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brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

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brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

(brass band logo with drums tuba trombone)trombone(English:Trombone, German:Posaune),is a brass instrument。like all brass instruments,The trombone is sounded by the player's lips vibrating the air,The difference from other brass instruments that use keys is that,General trombone retracts the tube back and forth through the player(Slide)length to change the pitch。The most common type of trombone is the tenor trombone。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

The tenor trombone and the bass trombone are mainly used in modern bands.,They are the tenor and bass among brass instruments。The tenor trombone's playing skills mainly include the single spit method、double spit method、The three-voice method and the mute playing method, etc.。Loud and brilliant when played hard,Soft and mellow when playing softly。Since it replaces the piston with a sliding telescopic tube,can play all semitone progressions,greatly enhanced its performance。

(brass band logo with drums tuba trombone)

Introduction to Trombone Knowledge

Trombone is a transposing instrument,This tune is descendingBtune。Trombone family except the most common tenor and bass trombone,And soprano trombone、super trombone、Alto Trombone and Double Bass Trombone。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

(brass band logo with drums tuba trombone)alto trombone(dropETurn down the trombone),generallyE♭Adjust pipe diameter,A few will attach a groupDorB♭Rotary valve system;The diameter of the pipe is usually0.450inches to0.500Inches,bell mouth diameter6.5inches or7Inches。Sound range similar to horn and alto。less used now,At present, most of the songs have no alto trombone.,only in part19On a piece before the first half of the century or a solo for the alto trombone,will use the alto trombone。

Tenor trombone for range and convenience,Modern tenor trombone for extended range,often haveFdiverter valve system,The instrument can be tuned toFtune,There are also tenor trombones without a rotary valve system。According to pipe diameter(Bore)0.525inch and below are classified as“trombone”,0.547inches or more“thick pipe trombone”。The diameter of the pipe is usually0.500Inches(thin tube)often used in jazz。

1. Mahler《Symphony No. 3》,2. Hungarian folk music《Harry·Janos》suite,long bass trombonesolo,3. Ravel《Bolero》,4. New York Philharmonic plays Mahler《Symphony No. 2》。

The bass trombone is generallyB♭tune,Most haveFdiverter valve system,And most will also append a set ofDdiverter valve system orE♭diverter valve system;The diameter of the pipe is usually0.562Inches,bell mouth diameter9.5inches to10.5Inches。

Performer Li Kunying demonstrates Saint-Saëns No. 3“pipe organ”symphony,Mozart《Requiem》the magic horn part,Ravel《Bolero》Trombone Solo Phrase in Dance。

Bass trombone is a bridge between the bass and voices that connect the two different pitches of the tenor trombone and the tuba,The sound range is not much different from the tenor trombone,But can make the lower register have a richer sound,Unique bang sound can be used。At present, the symphony orchestra has a fixed bass trombone.,And some wind music will also write the bass trombone part。

The then chief trombone of the Rocky PhilharmonicRalph SauerRecorded Symphony Orchestra Trombone Difficult Fragments Album。

The way the trombone changes its pitch is usually not a push-button flap,Instead, pull the slide tube back and forth with your right hand,is the only wind instrument played in this way。trombone slide,Constructed like a human vocal cord,up and down in the airflow、When sound and sound are exchanged,There must be overtones in the middle。Therefore, in principle,The trombone is arguably the closest instrument to the human voice;It was originally designed to replace the human voice,Support the male voice in the church choir。

▲This book is considered the bible of brass playing。ArbanAlban's trumpet method book was first published in1864year,Has been at the top of trumpet research since。1936year,Two of the best trombonists of the timeCharles RandallandSimone MantiaModified to trombone method,for the subsequent75Years of Trombone Studies Lay the Groundwork。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

