from the Internet

opera telescope(Opera glasses,Theater binocularsorGalilean binoculars)

19Among the toy objects popular among European aristocrats of the 19th century,Telescopes are one of those things that can't be ignored。

brass short tube refractor

▲ The picture comes from the Internet

(brass short tube refractor)Whether it's an outdoor racetrack or estate or indoors an opera house,You can see well-dressed gentlemen and ladies holding binoculars to watch beautiful scenery or wonderful performances,At this time they were using the opera telescope.。

brass short tube refractor

▲Pierre·August·Renoir(Pierre-Auguste Renoir) 《box》(La Loge)c.1874,127×92cm,In the Courtauld School of Art, London, UK(Courtauld Art Institute), The picture comes from the Internet

brass short tube refractor

▲ Mary Cassatt《In The Loge》c.1878,81x66cm,Collection at Boston Museum of Fine Arts,The picture comes from the Internet

same as a small telescope,Opera telescopes also work on the same principle as Galilean telescopes,With concave eyepiece and convex objective,Capable of forming enlarged upright images。1823year,optician john in vienna·Friedrich·Voithland(JohannFriedrich Voigtlander,1779-1859)Hold together two identical dentin gilt spyglasses with a frame,Each small telescope can be adjusted independently。

1825year,Lemiere in Paris(Lemière)Improved binocular design,Made a center focus wheel,thus overlapping the focal points of the two telescopes。

brass short tube refractor(brass short tube refractor)▲Bagpipe Art Collection

However, the optical power of opera telescopes is usually very weak,magnification is rarely greater than3times。But for the audience watching the opera,This is enough to allow them to see the movements of the actors on the stage,while maintaining sufficiently bright visual imaging。In addition, the design itself is also very delicate and gorgeous,So it quickly became popular。arrive1850s,Opera binoculars have become a must-have fashion item for all opera and theatergoers。

brass short tube refractor

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as the once-popular“fashion”,Opera binoculars are as beautiful as some jewelry。Because of the love of the nobles,The opera telescope is not only exquisite in production,Appearance is also rich and diverse。Unique decoration is widely used in the design of the lens barrel,as inlaid mother-of-pearl、tortoiseshell、snail、gem、dentin、enamel etc.,Some also have beautiful hand-painted patterns,Fully demonstrates the unity of practicality and aesthetics。

brass short tube refractor(brass short tube refractor)▲Belle Epoque gold-plated enamel and diamond-set opera telescope,1910year,2011Christie's London auction18750GBP sold。The picture comes from the Internet

brass short tube refractor

▲Swiss inlaid enamel solid gold opera telescope,Geneva,about1840year,2013Christie's London Auction2£10,000 deal Image from Christie's official website

(brass short tube refractor)brass short tube refractor

▲A set of opera telescopes of different materials The picture comes from the Internet

after this,also inventedHandheld opera telescope。When I first saw this opera telescope with its own handle,Similar to today's selfie sticks。This handheld opera telescope is very convenient to use、labor-saving,But if you don't hold fast, you miss,The whole telescope will follow“suffer”。To solve this problem,The designers invented some removable and replaceable handles。

(brass short tube refractor)brass short tube refractor(brass short tube refractor)

▲A pair of opera telescopes,Materials are mother-of-pearl and coloured enamel,Both gold-plated frame and handle accessories,2000Christie's auction2585dollar sold Image from Christie's official website

brass short tube refractor

▲Handheld opera binoculars in different materials,The picture comes from the Internet

There are also some relatively rare opera telescopes,The lens barrels on both sides still maintain the small telescope-like multi-layer drawing tubes,Instead of just adjusting the focal length by adjusting the distance of the lens as most do。

brass short tube refractor

▲opera telescope,about1840year,France,in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,The picture comes from the network

Except for hand-held opera binoculars,There are also opera telescopes that are installed at the handle of the fan like a small telescope。

brass short tube refractor

▲French black silk fan with opera telescope,about1906year。The picture comes from the Internet

Or an opera telescope disguised as a lady's bag。

brass short tube refractor

▲Ladies Opera Spyglass,with chain,20early century,France,in the Metropolitan Museum of Art The picture comes from the Internet

From the earliest inventions to the present,Humans use various telescopes in scientific research and life。Although telescopes are only a niche collectible in the collecting world,But in terms of its significance to the development of human science and the unique design of the telescope itself,very collectible。In addition, the main body of the old Western telescope is mostly made of brass and other metal materials.,Can ensure long-term use without cracking or deformation,Most of the configured handles are foldable or detachable,So it is very easy to store、collect。

Western Telescope Collectiontips

1.Before buying a Western telescope,First understand the characteristics of different periods

2.check carefully,Check for damage

3.Check the Condition of Glass Lenses

(brass short tube refractor)4.Some telescopes will be engraved with the manufacturer and maker's name,check online

6.Try to place the telescope in a stable place

7.use many times,to confirm the clarity of the visual image

8.When the lens needs to be cleaned,Use a special cloth to clean the lens

brass short tube refractor


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