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chicago brass 3 handle tub shower faucet

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-15 07:55:41

Shower faucet is an indispensable bathroom product,After using them, people can bathes more comfortable.。The shower faucet in the family is broken, it needs to be replaced with a new,What brand of shower tap is good??It's more convenient to take a shower after you have a shower.,There are also a lot of shower types.,How to choose a shower?

chicago brass 3 handle tub shower faucet

one、What brand of shower tap is good??

(chicago brass 3 handle tub shower faucet)1、Shower faucetMoenBegin with1937Year,Global famous high-end faucet,Bathroom hardware accessories、One of the professional manufacturing companies of the kitchen pot,Moen(China)Co., Ltd.。

(chicago brass 3 handle tub shower faucet)2、Shower faucetKohlerBe founded in1873year,Large multinational company,Hundred years of history,The oldest in the United States/One of the largest family companies,Kohler, USA(China)Investment Co., Ltd。

3、Shower faucet selection nine animal husbandryJomooChina's well-known trademark,Large bathroom leader,Chinese famous brand,high-tech enterprises,Famous trademark of Fujian Province,Fujian famous brand,Jiu Mu Group Co., Ltd.。

4、Shower tapHHSNBrilliant1988year,China Environmental Sign Certification,a famous Chinese trademark,Chinese famous brand,Ten shower brands,Famous trademark of Fujian Province,Brilliant Water Warm Group Co., Ltd.。

5、Shower faucet selection Hesgya start1901German,Hundred years of history,multinational,Shower top ten brands,World famous brand,Hansgaya bathroom products(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.。

(chicago brass 3 handle tub shower faucet)two、How to choose a shower?

1、Due to the special use range of bathroom products,Even pollution to drinking and shower water quality,Therefore, developed countries have strict standards for health and safety certification of bathroom products.,Such as North AmericaCSA、my country's standardGB/T23447-2009andOSHACertification, etc.

2、Shower water pressure and water size,The comfort of the shower is very affected.。nation《Construction water supply and drainage design specifications》GBJ15-88Regulation,The water pressure standard before the shower is00.25kg/cm2~0.4kg/cm2,Standard traffic is9Rise/minute,It is best to choose a lot of shower.。

3、Some shower with a variety of waterwater,Designed more and more humanized,Can adjust an oxygen、Surge、Rain、Stream-like water,With the heart“bath”,Improve the comfort of the bathing and bathing。There are three main installations in the shower.:Rain blue high pole set、Lifting rod installation and fixing support。Recommended lifting rod installation,Comparison,Not affecting comfort。Rain blue high pole set is very luxurious,But the maintenance is a bit troublesome。

What brand of shower tap is good??Remember to choose a good brand when you buy a shower tap,Which brand of specific brand can be more comparison after different products。How to choose a shower?When you choose a shower, you should look at the functions of different products.,Make sure that the shower you bought is better.。