The slide pipe is a handle at the distance of each semitone,The distance between the handle and the handle is approximately3.25Inches(8centimeter);The distance that each slide tube extends out by one handle,lowers the played note by a semitone。also,The tightness of the player's lips also affects the intonation of the notes,It can even enable the player to play high or low half notes without changing the position。therefore,Slight deviation in handle position,Able to hear into pitch。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

on musical instruments,sleek(slurring)It is a technique of connecting sound to sound,Trombone players refer to this technique aslegato。compared to other wind instruments,Sleek playing is harder to do with the trombone,Because notes and notes often need to switch positions,In this process, the generation of time gaps is inevitable.;And there will be an overtone sequence between the position and the position,The player must avoid glissando。

(brass band logo with drums tuba trombone)brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

This technique is often used in jazz,Therefore, the trombone has“king of jazz”reputation。to play a good smooth,depends on the skill of the performer,therefore,This is also the unique feature of the trombone in playing.,just playing the tromboneslurthe skills have“Lip Slurs”、“Cross-Grain Slurs”、“Tongued Slurs”、“ Valve Slurs”、“Glissando”wait five。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

Basic maintenance of trombone

1. Before playing, remove the dirt from the middle tube part of the pull tube,and in the front end(slightly thicker)Apply proper slip tube cream(SLIDE CREAM),Do not use pull tube cream(SLIDE GREASE);with a sprayer( WATER SPRAY)Wet the drawing tube surface completely;After the pull tube is installed, pull the pull tube a few more times to evenly coat the slip tube cream on it。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone(brass band logo with drums tuba trombone)

2. If the pulling is not smooth during the performance, please use a sprayer to spray water on the pull tube;Rotary valve(ROTOR)when oiling,Bass Trombone( BASS TROMBONE)Please connect by pulling(SLIDE RECEIVER) Side Drip Rotary Valve Oil(ROTOR OIL) 。

3. After playing, the water in the tube is cleaned by the drain hole;cleaning gauze(POLOSHING GAUZE)wrapped around the cleaning stick(Do not expose to metal parts) Clean the inside of the outer tube and the middle tube of the drawn tube,Be careful not to leave the gauze inside the tube。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

(brass band logo with drums tuba trombone)4. Tuning tube cleaning:Wrap the gauze around the cleaning cloth to remove the middle tube、Dirt in the outer tube,Be careful not to leave the gauze in the tube;After dirt cleaning,Apply a small amount of tuning tube oil(SLIDE GREASE);Pull the tuning tube a few more times to spread the tuning oil evenly on it。

5. rotary valve(ROTARY)maintenance:Add a few drops of valve oil to the junction of the pull tube(ROTOR OIL);Remove the cover on the turn valve,Take a small amount of axis core oil at the bearing at the center of the rotator转阀中央的轴承处滴入少量的轴心油(ROTOR SPINDLE OIL);在ROTOR回转轴与轴承处也滴入少量的轴心油(ROTOR SPINDLE OIL) exist,然后把连杆(LEVER)A small amount of axis oil is also dropped in the rotary shaft and the bearing.;连杆支柱台的轴承部请注入少量的连杆油(LEVER OIL)。Lock the cover after injection into the oil:转阀的制造非常精密,Then put the link。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone

6. The activity makes the oil completely dissolved in:将清洁剂溶液(BRASS SOAP)Injection of a small amount of link oil in the bearing portion of the connecting rod pillar30℃~40℃的水温中(Notice:水=1:15),The manufacturing of the rotator is very accurate。

7. 请用纱布将细微之处仔细清理;Do not disassemble。

brass band logo with drums tuba trombone(brass band logo with drums tuba trombone)

8. Monogram in the symphony orchestra:将清洁剂溶液(BRASS SOAP)Note to pay attention to cleaning30℃~40℃的水温中(Cleaner solution:水=1:15);Pour;污垢清除后再以清水冲洗,Water temperature,请在拉管上抹伸缩号滑管霜(SLIDE CREAM);Appropriate ratio is cleaner(SLIDE GREASE) 。

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